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Anshul Singh Suryan has done his in Computer Science from AIACTR, 2018 Delhi. Initially, he completed his Diploma from BTE, 2014 Delhi. Having a keen interest in Technical domain, Anshul is very passionate to learn more about technologies. As a result of this, Anshul took Digital Vidya’s Data Science Course to enhance his skills in the field of technology. Currently, he is working as a Data Science Intern in

What prompted you to learn Data Science &why?

Anshul Singh Suryan: It was subject in my So, at that time I was not much aware of Data Science field. After some time I read the article on ‘Data Science’ is the only field which can tell you more about the survival of the product. After this article, I raised my interest in knowing more about Data Science aspects, insights and trends.

What are the top benefits of learning Data Science Online from the comfort of your home?

Anshul Singh Suryan: One of the top benefits of Learning Data Science Online is that to study anywhere you want if you have an internet connection. I have attended almost all the sessions of this course when I was travelling somewhere. Online Sessions not only saved my transportation cost but also saved my precious time that I allocated in learning more about Data Science.

Data Analytics Course by Digital Vidya

Free Data Analytics Webinar

Date: 23rd Jan, 2021 (Saturday)
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Why did you choose Digital Vidya?

Anshul Singh Suryan: After conducting thorough research on various Data Science institutes, I joined Digital Vidya as they provided solutions to all my requirements and needs. As they had told me, they would give weekly assignments, recording of the live session, online study material that I actually needed to get a good command over the Data Science field. Also, after 10th  and 15th assignment I had to submit the project. So, this thing made my interest to choose Digital Vidya. Trust me, it was my best decision to choose digital vidya.

How smooth was the delivery process?

Anshul Singh Suryan: The delivery process was really awesome. Firstly I thought they are going very slow but after solving weekly assignment I was actually building my skills in this field. And they provided me with very satisfying content and constant support in case I faced any issue while completing my assignments.

Did the online lab style of teaching where you are asked to work live in the class help you in your understanding?

Anshul Singh Suryan: Yes, It was an online classroom where we can ask questions to our trainer if we stuck in any doubt, my trainer was Mahesh Jadhav and I also got very satisfying answers from him.

What kind of help did you receive in doing your assignments?

Anshul Singh Suryan: Digital Vidya Q&A forum helped a lot in solving some of the hard and intermediate level questions. I asked some of the questions and received answers from trainers. The recorded session also helped a lot in understanding more of that concept. Even I asked a lot of question from my trainer and he also helped us to make understand how to deal with a large dataset.

How good was your experience in doing the project?

Anshul Singh Suryan: Project experience was very good. It was a real-time dataset to work with. I have learnt almost 75% of my learning while doing projects. Because you can only learn more when you deal with a lot of problems and solve them individually with practical application.

Data Analytics Course by Digital Vidya

Free Data Analytics Webinar

Date: 23rd Jan, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (IST/GMT +5:30)
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Was the placement process organized, did you benefit from it?

Anshul Singh Suryan: Yes, the Placement process was organized just after the completion of all assignments and project. Sowmini mam was my placement coordinator. She was very good at dealing with students. She informed me about internships and after the telephonic interview, I got an internship before completion of the project.

Would you recommend Digital Vidya to your friend?

Anshul Singh Suryan: Yes, I have already recommended this course to my cousins and some of my friends.

Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at DigitalVidya?

Anshul Singh Suryan: Digital Vidya is an education based company which provides quality education in areas like Digital Marketing and Data Science. So, I was from a data Science background I must say it will help you to take a baby step toward your career. Trust me, they are very focused on helping students to learn more.

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