What is Google AdWords Express?

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Have you heard of Google AdWords Express?

Want to know how it can alleviate the task of running Ads on the web?

Then let us first understand why it was needed!

The Need of Google AdWords Express

Businesses around the world are making returns of $2 for the investment of $1 on Google Ad Spend.

But, there is absolutely no denying the fact that using Google AdWords can be a daunting task. And why not? The amount of knowledge you need to possess is something that is enough to make you drop the idea of using it.

With numerous metrics, tools and graphs available at disposal, the analysis becomes all the way more confusing and complex.

Google AdWords has always been the reason for Goosebumps for small business owners. This statement is simply justified by the explanation mentioned above and below.

Many would argue that it is tough to use Google AdWords as you are supposed to be paying attention to every detail. It actually is true.

Also, if you are a small business, hiring an outside PPC agency might not seem like a good idea. The costs of hiring one are surely going to be high. Dont worry, you are covered by Google AdWords Express.

Read on to know the wonders that await you.

What is Google AdWords Express?

We have discussed how AdWords is a complex system which demands extra efforts and time from the business owners. The user has to pay attention to every little detail which might seem like a daunting task if the user lacks experience.

The whole process of using AdWords for the first time or even after many stints can turn out to be chaotic and might not provide the desired results.

Keeping in context the complexity Google AdWords has to offer, Google released Google AdWords Express in 2011 for the public. With the aim of simplifying and automating everything, Google AdWords express was launched to make the complex platform easier.

Google AdWords Express is a platform that has undoubtedly provided a big sigh of relief to the business owners facing tough times using the normal version of AdWords.

All those who have run even a single account know how tough the job can get. Be it bidding, keywords research, ad creation or anything else, running even a single account can seem like a full-time job.

Left alone these tasks, even the AdWords dashboard is enough to leave many users in a tizzy.

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With the simplified experience, you dont have to worry about limited time resources. If you have a business and are looking to take advantage of sales, Google AdWords Express is just the solution for you.

With the aid of Google Adwords Express, you can simply portray your business in various places like search networks, mobile device targeting, Google Maps, and even the Google website partners.

Why Choose Google AdWords Express?

Google AdWords Express

Why Choose Google AdWords Express?

The main question that pops up in the mind is why you should go for Google AdWords Express over AdWords?

This question simply comes with a simple justification that the tools you get in Google AdWords Express are found in AdWords too. What needs to be kept in context here is that you simply save a lot of your time when you opt to use AdWords Express.

Who doesn’t want optimization and automation? What if I tell you that these are the main advantages of Google AdWords Express. Multiple ads are created by Google which is consistently optimized for you. These are also tweaked on best practices.

You can simply find the best placements depending solely on the basis of your business. For instance, Google would help you to target people who are actively searching for businesses like you in the areas you cater to.

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You can easily start your first campaign and also have complete control over your account. The main feature that comes with the usage of Google AdWords Express is Targeting.

Whatever the task is, be it targeting, re-marketing or other functions, you can simply put AdWords Express to work. AdWords Express also lets you have control over which keywords you wish to target.

The most positive side of using Google AdWords Express is that offers you simplicity, which is a major missing when you use AdWords.

Who Doesn’t Have Drawbacks?

Google AdWords Express

Benefits of Google AdWords

It is evident that people would be easily convinced about Google AdWords Express owing to the advantages that it has to offer. Having said that, it should be kept in contact that it has various drawbacks too.

Simply assume of making a business decision. The first thought that pops up in the mind is that you need data. Data is the primary element needed for making an informed decision. You tend to lose in terms of data while using Google AdWords Express.

AdWords undoubtedly is a great option for any business looking for recognition but what needs to be paid attention to is that you would soon run out in terms of benefits.

To support this statement, research can also be quoted. It was found that AdWords proved to be more effective than Google AdWords Express. Even though it provides simplicity, it losses out on tools that you can enjoy in AdWords.

You can easily check on the keywords but the drawback is that you can’t get more specific with it. For instance, if you wish to eliminate a word from your keywords, you have to enter it with quotes. It also becomes hard to decide as to where to showcase the ads.

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The Rewards on Offer

The biggest reapers of the advantages of Google AdWords Express are the small businesses who are looking for recognition and have a brick-and-mortar presence.

Google AdWords Express

AdWords Express Overview

To put it in simple terms, you can simply get most of the benefits if you have a small business with a small budget and leas employees and have absolutely no money for outside agencies.

Google AdWords Express is meant to make life easier for business owners who are taking care of most of the parts of the business.

By most parts, we are talking about sales, marketing or even finance. Express would allow you to create more traffic which eliminates the need of investing more time. Also if you have less experience with AdWords then Express is just for you.

