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Digital Marketing Goals – Don’t Begin Without Them

Digital Marketing Goals – Don’t Begin Without Them

It’s easy to over-simplify marketing goals. Everyone immediately says “Sales.” And, yes, sales are the ultimate goal of most any business. Profit is good. It keeps the company in business, it ensures that employees get paid, and it allows growth. And sales is any easy goal to measure. Marketers must dig much deeper, however, as they think about digital marketing goals. It may be time to take a step back and re-visit goals and strategies.

Goals vs. Strategies

Do not confuse these two terms. A goal is an ultimate result you want to achieve. Strategies are the actions you will take to achieve that goal. Given this, goals must have the following features:

  • They must be specific. If you have a goal to increase sales over the next six months, what is that number?
  • They must be measured. How will you measure if a goal has been achieved? In the case of a sales goal, it’s easy. You simply measure the increase in sales and see if it matches the number you set.
  • They must be realistic. If you have had an average of 3% increase in sales every six months for the past two years, setting a 10% increase goal now is probably not achievable. 5% may be if you intend to put into place new strategies. If you have not had a presence on Facebook, for example, and that is a strategy you will be implementing, then maybe you can achieve that 5%.
  • They must have a time-frame. At what point in time will you say that goal should have been met? In this example of a sales increase, it will be six months.

Strategies are the action plans that are developed to meet the goals. If you set a new goal:

  • What will you do differently to achieve that goal?
  • What specific activities will be implemented,
  • Who will implement them,
  • How will they be implemented, and
  • What will be the timeline for implementation?

Setting the Right Goals for Digital Marketing

It’s time to forget sales for the time being. Why? Because if all of your digital marketing focuses on selling, you will be shunned by today’s consumer. Instead, focus on other goals – speaking to your target audience; listening and responding to your target audience; showing value and benefit to your audience; and serving you audience, as well as others. Let’s briefly look at each of these goals as they relate to your marketing strategies.

  • Speaking to Your Audience: 

You want to engage your audience. To do that, you first must develop a persona of your target customer. If you know your customers well, you can create content that will engage them. You can speak to the problems they have; you can provide humor that they will appreciate; you can create content that will inspire them. You will not be creating content that is selling your products or services.

  • Listening to Your Audience:

Everything that you publish or post must have a conversation thread available. This gives your targets the chance to comment, to ask questions, and to engage with one another. And then you have the opportunity to respond and develop that personal relationship that today’s online consumers demand. To listen well, you have to be where that audience is. This means that you find out which social media platforms they use and be there too.

  • Showing Value and Benefit:

Your product or service must be valuable to your potential customers. Show them the value, not just the product. If you want an example of this, watch the explainer video on the home page of Dollar Shave Club. He speaks to the problems that men have when they forget to stop and buy razors – then he speaks to the value of having those razors delivered once a month so that the person who buys the subscription never runs out.

  • Serving Your Audience (and others):

You serve by creating and posting content that your target audience wants to read and view. You also feature your customers and tell their stories. And, you become socially responsible, so that your audience sees you as a contributor to the improvement of others. And you can invite them to participate with you. Perhaps you will donate an amount for every purchase made. That’s mean also constant monitoring your uncontrollable online presence, such as mentioning, online reviews of companies and services, etc. to react immediately and provide feedback.

A Word about Social Media

You cannot have a digital marketing strategy that does not include a presence on social media – at least the top two platforms that your target audience uses. But once you decide to develop such a presence, you need to be prepared to maintain that presence regularly and post quite often with creative, engaging content. This is a tall order, and if you try to be everywhere, you will be on social media overload – unable to do any single one well. Choose carefully and restrict your presence until you have the wherewithal to do more well.


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    The goal is the most important part for any company i…e… the sales and to achieve that goals must have strategies that how they are achieved if the goals are not achieved then its very difficult to that company to survive in the market .

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    Goal and Strategies both are imp providing your website digital presence.

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