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by Garima Kakkar | Updated on: May 4, 2021 | 7 Min Read.

What is Bing SEO?

Bing is one of the community’s leading search engines and is constantly growing for the past several years. – And Bing SEO helps web-pages get better rankings in Bing Search Engines.

Search engines are nothing but a tool to connect to various web pages related to the query required to be searched.

It has been doing extremely well and has been regarded as an optimum engine to look for anything. This is the reason why it has been acquiring a significant amount of users available on the internet. Although it’s still a long way to go in the field, this can be regarded as an amazing start.

As all are aware of search engines’ basic concept, it is time to discuss Search Engine Optimization. SEO refers to improving the overall quality of the content to rank it higher among the search results processed by various search engines. Similarly, Bing SEO is the technique to provide better rankings inherited by Bing.

Is Bing better than Google?

There is no doubt in the fact that Google has always dominated the online industry in every phase. There have been several theories that claim that it is impossible to beat Google in terms of productivity.

The mega-company has never failed to bring out new and improved features to gain an audience over time. Further, they are acquiring more sectors in the industry to wipe out the competition for their brand.

Therefore, most of the users are not aware of Bing, although it is the second most used search engine after Google. Still, the monopoly lies in the hands of Google, and they are not considering letting it go anytime soon. This gives rise to a debatable question of whether

Bing can outshine Google in terms of any criteria. Thus, it’s time to compare both search engines on a few parameters as mentioned below-

Google Vs Bing – A Comparative Analysis

1) Speed

It is a common trend to support the fastest in business, no matter whether it is a search engine or any other online tool.

Users are always seeking quick ways to improve their search’s overall speed, especially when there are a lot of queries to be handled. This is where no search engine can match the pace of Google.

Even Bing has to suffer a considerable lag as compared to the most used search engine. Thus, Google is the priority for users looking for fast and quick answers.

2) Search Suggestions

Do several users wonder how a search engine comes to know what they are going to search without even typing the whole sentence? This feature is known as autocomplete or search suggestions.

This technique’s main motive is to provide some of the most searched queries similar to the one that someone is looking for. Talking about Google, the users are provided with only four autocomplete suggestions.

Whereas on the other hand, Bing allows the users to choose from eight search suggestions. This is where Bing has got the point ahead in the competition.

3) Image Results

Images are one of the essential parts of the results produced by every search engine. They provide a better understanding of the accurate search queries, and hence users prefer a detailed image section.

There is not much of a difference if there is a comparison between both the search engines on their image display ability. Although their image layout differs from one another, the rest of the factors remain almost the same. Therefore, there is no comparison between them in this case.

4) Shopping Suggestions

Online shopping has emerged as a successful business for many producers. Purchasing items have been a lot easier for the consumers as they can buy things sitting at their homes.

Apart from directly searching about a specific item, users are also lured to attractive suggestions. Moreover, nothing could be better than to provide better shopping suggestions by analyzing the previous search records.

Google is slightly better than Bing in enhancing the shopping results provided to the user. Therefore, this is why Google is preferred over Bing in this scenario.

How to Improve Bing SEO?

As the above sections have already compared both Google and Bing based on several parameters, it isn’t easy to pick one.

However, several ways will help to generate more views on the website from Bing. Bloggers might be aware of the fact that a better SEO score leads to more popularity of the website among the users.

It is safe to state that everyone wants their site to be on the top among the search engine results. Therefore, here are some of the compiled Bing SEO tips that will improve the score of the content available on the website.

#1 List Website on Bing Places

It is often observed that users tend to do everything to improve their Bing SEO but fail in getting desired outputs. The common reason behind this can be ignorance to claim the website for listing it on Bing Places.

Similar to Google My Business, this platform provides special viewing to the website that will improve the local rankings of the content. Moreover, also maintain a recognizable place among Facebook ranking as well as Bing does consider these rankings.

#2 Use Popular Keywords

Keywords play an important role in determining the overall SEO score of the website. It is recommended to include some of the most searched keywords in the content without making it obvious.

This will provoke the algorithm of Bing SEO to promote the content in the search results. Please avoid the use of length keywords as they can backfire on the rankings negatively.

Moreover, manipulating the URL slag, initial paragraph, or subheadings as per the requirement will enhance the SEO score.

#3 Be Socially Active

There is nothing unusual to believe that social media plays a vital role in boosting the website’s viewing. The users should have a strong social impact over various platforms to increase SEO, especially in Bing.

The search engine tracks the popularity of the content on social media and then regulates the same trend over itself. Ensure the target audience for the posted content as it will provide more presence over social media.

#4 Generate Quality Content

There is no rocket science in understanding the fact that good content will generate more views. It becomes an essential component of increase the Bing SEO score to the limits as the search engine automatically detects the popular content.

Therefore, quality should be the priority over quantity as it will gather more audience. A typical blog or article of no more than 2,500 words is enough to keep the viewers stick to the website.

The lengthy posts will reduce user engagement, and eventually, this results in losing viewers.

#5 Backlinks

If someone is not aware of backlinks, they are referred to the web pages that are linked to the content. These websites further enhance the overall quality of the content published by the user.

Although Bing is slightly weak in recognizing these backlinks hidden in the content, it is still recommended to use them wherever necessary. If there is a parent site related to the webpage, it can be the perfect choice for backlinking the projects.

#6 Internal Links

Further, there is a huge impact of internal links on determining the Bing SEO score for the website. Internal links refer to adding a relatable webpage that is also present on the same website.

It is often observed that sometimes a specific post of the website attracts a huge audience and gets popular. It is the best time to use this opportunity to gain a similar attraction for other posts. Make sure to connect several webpages with the help of internal links.

#7 Use Bing Webmaster Tools

There are hundreds of matching keywords and backlinks available for a particular content style. It is a difficult task to find every source and include it on the webpage.

The most effective way to do the same is by registering on Bing Webmaster tools. The users only need to register the website to the business email account created earlier. This will help Bing to understand the content precisely and rank it accordingly.

Summing Up!

This whole Bing SEO guide has combined all the major and minor details related to the topic. Everything is explained with proper analysis and study of the latest trends in the online community.

Several ways have been thoroughly examined and therefore proved to be beneficial in improving the website’s overall productivity. There is nothing specific while dealing with the search engines.

The only thing that matters is the quality of content and how good it is to compete with other websites present in the community. It is important to establish a connection with the viewers through the content.

Although Bing is not much used in various parts of the world, still it has the title of the first runner-up among all the search engines. A comprehensive SEO course will not only help you learn and master Bing SEO but also guide you about Google SEO. It will also help you be a certified SEO expert.

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