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The sheer dominance of digital marketing industry has created a marketing world where knowing latest Digital Marketing News is must to stay at top of the ladder. I do not deny that print marketing still holds the power within the marketing business, but it’s the digital marketing news that are proving to hold the priority over other marketing channels.

According to Web Strategies report in 2016, the five digital channels that saw huge additions were email marketing, mobile marketing, display advertising, social media marketing and search.

You must be pondering what this year will bring.

All things considered, the web and the greater part of its digital patterns are continually changing and what was a marketing powerhouse a year ago could possibly be old digital marketing news this year.

To assist you strategize a digital marketing plan that will take your company to the next level, here is my list of Five Must Know Digital Marketing news in 2017, so let’s delve into them-

5 Must Know Digital Marketing News in 2017

1. Google has started penalizing the rankings of mobile sites with “Invasive Interstitials”

Google has started taking action against “invasive interstitials”, which they have portrayed as anything that clouds the principal content, either before, or amid the user going through it. Google has given three cases of this, which invade the user and make content less accessible to them:

  • Showing popups that cover the primary content
  • Displaying an independent interstitial that the client needs to reject before getting to the main content
  • Using a format where the above-the-fold segment of the page seems like an independent interstitial, but the main content has been in-lined underneath the fold.
digital marketing news

Latest Digital Marketing News

The reason behind such Google digital marketing news is nothing but the Google’s consistent push to enhance mobile experience of users. In its news on Digital Marketing, Google says, these invasive interstitials give an unfriendly experience to clients contrasted with the pages where the content appears quickly and run without any interruption. In addition, Google has also explained that it is not like all the pop-ups and interstitials will be punished. There are cases where interstitials would not be influenced by the new flag, if utilized rightly”.

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  • Interstitials that come as a response to any legal obligation like for age verification or cookie usage
  • Login dialogs on those websites where content is not freely Indexable. For instance, this may incorporate private substance, for example, email or unindexable substance that is behind a paywall.
  • Banners that need only a sensible measure of screen space and are effortlessly dismissible too. For instance, the application installation banner given by Safari and Chrome are cases of banners that need a sensible measure of screen space.
digital marketing news

Google News on Digital Marketing

2. Google will quit accepting new clients for Google Site Search

You must be aware about the search box in the top corner of every site you visit. There is a quite decent chance that it is fueled by Google site Search. This implies the site is paying a fix amount to Google for utilizing its superb search functionality to discover pertinent search results for clients.

digital marketing news

Latest Digital Marketing News

On the off chance that your site’s search utilizes Google Site Search, then this digital marketing news is not going to turn you happy. Google has ceased this product, and no one could renew this product after April 2017.

  • This will mean by 2018 the product will be turned off totally, and anybody utilizing Google Site Search will let their site search function naturally change to Google’s ‘Custom Search Engine’ (CSE) product.
  • This offers same kind of features but it is supported by Ads. This Ad supported Google product seems fine for smaller scale businesses, however in the event that you are running a huge site for a big brand, you do not need other’s advertisements appearing to clients seeking your site.
  • Even in some of the cases, you may see your rivals could be advertising on that keyword so you could see activity with great purchase-intent being coordinated off your site towards the product and services pages of your competitors. However, there are some alternatives for you-

Other Alternatives to Google Site Search

So you might be in a dilemma what bigger brands can do now? Not able to buy an enterprise solution from Google to deal with their clients’ internal search inquiries, they should take a gander at different other suppliers in the event that they do not wish Ads to show up. Here are a few suppliers of Ad-free site search facility you might wish to consider:

  • Cludo – A moderately new player to the market, brisk and simple to set up and personalize.
  • MindBreeze – Simple framework and highly scalable.
  • Apache Lucene – Open source supplier, with intense customization choices. Amazing search algorithm, utilized by Twitter and Wikipedia.

3. Facebook has changed the way its algorithm ranks content- Weighting reactions (Love, Angry, Wow, Sad, etc.) Higher than likes

As Facebook has acquainted its users with new ways to react to posts with different emoticons that showcase feelings like ‘Love, Sad, Angry, HaHa or Wow instead of the customary ‘like’, Social-Media Marketers have been intrigued how those influence the way Facebook ranks content. Therefore, impacts of Facebook reactions are the latest news in digital marketing you should pay heed upon.

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Facebook Digital Marketing News

  • Recently Facebook has affirmed that it will be weighting the significance of reactions more compared to ‘Likes” concerning choosing which kind of post will be shown to clients.
  • Facebook’s newsfeed calculation is critical choosing what content gets seen, and for the most part, it is significantly more inclined to demonstrate a post that is exceptional in engaging a larger part of a page’s followers contrasted with one that is lacking in driving engagement.
  • This lets many brands get caught in negative cycles, where posts are appeared on just a modest rate of followers (1% is normal), and after that they even fail to get engagement from that 1%. This at that point diminishes how well Facebook positions posts from a particular page, and that is why their next post is shown to even lesser number of clients.
  • All the responses will be weighted in same fashion, be it ‘love’, ‘ha ha’, or ‘wow’- all will be selected by the Facebook algorithm as more critical than a ‘like’.
  • This bodes well in light of the fact that it takes more time to choose reactions as clients need to hold down on the like button to see the reaction menu; at that point, they need to select the reaction-button they wish to react with. The whole process is demonstrative of a more noteworthy level of engagement with the post. This thusly recommends the post is even more captivating, which implies Facebook will probably need to surface it higher on newsfeeds to keep its clients locked in.