All these are great advantages that Express has to offer. These seem even astonishing given the time and money normal AdWords account takes.

Useful tips for Google AdWords Express

Google AdWords Express

Useful tips for Google AdWords Express

Who won’t appreciate tips before starting something new? If you really wish to enjoy success in your stint with Google AdWords Express login, you really need to keep some things in mind before you eventually take any decision. Read on to know about some of the tips that you will come handy when you started using Google AdWords Express.

Small Budget

Even though you might have saved money for Express, it is always recommended to start with a small budget. It should also be noted that Express too is budget based.

You won’t wish to see your budget go out of your hands. If you don’t have a proper budget and don’t keep it in check, the budget would go fast enough to become beyond your control and reach.

Many might argue that they can easily track your return on investment, but it is not that easy. Tracking becomes all the way more difficult due to the fact that you don’t have much access to the reporting information.

All these reasons justify why you should always create a small budget and work on your reported success in the dashboard.

After you have successfully done this, you can opt to increase your budget or simply move over to the AdWords Experience. The resources you saved to start working with Express might come handy at this point in time.

With the budget being made from the savings itself, you save a lot of resources. These resources can be later utilised if you plan to increase your spending or move to AdWords as discussed earlier.

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You should always try to schedule your ads with business hours. It should be kept in the context that Express has added various features that aim to make the experience much more satisfying. One of the best features added is also the scheduling part.

It is a known phenomenon that every business gets calls beyond their working hours. By scheduling your ads you would save wastage of your money.

With the aid of new feature of scheduling, you can add your business hours. You even have the option to customize them on a day-to-day basis at your disposal.

By scheduling your calls according to the business hours, you reduce the chances of losing out in customers and also the chances of wastage of money.

No response on calls is enough to ruin your reputation among customers, but if you have proper business hours listed you are simply indicating your professionalism and saving yourself from a bad reputation.

With proper business hours listed, you are allowing the customer to get in touch with you when you are actually available rather than making them drop your business as an option.

Outside Call Tracking Software

It is a known fact that call tracking is tough. And why not? It basically implies turning an offline activity into online metrics. AdWords, unfortunately, fails at providing detailed call tracking.

Using Express, you have the ability to see the dates, times, area-codes and the call duration. These things are surely handy but are not foolproof.

It is evidently hard to track conversions just on the basis of the area-codes and call length also specifically ensure sales. You would miss out on outlining as to which phone number converted and from what source or keyword.

If its not clear, it would be a tough job to outline which calls were generated through ads and which calls came in due to other sources.

To tackle this problem, you can take the aid of external call tracking software like CallRail. You can simply track the calls using features like Free Call Recording to track and record all the calls by connecting it directly to AdWords.

Your information gets logged in your dashboard when you receive a call. The information captured includes stuff like phone numbers, locations, full names, keywords and not to forget the sources.

This provides you with a piece of clear information about who converted and where the lead eventually came from. It is essential to take the aid of external software to facilitate call recording and tracking on Google AdWords Express Login.

With the aid of call tracking, you not only save the costs of using a paid option but can also easily collect important information that might be needed to outline the conversion report.

So, by simply taking the aid of the outside call tracking software, you can fulfil two objectives which are information collection and also the recording.

To Conclude, Google AdWords Express is undoubtedly the easiest ways to push start your PPC strategy.

It is evident that small business owners are the ones responsible for making decisions and handling the work of all departments. Be it Marketing, finance, or any other work, it is the owner who has to take the decision.

Keeping all this in context, it becomes hard to dedicate extra hours to any work. Every business owner understands the pain of working on AdWords after putting in efforts for the business.

With this use of Google AdWords Express login, it has become really easy to drive the sales and customers. Left alone the driving of these forces, you dont even have to deal with the complex platform.

Express has made the whole process easy by simplifying the options and automating everything.

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Wrapping Up!

It is undoubtedly a great and cheap way to bring in more sales for your business.

Google AdWords Express promo code allows you to increase the website visits and online sales apart from bringing in actual customers to the store.

Such is the targeting Express offers that you can easily target the potential customers and drive them in. It is a common fact that the conversions and sales increase with increasing customers.

And why not?

The conversions would always be high when you have a bigger audience to target.

Google AdWords Express is just the best choice for small business who are low on budget to afford an outside agency. You dont have to worry about investing extra time and efforts on AdWords if you choose to use Google AdWords Express promo code.

Having said that, you also have to keep the drawbacks in the mind. It is a fact to be faced that everything in this world comes with pros and cons.

At one hand if you are getting recognition, at the same time you will also be running short of options and feeling restricted after some time.

Joining Search Engine Marketing Course will enable you to learn and master AdWords like a pro.

Feel free to share your queries regarding what is Google AdWords Express with us in the comments below.

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