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As live streaming of Google Marketing Next 2017 has concluded, it left us with some awareness into the eventual fate of Digital Marketing, Advertising and how Google can help marketers and advertisers accomplish the results they want.

Google unleashed some of the biggest announcements regarding AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick this year, which are must for every marketer to be in à la mode. However, in case you missed the streaming, we have come with a post that includes whole ball of wax of Google Marketing Next 2017 for you.

Theme of the session was based on the importance of Micro-moments, and offering marketers an ability to utilize Google products to help target prospects in those micro-moments. If as an advertiser, you are not there in the critical moment when your prospect turn to search to just get things done- Then it is inevitable that you will fall short and miss the boat.

According to the discussion at the Google Marketing Next 2017, every advertiser needs to fully understand 3 new realities of business-

1.) Smarter Data

  • Smarter Data helps advertisers understand Intent of target audiences and it lets customer-interactions be smarter.
  • Data is used to drive insight into each micro-moment.

2.) One Step or One Second

  • In case, the page-load time of a page goes from 1 second to 10 seconds, there would be higher probability that your user will bounce.
  • As per statistics, for every delay of 1 second, conversions fall by 20+percentage.

  • Revenue of an AdWords campaigns is based on speed and simplicity of that Ad on Mobile, which was also one of the prime focuses of Google Marketing Next 2017.
  • Updates about AMP pages via Search are introduced to let advertising campaigns response as quickly as possible.

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3.) Non-line Assistance

  • Discussion in Google Marketing Next 2017 also concentrated upon the disappearance of the line between channels.
  • As per latest trends, the customer itself is the channel and to help deliver relevance and useful experience, machine learning needs to be more powerful to track their movements as a channel.
  • Machine learning now helps advertisers measure ‘in-store visits’-

“70% who bought something in a store first turned to device for relevant information”- Highlighted Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce at Google in Google Marketing Next 2017.

  • Google is only going to let its machine learning be more powerful in this year.
  • According to Google-

“Only Google has the advanced machine learning and mapping technology to help you accurately measure store visits at scale and use these insights to deliver better local ad experiences.”

Regarding aforestated new realities of businesses, I can rather conclude that innovations that Google is concentrating upon this year are the absolute inclusion of Data, Machine Learning & Technology.

Innovation = Data + Machine Learning + Technology

By harmonizing Intent, Data and Machine Learning to empower advertisers, Google introduced new Google AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick updates in Google Marketing Next 2017.

Latest updates in Google AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick are highly important for advertisers to improve their ability to reach target audiences, facilitate campaign measurement and optimize productivity.

Therefore, we thought to discuss all these updates, new features and tools in three separate section- Google AdWords, Analytics & DoubleClick. Let’s delve into them-

Google AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick updates announced in Google Marketing Next 2017

A. Google AdWords Updates

Enlisted below are the latest Google AdWords Updates 2017:

1. The new AdWords Experience

The new AdWords experience is one of the most powerful changes Google has made to how advertisers will now channelize and manage their AdWords campaigns. With new AdWords Experience, it would be easier to use to help advertisers reach their target audiences in micro-moments and get things done. As per recent updates, new AdWords Experience has new Overview page that automatically surfaces all the relevant insights about your performance to help you take actions more quickly. It helps you reach your business goals by saving your time and doing more things done.

  • Built for your Business

According to Google-

“Build marketing campaigns that meet your business needs without any of the guesswork — manage campaigns based on your goals, whether you’re looking to drive website visits or phone calls.”

  • Your data at your fingertip

With new AdWords Experience, you can easily know what is working and what needs your attention. It also empowers you with at-a-glance reporting for your campaigns.

  • Simple, effective tools

New AdWords Experience helps you reach the right customers at right time and stay on top of your business goals. It incorporates easy-to-use campaign management tools that aid you plan, channelize and improve your campaigns.

  • Get things done faster

According to Google- “Stay focused on what matters with simple views that help you get your most important work done — like creating ad extensions and monitoring performance — in one place.”

2. Google Optimize

To channelize AdWords campaign successfully, it is extremely important that your advertising processes are seamless, streamlined and well integrated- From managing media to improving your site and accumulating insights of Ads performance. This helps you apply lessons taken from one-step to another and hence, drive the whole action in faster fashion. With new updates for Google Optimize, advertisers will be able to test landing pages and gain insights about their ads in more efficient manner.

  • Google Optimize is available globally to all the advertisers free. It helps AdWords professionals test and deliver custom site experiences that eventually improves the overall performance.
  • With effective integration of Optimize and AdWords, advertisers can quickly create new versions of landing pages. Then, they can apply those landing pages to any combination of AdWords campaigns, keywords and ad groups. For this, no any kind of coding or webmaster will be needed.
  • Optimize will help you figure out which kind of advertisement will works best for your business and hence it will help you enjoy more value from your AdWords campaigns.

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3. Google Surveys 360 

With Google Surveys 360, it will be easier for marketers to create a survey, analyze particular set of audience across the online channels and generate results in very few days. It also helps you test landing pages and gain insights about your ads to channelize more effective AdWords campaigns.

  • About the integration of Surveys 360 and AdWords, Google says-

“You can easily target surveys to people in your remarketing audiences to help you understand the “why” behind how consumers react to your marketing.”

  • With Google Surveys 360, you can get quick and reliable insights from consumers across online platforms and on mobile devices, which allows you make more informed business decisions by understanding your advertising impact, and keep a right check on the health of your brand.
  • Google Surveys 360 helps you find out what people really think about your Ad just by asking the internet.
  • It offers solutions for the businesses of all sizes.

4. Bringing the speed of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to search & display ads

To improve advertising performance and fulfill its ‘one step or one second’ goals, Google introduces new ways to bring the speed of AMP to search and display Ads, about which Google announces- Today we’re introducing two new ways to harness the speed of AMP to improve advertising performance. First, we are launching a new AdWords beta that lets you use fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for your search ads. Second, we’re speeding up ads served across the Google Display Network by using the same technology that makes AMP pages so fast.”

B. Analytics Updates

As discussed earlier, the theme of Google Marketing Next was greatly based upon machine learning. To help marketers analyze multiple signals in real time and reach their prospect with more useful ads at the right micro-moments, machine learning is one of the most critical factors. Machine learning is also understood as the key to gauge the consumer journeys that nowadays go round and round across multiple devices and channels of digital and physical worlds. To fulfill advertisers’ need to analyze their campaigns, Google introduced Google Attribution, which is Google’s one of the most robust Analytics tools that includes state-of-the-art machine learning-

1.) Google Attribution

Google Attribution is a new Google Analytics product to answer the question that has puzzled marketers for years- “Is my digital marketing campaign working?” – With the help of Google Attribution, it has become possible for the first time. Now, every marketer can measure the impact of their marketing campaigns across different devices and marketing channels, without paying any additional cost.

In today’s time, businesses have a dozen interactions with a single person during a customer journey- across display, search, video, social, application and sites. In addition, all these interactions take place on variety of devices, because of which measuring effectiveness of a DM campaign turns harder. However, with Google Attribution, you can comprehend how your internet-marketing efforts work simultaneously. It provides insights so you can work more effectively. This is how Google Attribution works-

  • Google Attribution also helps marketers to switch to data-driven attribution quite easily. About Data Driven Attribution, Google says-

“Data-driven attribution uses machine learning to determine how much credit to assign to each step in the consumer journey — from the first time they engage with your brand for early research down to the final click before purchase. It analyzes your account’s unique conversion patterns, comparing the paths of customers who convert to those who don’t, so you get results that accurately represent your business.”

  • You can easily optimize your ads with Google Attribution as it integrates with Ads tools like DoubleClick Search and AdWords. Google Attribution results are immediately available for updating bids, reporting, or moving budget between different channels.

2.) Google Attribution 360

To meet the needs of most engaged advertisers, Google is planning to launch an updated version of its enterprise offering: Google Attribution 360. It is highly customizable and helps you get a view of your marketing performance in the same manner you view your business.

  • Attribution 360 integrates Google Analytics, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, and DoubleClick Search seamlessly.
  • Advertisers only need to link their accounts and they will start receiving all their marketing event data in Attribution 360 within 48 hours.
  1. Location Extensions for YouTube Ads

  • Google is planning to expand availability to Display campaign in AdWords.
  • With the help of this, a prospect may see your video and notice the new location extensions beneath your video, which will help him/her head to your landing page to buy bespoke product or services.
  • With location extensions, marketers can also make it easier for consumers to find a store from your YouTube video ads.

C. Double Click Updates-

To make the most of your advertising campaigns, it is significant to have technique that can help you understand where your audiences spend their time. Nowadays, people can access Videos wherever and whenever they want on different devices, which makes tracking Ads performance more difficult. To alleviate this process, Google introduced new updates for DoubleClick Bid Manager by making it a more versatile tool for your planning and measurement needs to help you reach your audiences in the easiest possible manner.

  1. Smarter planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager

About new DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google says-

The programmatic revolution has focused on combining data, machine learning and automation to drive better performance. However, few of these benefits have carried over to the world of media planning. To help save you time and improve performance, we’re bringing the power of machine learning to campaign planning with a new workflow in DoubleClick Bid Manager.”

  • It uses machine learning to analyze advertisers’ past campaigns and comprehend what has performed well for them earlier.
  • By doing this, it recommends the right inventory and targeting to reach target audiences according to your unique marketing goals.
  1. Unique Reach arrives for DoubleClick campaigns

Google is bringing ‘unique reach’ metrics to DoubleClick for all your video and display ads. It helps advertisers measure the number of unique users and average impressions per user they get from video and display ads.

The Final Words

Finally, I can say that Google Marketing Next was all about the integrations of AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick Search to make it easier to bring together data from different marketing channels and have a complete view of your performance.

Machine learning was another prime concern that by amalgamating with technology and data helped Google come out with some of the best and most coveted Google Updates this year.

In case you have any confusions about AdWords, Analytics & Double Clicks updates introduced in Google Marketing Next 2017, share your doubts in comments below.

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