Online Reputation Management Services: Tips and Tricks for your Brand

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What is Online Reputation Management?

The world today, considers the internet to be the most reliable source of information. At present, an equipped person uses the internet for everything. When I say everything I literally mean everything; from ordering Pizza, searching a location, to checking all about an individual on various social platforms on the internet. Now, what exactly is online reputation Management Services? and why does one need it?

online reputation management services

online reputation management services

Just like how you seek all the required information on the internet, two out of every 3 people use the internet to check the background of a person. You will never know how deep a positive or negative remark can hit you. You would probably be wondering why you didn’t get that desired job even after a successful interview. It could probably be because of some unfavorable comment about you on the internet. You might not even be aware of it but the information floating on the internet about you or your work does affect you.

Let’s just consider a daily life example: What is the first thing you probably do when you meet a new person and want to find out certain details about them? Well, if I was you I would probably look for them over Facebook or LinkedIn depending on the kind of facts I am looking for. This was at the individual level. What about when it’s about a celebrity or a brand?

Celebrities and brands need to be extensively cautious about their online reputation. People often confuse Online Reputation Management (ORM) services with SEO. These two processes definitely have several similarities but there lie major differences too. SEO is only focused on highering the rank of the website or a page in the search engine results. Whereas, Online Reputation Management services are focused on controlling the number of websites that show up for a search, with respect to the kind of content that is been displayed on those websites.

Online reputation management is much similar to Digital PR in the basic concept and functioning of ideas. Since it operates online i.e. via the internet. Google searches and social media are the target platforms. If we simply narrow down our horizons our nation itself we can have a deeper insight on the same i. e. Online Reputation Management services in India.

How to go about your Online Reputation Management campaign?

Depending on the level of the celebrity and brand value, and in regard to the circumstances an online reputation management strategy must be crafted that gives the desired lift to the brand value. In situations of crisis too, the appropriate online reputation management plan is adopted to control the flow of information. The celebrities with good reputation become a brand themselves. Showbiz knows the importance of reputation. The stars lose all their work if there is negative information floating targeting them in a bad light. Brand endorsement is a major part of the work-life of a celebrity. As a matter of fact, brands only associate with celebrities who are successful in managing their own reputation well. This is because the reputation of the star endorsing the brand affects the brand’s value and sales overall. Thus, the brands are equally cautious with who they choose to associate their brand name with. Associations and allies play a big role in the reputation of the brand.

To maintain and build a favorable reputation, the brands and celebrities hire the top online reputation management companies and agencies. Most of them even have in-house Online Reputation Management consultants and experts to help the companies/brands lay down strategies for the same.

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They understand that online reputation management services are extremely important in order to fix an image that affects them positively. People are most likely to believe what they see online and accordingly develop a perception. Thus, a conscious brand always wants to keep control over the kind of information that is circulating among the people through the internet.

Now, the question that arises next is how to manage your online reputation? To solve the purpose, we have prepared a list of the sure short online reputation management services tricks and tactics. Read on to know the details. 

Without doing the right thing or employing the best-suited practice, any task would get tedious. The same is the case with tracking online reputation management. On being sincerely followed, the right practices lift the efficiency and accuracy of the campaign.

Online Reputation Management Services Best Practices

The internet vests its powers in the hands of internet users. It’s open for all and everyone has access to every little detail on the internet. This makes them have the access to the relevant information in just microseconds. We search for everything before forming an image of it. Whether it’s a job interview, a business deal, a restaurant you are going to dine-in.

online reputation management services

track your online reputation

Thus it has become crucial for businesses to understand the importance of Online Reputation Management services and implement an ORM communication plan. Listed below are a few points that can be used by you as an online reputation management guide to acknowledge the essentials of the online reputation management services communication plan.

Be ready

You must be handy with ORM solutions before a crisis situation arises. Foolish are those who wait for the outrage to build until they finally take a step forward. In the absence of an Online reputation management services solution, the company will most likely go clueless about what to do next. A crisis must not leave you puzzled but instead, you must be equipped with a plan of action. So that you are well aware of what to do next.

Treat the problem from  the roots

Instead of just focusing on removing all the negative comments about the brand/ product. You must look into the matter and understand what caused such negative comments on the internet. It is probably hard to please the customer who began this or a customer who probably had an experience. It doesn’t matter how good your customer service is, there is always a probability of negativity against your brand. In order to make sure that such negative comments do not affect your brand value, you need to deal with the problem at its core.


You need to be active on social media and be responsive to both the reviews and comments. Doing business, in the long run, will teach you that at various points in the lifespan of your business you will face times where negativity spreads against your business. The art is to know how to deal with them. By being responsive and addressing customer grievances, you tend to increase your relations with the existing as well as potential customers.

Build a positive image

The agenda of an ORM must revolve around the idea of building a positive image of the brand/product. Your various actions determine the image that will be built as a consequence. Online reputation management is not as difficult as it is portrayed, in fact, it is quite an easy process. The only point that must be understood is that it requires time and patience to show results. Thus, it is recommended that it must be practiced regularly.

Remove the negative comments and reviews

Every once in a while a survey must be done in order to remove any kind of negative reviews that are present on the page. They create a negative impact and must be dealt with immediately. It is likely that other customer’s decision is influenced by such reviews. It stands true as a fact since it is well known to all that before buying a product or availing a service, we prefer to read the reviews submitted by other customers to be sure of what we are investing in.

Content Marketing

In order to maintain regular communication, it is important that you communicate with your audience on a regular basis through blogs, videos, images, etc. This is one important point that is common in both SEO and online reputation management services. When we talk about content marketing we refer to a communication plan to stay in touch with the target audience.

When the audience sees regular posts from a brand, they are more likely to trust that brand and over time, begin connecting with them. Thus, strengthening the brand’s reputation and PR, both.

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Strictly control the online accounts

The brand or the celebrity must be extra cautious with who is handling all the online accounts because it is the medium through which you are connected and communicate with your audience. Any kind of goof-up could lead to reputation damages. To avoid ugly circumstances, prior precautions must be taken.

Employ tools for notifications

There are several tools available on the internet which inform you every time your brand is mentioned anywhere. This will help you keep a close check over what is being posted on social media in regard to you as a celebrity or as a brand. Employing such tools is especially helpful in dealing with any kind of negativity before b

Employing such tools is especially helpful in dealing with any kind of negativity before it spreads to an uncontrollable extent.

Announce your achievements

Remember, when you do so, it is important that you present the information subtly. Bragging an achievement may also push away your target audience and clearly, you do not want that to happen. At the same time subtle self-praising is also important to inform the audience about your endeavors.

Online Reputation Management tools

Now that we have already provided you a list of the best practices to manage your online reputation. Let’s further guide you with which online reputation management tools to employ in order to conduct a flawless online reputation management services campaign.

1. Talkwalker Free Social Search and Alerts

This tool provides you with an in-depth analysis of your brand’s reputation that digs the mentions of the brand’s over 150 websites including all the popular social media channels. There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of online searches and each time you get the result shown in just a few seconds. This helps you with a face-off with your brand.

Take a look at the video showing the key features of the tool.

2. Trackur

This tool notifies you each time your company’s or brand’s name is mentioned on social media. With the help of this social media monitoring tool, you can simply stay updated with the news revolving around your brand name and thereby take actions to curb negativity, if any. As a busy brand and the internet is a wide space, it can get difficult to track down the mentions without an effective tool.

online reputation management services

Trackur web page

Even if a brand employs a whole team to track down the social media mentions about the same brand, they would most probably be wandering cluelessly with no relevant information in hand. This is why tools like Trackur are extensively helpful.

3. Naymz

This tool measures the social influence of your brand.  It is practically understood that social influence is closely related to the online reputation of a brand. Naymz lets you know the exact percentage of the social influence of your brand on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  It must be noted that a brand’s influence may vary from one network to the other. This tool is an essential component of the online reputation management services kit.

online reputation management services

Naymz web page

4. Brandseye

online reputation management services

Brandseye web page

The tool Brandseye is a full-fledged tool that makes online reputation management services an extremely easy task. It would be right to quote that this is the perfect tool designed for all the lazy asses. Brandseye literally spoon-feeds you with all the information. You get the notifications on the E-mails and thereby measuring the performance you can compare it with your internal metrics. It also opens marketing opportunities that could be missed out otherwise.

5. Google Alerts

online reputation management services

Google Alerts web page

One of the most effective online reputation management service tools is Google Alerts which has been here for a long time and is absolutely free of cost. You can select the keywords (brand’s name) you want the updates for and also you can select the types of mentions you need to be notified for.  The alerts are sent as emails, thus, cutting down the legwork.

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Online Reputation Management Case Study- Toyota


Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational car manufacturing company based in Aichi, Japan. Toyota saw heights in the year 2014 by standing at the ninth position in the world automobile manufacturing company. The company manufactures and sells its cars in several parts of the world.

The Crisis-

The year 2010 marked the possibly worst year for the company on the work front. Only in the second month of the year, the company recalled almost 8 million Toyota cars for faults in them. Majorly reported problem was the poor quality sticky mats that slid to the accelerator and faulty pedals. However, the number of complaints and issues kept on increasing.

The online news portals i.e. the bloggers, the review websites, conversation forums, etc. began publishing all kinds of crap about the company. Their reputation was tarnished online. There was negativity all around.

The strategy adopted by Toyota

  • The Japanese company deployed Online Reputation Management Services with help of internal resources to face-off the solution.
  • The company introduced a channel to communicate with their audiences. The channel named Toyota Conversations accumulated all the tweets, articles, blogs, etc., and were respectively provided with a suitable answer.
  • Through this channel, they backlinked the audience to another page called ‘Toyota Recall’ wherein they mentioned the details of all the cars that were recalled by the company. The videos focused on showing the high safety standards followed by the company.
  • Further, to calm the outrage, the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, apologized to his grieved customers through a video upload. Soon, the video was uploaded on various other platforms. It received a total of 1,00,000 views. It was a big number back then. There was another video that captured attention. This was a video that showed the CEO crying. this video was particularly telecasted by the news channels, etc. On the online media, it captured about 17k views alone.
  • To further leverage social media to rectify and maintain a good image, videos were uploaded on the YouTube channel registered with the brand’s name showcasing the safety quotient that is given importance by the company. This was an attempt to take the market back in confidence.
  • They built a strong SEO that directed the searchers of the keywords Toyota recall and Toyota Safety to the Toyota press room.


  • In 2014, the company had as many as 338,875 employees worldwide
  • By the year 2016, the company was listed at the ninth position worldwide as per revenue.
  • In 2016, The company was announced as the second-largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world.


  • The negativity vanished over time and the company was soon back to business.
  • You cannot control the negativity spreading against your brand but you can definitely take corrective measures.
  • Be consistent in your approach.
  • Don’t run away in a situation of crisis. Stand by and faceoff.

Know more about Toyota’s Case study

Hope the blog was insightful!

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