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Since its inception in 2005, Fundoodata is always at the top position, since its inception in 20015, in providing India’s Corporate Information online. With each passing year Fundoodata has been trying to bring in new services and innovation which can make its customers happy. Today the company offers exclusive online services for Corporate information as well as online platform for branding among exclusive business visitors. The Fundoodata team consists of smart professionals with a desire to be most successful in its field and be the best out there.

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Business Objectives

Sunrise Consultancy Services used to use Google AdWords to drive its desired traffic to its 2 different websites catering to two different business segments. With its main objective of being one of the best and powerful sites for providing information about each and every company in India, Rajiv Ajmani of Sunrise Consultancy Services in 2005 launched the web- site ‘’. This website was a unified portal for the companies looking for sales contacts and also for the jobseekers. After Two years in 2007 Rajiv Ajmani realized that both of his business segments had different objectives and different target audiences. Thinking so led him to separate these two businesses and launch their two different corrosponding websites: ‘’ and ‘’ ‘’ is a ‘Sales Tool’ that helps companies access information about key professionals at prospect firms for their sales and marketing strategies. While on the other hand ‘’ acts as a database for the jobseekers to connect directly with their desired companies.

Strategy adopted and results achieved

In the starting phase, Rajiv Ajmani and his team were trying email marketing mainly for reaching customers but soon they realizes that doing so is not very effective since there was no way of finding whether the recipient of the email was actually interested in the product and reading the mails. Rajiv Ajmani said, “When we started in 2005, we focused heavily on email marketing, however, we soon realized that the emails did not reach the potential customers and kept lying as junk or spam emails. This led us towards online advertising, and Google AdWords.”

Later Rajiv Ajmani and his team started advertising with their first Google AdWords campaign. Since they had two different websites serving two different business objectives, Rajiv and his team faced the challenge of ensuring that traffic got directed to both websites proportionately. The team soon found out that it could get separate audience base for both websites by simply directing them to the right Google network. Rajiv says, ‘While we realized that Google Search Network was working well for targeting niche sales professionals and top companies, the Google Display Network brought better results for, which has a younger audience base.”

Since both the websites were different business oriented, the target audiences also became different and thus led the company to adopt separate advertising strategies as well. The team first made sure to distinguish the two businesses by creating different ad text variations. Then the team created ad texts for including keywords like, ‘sales’ whereas for they highlighted phrases around keyword ‘jobs’.

After that, company’s concern with generating a desired traffic to both the websites was also taken care by Google AdWords, as the traffic for both websites started to increase soon after the start of AdWords campaigns. For ‘’ that help companies in getting the information about all the companies and key professionals, the search network worked very well. Rajiv Ajmani said that within 2-3 years of inception with Google AdWords, the company had saw an uplift in traffic for both the websites. Currently, 1000 visitors come from Google Search Network directly out of every 8000-9000 visitors who visit Additionally, for, Google AdWords alone brings 70-80% of their total traffic

market share

The most important reason why Rajiv’s team selected AdWords as the most preferred one was because with AdWords, the company paid only when a user clicked on the advertisement and directed to the website. ‘The basic advantage of Google AdWords is that you get charged only when someone clicks on your ad, and reaches your website, which is not the case with SMS or email marketing,’ says Rajiv. Once they started getting enough traffic on both of their websites, they desired to calculate their Return on Investment. For this, Rajiv and his team found the two tools, first one was ‘Google Insights For Search’ and second one was ‘Google Analytics’, both being very helpful. These helped them in analyzing and reporting their AdWords campaigns and thus gave them a fair idea of the return-on-investment (ROI).

And at present, they are happily dedicating 95-98% of their budget to Google AdWords, while the balance goes to SMS marketing.


With getting significant experience using Google AdWords as his most preferred marketing method, Rajiv has some tips to offer. According to him, the choice of keyword inventory and the ad variation should be paid maximum attention. He says that the two most important features of Google AdWords are keywords and ad creativity that have maximum impact on the users.

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