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Improve Alexa Rank & Role of Domain Authority- 10 Best Techniques

Improve Alexa Rank & Role of Domain Authority- 10 Best Techniques

Getting traffic to websites is the most important errand of marketers, which let them try different techniques that increase website traffic, and ultimately ensure high website ranking. Prominence of websites is decided through their analytical information. Alexa Ranks and Domain Authority are the best ranking models that provide immediate analytical details of site’s quality.

What is Alexa Rank?


Alexa ranking includes analytics that immediately provides an accurate summary of the performance of your website compared to all other sites on the web. Ranking of websites is decided by Alexa’s statistics, which is inversely proportional to Alexa Rank- lower Alexa rank, higher ranking of website.

Google’s Alexa is 1, while Facebook & YouTube respectively score 2 & 3 Alexa Ranks. Ranking metrics of Alexa are set by (a subsidiary of, and it calculates ranks by gathering browsing details of millions of websites that have Alexa Toolbar.

What is Domain Authority? (1)

Domain Authority is a score that predicts ranking of websites in search engine result pages (SERP). DA is a 100-point logarithmic scale (developed by Moz) that is used as a reference in order to calculate strength of a website over time.

DA differs page authority, as it measures ranking strength of all the domains and sub domains, while page authority only measures strength of any individual page. Domain Authority incorporates linking metrics of root domains, MozTrust, MozRank, counts of total links, etc. in a single score.

Role of Domain Authority:

  • Primary function of DA is to give an estimated prediction related to the performance that a website gives in its SERP rankings
  • DA is a part of web index of Linkscape which is an effective tool whose functioning is oriented towards link building
  • Including DA in SEO goes a long way in determining strength of any website or web page, and additionally, it tells about the number of backlinks in SEO
  • Generally, most of the site intelligence APIs and PRO Web App campaigns include authority metrics of DA
  • DA holds quite a high value for those websites and web pages, which are specifically oriented towards having a better strides of visitors

How DA is calculated?

A 100-point logarithmic scale is used as a reference for calculating DA. High score of DA ensures that the page or website has a great potential of garnering a higher rank. SEO companies prefer this logarithmic scale as it is a kind of compilation of all the factors (linking root domains, total number of links, mozRank, mozTrust, etc.) that influence any particular website or web page.

Keywords, Domain Authority & High SERP Ranking

For effectual Search Engine Optimization of a page, Keyword-specific content are amongst the primary factors. With content that has high trending keywords, one can go a long way in ensuring rank of a web page according to the SERP chart of Google. Marketers & website owners should know latest/trending keywords, as keyword-specific content on their page is viewed by surfeit of visitors that ultimately increases domain authority score. Homepages compete for keywords that are high in demand on search engines as this let their links come first in SERP.

Top 10 Techniques to Improve Alexa Rank & Domain Authority

  1. Produce Interactive, Engaging & Unique Content: Writing quality content that is engaging and updated frequently offers real value to audience, which makes content foremost thing to increase Alexa rank. Google loves quality content and well-customized content always strikes high-ranking in SERPs.

When readers like content and find resource informative, they let themselves engage with future content of same resource. They share such content among their networks, which helps in link building and ultimately increases traffic. As Alexa rank is based on traffic coming to your site, increase in traffic will improve Alexa Score of your website.

  1. Include Internal Link Structure & remove toxic backlinks: Internal links take you to another related article of same website, and to have better on page SEO, interlinking all your posts is quite beneficial. It quite effectively improves domain authority. Marketers should use different types of anchor texts, and should never overuse same anchor text.

Removing your toxic backlinks is also quite important for improving Alexa of website. It is essential to find spammy links, and remove them. Webmasters should do this on regular basis as it ensures huge competitive advantages and helps in scoring high DA points.

  1. Be Innovative, think Out of Box & use Guest Posts: Being innovative and doing something, which is out of box, can be an edge in increasing traffic. You may write guest posts as it helps in building back link that increases site’s Alexa Rank. Quality content is always a key, and it should be ensured in your guest posts too.

Commenting, reviewing or using other methods of backlinks building, improves linking of sites that positively influences overall site traffic, which ultimately increases Alexa Ranking. Along with backlinks, guest posts also aid in company branding and product promotions. 

  1. Include Alexa Rank Widget: Inclusion of Alexa widget on your website or blog aids you in increasing Alexa Ranking of your site/blog. It shows immediate Alexa Ranking status of your website. Just by adding this widget, you can see great improvement in the Alexa Rank of your website within a short period.

