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10 Best Online Reputation Management Tools

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If you run an online business, it is must to manage your business repute on the web. You have to figure out best ways to actively manage your online reputation. Wondering how to manage Online Reputation? – Below given list of 15 Online Reputation Management Tools will aid you manage your online presence and optimize digital branding.

Before going into the details of best online reputation management tools, let us first understand what Online Reputation Management is-

What is Online Reputation Management?

ORM or Online Reputation Management in the internet marketing alludes to the checking of the online reputationon of an individual or business, and actively addressing the damaging content and destructive campaigns before they harm the online reputation of that individual or business. There are obviously numerous ways and many free Online Reputation Management Tools organizations can use to do this.

From setting up cautions or alerts along with checking around brand names and enrolling PR experts to combat the negative stories, Online Reputation Management includes best practices that ensure positive online presence for businesses or individuals.

Know here about Online Reputation Management Tips & Tricks for your brand.

The web and web-based social networking have made online reputation management an undeniable concern.

Fortunately, there are ORM Tools that repair a flawed reputation and expel undesirable scars that you ought to incorporate in your DM campaigns.

Underneath we have accumulated a rundown of free online reputation management tools that can enable you protect your business more adequately every day. Let us delve into those-

10 Online Reputation Management Tools

1. UberVU ORM Tool

Free Online Reputation Management Tools

UberVU ORM Tool

  • As one of the top-rated ORM Tools, UberVU shows brands what they need to know, now. It dissects and analyzes your brand’s complete web-based social networking information to indicate insights like stories, patterns, influencers, etc. you can use in real time.
  • Intended for the Social Media Advertisers, UberVU is quite easy to set up and implement. It is a paid Online Reputation Management Tool. Each account of UberVU incorporates unlimited clients, notices along with free training, support and setup facilities. It even gives free trial to its clients.
  • The noticeable features of UberVU includes real-time reaping of Data, easy engagement, direct administration of Twitter and Facebook, collaboration among colleagues, etc.

2. Radian6 Online Reputation Management Tool

online reputation management tools

Radian6 Online Reputation Management Tool

  • Radian6 is an incredible Online Reputation Management Tool that manages your reputation on the web-based social networking space, and furthermore, it helps you connect with your target audiences across different stages.
  • On the off chance that you are a notable brand and a great deal of web-based social networking discussions are going around the globe or in a particular location, and you might want to quantify market sentiments about your business- In all such times, Radian6 is an exceptional tool that fulfills all such requirements.
  • Radian6 is considered ideal for an independent small company. In any case, if you have a prerequisite for vast scale monitoring and you likewise have the spending plan as well, you can opt for this one. Be that as it may, it even gives a free trial also to its clients.
  • