LensKart Revamped Its Digital Marketing Campaign And Got 6K+ Tweets

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Lenskart_logoIn these years, online campaigns for products and services in social media have successfully created a buzz around the world. This campaigns have dramatically made 1000’s of sales within few hours. The most important thing in inbound marketing is to create an awareness about the existence of the business, like Lenskart did.

Digital marketing campaign helped Lenskart to not just gain maximum number of customers but also, helped them to get a large number of sales in just few days. Popularity of Lenskart was so high due to digital marketing campaign that it got 6K+ Tweets in just few days.


A rush of their customers could be seen in their Facebook page and in Tweets for getting their products. This was just because of their attractive offers and campaigns over the digital platform.

About Lenskart

Lenskart is a private company founded in 2010. Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi are the founders of Lenkart. They started with an online portal for their products and then successfully moved on to offline sale by establishing contacts with eye lens and frames stores in various cities.

Peyush Bansal

Peyush Bansal, Founder and CEO of Lenskart

Now, Lenskart is a company of net worth Rs. 600 crore, with 900+ employees and large number of stores in different cities. By January 2015 they have successfully raised Rs. 135 crore in capital. The eyewear e-commerce business of Lenskart would not have reach this far if they would not have understood the power of Digital Marketing. Much of their credit to reach their current reputation in E-commerce business world, goes to the Social Media Campaigns.

This campaigns have created enough buzz around the social media platform to make people engage themselves to finally become their customers. Lens have 49 stores in 29 different cities to meet with the customer demand of eyewear.

Services offered by Lenskart


Lenskart provides eyewear products both via online and offline portal. In case you want to have some stylish products of sunglass, eyeglasses, or contact lenses you can certainly take a look into Lenskart’s online portal. They strongly believe in providing best style and brand for customers. They goes by the slogan “Log on, Play on”.


By the end of 2013, they started providing a wonderful service for the customers at just Rs. 100 as a service charge. This service includes an eye check-up using retinoscopy, pediavision & lensmeter and best part is they even use to take a set of lens and frames for trials. Lenskart provided all this services right inside every house of their customers under their campaign ‘Bike Eye Check-up’.

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Tricks leading to 6000+ Tweets

Eye-swearHashtag line has given a unique opportunity to the people to reach out others with similar choices. This has helped a lot for social media marketing to target the people in social media platforms using hashtags based on their interest. One can just click on the hashtags and get to see all the people who are tweeting or commenting under similar kind of interest. It’s a priceless tool for interest based targeting in inbound marketing strategy.


The way Lenskart have spread their word though digital media, if you look closely, the main reason behind their success is the effective use of hashtags while campaigning. The successful digital marketing campaign of Lenskart was the work of a team from viralcurry.com. Virralcurry is an online portal of a B2B (Business to Business) service provider. Virralcurry is known for creating a buzz around the business world for helping other business to launch their products and services using Social Media Campaigns.Viral-FI

Lenskart hosted number of campaigns with exciting offers for the customers and reached out the campaigns to the right customers. They used their Facebook platform in order to create campaign hosting a Game, with the Lenskart revamp hashtag. This led to 1.6m hits in their fan page in Facebook. In twitter, they have got and amazing response form the people with a 6000+ tweet using their hashtag Lenskart revamp. This led to dramatic increase in the sales of their eye frames and lenses.

It was not just the campaigns in social media platform that created the buzz. They have even successfully used email marketing campaign, which was good enough to get Lenskart included in “Create and design E-commerce” category of Marketing Sherpa Email Awards 2014 as “Honourable Mention”.emails

The theme of the campaign was to design an upcoming concept of the branding of Lenskart. Lenskart wasn’t that successful until the launch of the digital marketing campaign. But ultimately they regained their reputation in the e-commerce industry by revamping Lenskarts brand image by creating an ultimate buzz thorough their digital marketing campaign which led to 6000+ tweet by their hashtags.


The importance of digital marketing campaign can be easily notice by the result of the use of campaign by Lenskart. This gives a solid understanding of the outcomes of use of campaigning using hashtag. The 6000+ tweets that resulted from the campaign is not only the proof of raising awareness among people about Lenskarts product but also the trust of customers and a promise of big sale.

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