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The suggestions for brands are self-evident- They need to make content more prone to get responses- entertaining substance will create ‘haha’s, depressing news may produce “sad” or ‘angry’, and stunning substance may produce ‘wow’s. Keep away from dull, non-specific content, and rather plan to create passionate reactions from clients.

4. LinkedIn upgrade rearranges site and puts focus on content

The next in latest in Digital Marketing is related to your professional social media channel i.e. LinkedIn, which have quite recently propelled the biggest desktop upgrade since the site was first introduced in 2003. Company has re-planned the entire experience from the beginning; in the meantime, they have redesigned their mobile app as well. The thought is to fabricate a site that is more instinctive, less complex and quicker to utilize. The new LinkedIn design is at present rolling out over the world and ought to soon be live for all the clients. The absolute most essential changes for those utilizing LinkedIn for marketing are:

  • Changes to the LinkedIn are done to improve the way it shows quality content to the interested clients. LinkedIn has specified they will be utilizing algorithm as well as their experts, to choose the most pertinent content – this could eliminate spam and make it simpler to contact your target audiences, however, your content quality has to be right as per LinkedIn standard.
  • Inclusion of an all-inclusive search box, which gives you a chance to apply filters to discover more customized results, is another noticeable LinkedIn change. This is slick, and you need to pay to filter for the business criteria that truly matter to you.
  • Greater bits of knowledge into who is surveying you along with the details of companies, job titles, and areas of those drawing in with your content and updates.
  • The new sleeker look may likewise urge more individuals to visit LinkedIn routinely, which is uplifting news on the off chance that you are right now utilizing the platform to advance your business. In the event that you are not aware about the changes, you may see the new LinkedIn profile page below-
digital marketing news

Latest in Digital Marketing – New LinkedIn Layout

5. Snapchat tries to entice marketers to its Ad platform with two new features – Deep-Linking and Autofill

Snapchat was the most utilized social media application in 2016, and now the latest in digital marketing includes two new Snapchat features helpful in increasing returns on the Ad Spend of Advertisers.

However, before we get into the details of new features, just have a look to the chart given below to understand the report from Edison. According to report, “while Facebook is the most utilized web-based social networking channel by a huge edge, Snapchat is the main brand that has seen enormous growth when compared to 2015- by moving from 4% of clients to 8%.”

digital marketing news

Snapchat Digital Marketing News

To make profit from its increased client base particularly in the more than 18 age audience, Snapchat is introducing two new features to enhance the returns advertisers pick up from their advertising campaigns. Let us delve into both of them-

a. Adding Deep-links to your Snapchat Adverts

By enabling advertisers to include Deep links to their adverts, Snapchat lets its clients be able to swipe up and tap a link that will open another application and show a particular place, for example, a product page on a web based business website or playlist in a music application.

b. Auto-fill lead generation forms

Auto-fill aids clients finish their lead generation form with one tab of the screen, after they have seen your advertising. Making your prospects fill in field after field in a form has a significant impact on conversions, so by expelling the requirement for clients to import their subtle information, you may hope to see a critical increment in the conversion rates of your campaign. Privacy is dependably a major issue while talking about any online networking and media platforms and this update is also the same. The client will be inquired as to whether they might want to include this feature or not.

Final Words

On the concluding note, let us go through some other digital marketing news related to latest features of Facebook, AdWords, Pinterest, Instagram and WordPress-

  • Facebook Ad ‘stories’ like feature to Messenger, called ‘Messenger Day’- The messenger day content will be live for 24 hrs and can be easily seen by your friends on the platform.
  • Facebook video Mid-roll Ads- Aid marketers push their videos in front of larger audiences in more revenue-generating manner.
  • Pinterest Visual Search-Lets you be greeted with many similar pins, and for this, you only need to hover over a picture, and press the little magnifying glass on that.
  • Google AdWords Account-level Call extension- Incorporates the potential to show on all your ads and you will only need to pay once a prospect hits the call button.
  • Instagram rolling out Geo-location Stickers- Designed to match the vibe of the location it represents.
  • WordPress for Google Docs- Helps you create blog posts with your peers via a new add-on for Google Docs. With its help, you may write your articles and share those with colleagues and hence can perfect it together.

That is it for this ‘Latest in Digital Marketing’ article.

Knowing all these digital marketing updates will help you channelize more powerful and contemporary digital marketing campaigns.

So how do you keep yourself updated with the latest Digital Marketing News? – Do update me in comments.

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