From actionable SEO insights to certified sites’ metrics, all the details regarding website performance will be available to you through this widget. Competitive analysis of sites helps you in increasing traffic in the easiest manner that effectively increases your website traffic.

  1. Include Keyword Difficulty Tool: Knowing keywords that drive traffic to your competitors and optimize their sites is effective in increasing your website’s competitive power. By doing so, you can understand what your audiences are looking for these days.

Keyword difficulty tool lets you find keywords that aid you speak in the language of your customers. Tool updates you about the level of keyword competition that your site can target for better ranking in SERPs. Keyword difficulty tools provides you easy to rank keywords that help in ensuring better score in Alexa Rank.

  1. Include SEO Audit Tool & follow best SEO Practices: SEO is one of the most important strategies that need a dedicated attention of marketers. SEO is something beyond the promotion and branding of your websites, it is actually a methodology that, if done well, enhances your website’s performance.

SEO audit tool helps in ensuring that, as it lets marketers find and fix technical problems responsible for decrease in website ranking. It covers all missed opportunities and hence its lets your site be easily found on SERPs. It also tracks progress of your SEO strategies and hence it ensures good health of your website. 

  1. Include Competitive Intelligence Tools: Understanding competitors’ marketing strategies are very important, and competitive intelligence tools assist you in this. Analyzing metrics that are working for your competitors, and comprehending strategies that are being productive for your competitors, let you understand market trends.

Competitive Intelligence Tools aid you in building strategies that can improve your customer acquisition frequency. Competitive intelligence tools sharpen your growth strategies, and ultimately improve your site’s Alexa Rank.

  1. Optimize User-Friendliness of Your Website: All your efforts of optimizing your website’s online presence are of no use without your readers. Every social plugin, SEO, dynamic content, linking, etc. are included to get more and more visitors, and that’s why ensuring a user-friendly experience for your audience is must.

Sites should be responsive because no one likes to stay on a site that loads for ages. Never try to jam pack websites with ads that pop up frequently, and additionally it is important to ensure that your website is clutter free, with good amount of white space available on your website. 

  1. Use Effective Social Media Optimization: Being fully dependent on search engines for increasing traffic is not a prudent decision, as risking everything on one endeavor is never a wise attempt. Social media optimization can also be a fruitful choice for increasing website traffic.

SMO offers referral traffic, and additionally provides a brand value. Content marketing through social media is amongst the most effective ways of reaching to more audience. Authority of articles gets increased with an increase in the number of people being influenced by your article. SMO also offers paid advertizing options that quite effectively increase your fan count and ultimately improves your authority

  1. Be Patient & let Your Domain Age: It is important to let your domain age, and simultaneously you should patiently work on your site. You can use Domain Checker Tools that will let you find updates about the age of your and other competitive domains.

If you continue following techniques that I have mentioned in above tips, Alexa Rank & DA will rise. Additionally, authority is directly proportional to the age of domain, thus older domain will ensure high domain authority & Alexa Rank for your website.

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  • 3 years ago

    Deepak   /   Reply

    my site is a blog site how can i get more traffic

    • 3 years ago

      shivendra tiwari   /   Reply

      Hi Deepak,
      You may add Alexa Rank widget on your blog site.
      Use interesting, engaging, relevant, unique and powerful content.
      Include internal link structure and remove toxic back-links.
      Use Keyword Tools to know Keywords according to their search volume.
      Use Keyword Difficulty Tool to know competition of your keywords.
      Using effective and well-organized SEO will also help you optimize your blog site.

  • 3 years ago

    SHRI   /   Reply

    How to get quality alexa back links?

    • 3 years ago

      shivendra tiwari   /   Reply

      Hi Shri,
      Using internal link structure and Alexa Widget will help you. Avoid BlogRoll back-links and remove toxic back-links. Social bookmarking is also considered as back-links and you should target social networks like: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to name a few.

  • 2 years ago

    Sumit Gupta   /   Reply


    Great Post Indeed!

    But recently I have heard that, the algorithm used by Moz to calculate Domain Authority is dying and giving many false results. Many bloggers are saying that, blogs Penalized by Google has High Domain Authority.

    So, My question is, Is it correct that, DA is dying? or it is just a to keep spammers away from Domain Authority?

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