GSM Worldwide Media Used Inbound Marketing To Increase ROI By 129%

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GSM--Logo-smaller_0_0About GSM Worldwide Media:

GSM Worldwide Media is a Huston based company, which provides advertisers an unique, large format and digital out of home based platform. GSM is the leader in digital cinematic screen programming and members of DPAA(Digital Place-based Advertising Association). By providing unique digital based place platform through the use of large format, GSM’s digital singage offers creative and fully customized singage solutions. Through media receptive shoppers and high traffic shopping malls, companies strategically placed digital singage which provides an opportunity for firms to deliver their message at the most influential part of shopper’s decision, while they are in buying mode. With such strategies their digital footprints reached over 21 million shoppers in the nation’s largest shopping mall chain every month.

Business Objectives Of GSM Worldwide Media:

As a small start-up and a young company, they were surrounded by better, established and larger competitors, so as to become a leader in digital singage market. They had following objectives in their mind:

  • Company was looking to increase revenue, build their brand and establish themselves in competitive market.
  • They want to build such system that could integrate their sales and marketing marketing efforts and maximize their effectiveness impacting their bottom line.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By GSM Worldwide Media:

GSM was converting only 1% of their website visitors into leads via “contact us” form, which was in their website. They had goals to triple their sales by the end of 2013, so they implemented inbound marketing and started working on their plan to make their business framework to achieve their sales and marketing objectives. Following are the strategies adopted by them:

  • On their landing pages, GSM marketing team asked visitors to describe themself, whether they are an owner of business or a marketing executive of company or a manager. Then with the help of buyer persona tool, team easily segmented their leads and according to that sent targeted messages.
  • Implementation of a tool “Native salesforce CRM”, helped them to allow them to close the loops on their marketing efforts.
  • By connecting the two powerful platforms, GSM has been able to turn sales and marketing department into a Smarketing team.
  • They used custom lead scoring to trigger notifications for their sales representatives, so they have a hot lead to follow-up with.
  • With Lead management tool, their sales representatives now have the ability to prioritize warm and hot leads, helping to lower the cost and time associated with customer acquisition.

Results Achieved By GSM Worldwide Media:

With implementation of new marketing technique, they saw results within first year. They increased their ROI and made their marketing and sales efficient by reducing their cost of customer acquisition. Following are the results achieved by them:

  • With inbound marketing, they were able to quickly and easily build professional landing pages, which improved lead conversion by never asking the same question twice and increased conversion by 5% in just three months.
  • Leads from websites generated by 70%.
  • Their sales team gained trust in marketing team efforts to help them generate new business with real time selling.
  • Their ROI increased by 129%.
  • Their effective way of selling, resulted in 120% increase of customers.


Following are the learnings from this case study:

  • It doesn’t matters if your company is new or surrounded with well established companies. With inbound marketing techniques, you can beat them and be a leader of your market.
  • Inbound marketing technique integrates sales and marketing efforts and allows to manage communication channels efficiently.
  • Such a great ROI in a short period of time, can be achieved by applying inbound marketing.


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