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Finding out if call tracking is right for your business

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Many advertisers do business over the phone. Phone calls are as valuable as clicks to their website. With businesses offering more varieties and custom products and services to cater to individual consumers, prospects often prefer to speak to someone in person. Call tracking thus comes into picture; however it still remains one of the most underutilized tools.

Though the investment in call tracking may not be high, crunching the numbers and analyzing call patterns is slightly an issue, which prevents businesses from using call tracking. Here’s how you can determine if call tracking is right for your business.

Elaborate Product Line: It’s often been seen that too many choice confuses the consumer. It also becomes difficult for the business to elaborate each product on the website, considering the website should be clutter free and should not be an information overload for the consumer. People prefer speaking to someone over the phone to understand the differences in the product and come to a conclusion. If your business has similar characteristic on the website then it’s time to consider call tracking.

Business is based on phone: Businesses that have a telephone enquiry phone number that can lead a consumer to purchase their product or service should use call tracking. This helps in understanding the average duration which a prospect takes to be converted in a customer.

Increasing number of mobile phone users: Users with mobile phones are more likely to call a business than with those who don’t. With the increasing number of population now owning mobiles it makes more sense to use call tracking to identify the pattern of prospects who are converting into leads.

Easy metrics: There are endless solutions out there that can help track call conversions and tracking making it more convenient to identify, understand and take necessary action for individual callers.

Search Engine Compatibility: Most businesses are using phone as well as websites to attract leads. This is good way to get the most of each resource. Search Engines like Google understand this and have made this possible by giving the best of both worlds. Search ads that take you to the website now also have an option of adding a phone number with the ad. This would help consumers search for products/services via mobiles can easily call that business. This feature has an in-built call tracking feature that reflects the call data with the ad data and makes everything seamless.

While there are a number of factors that determine how a prospect is converting but the end decision lies with the business and to test call tracking. The future of call data analysis looks good with call tracking though and that’s the bottom line.

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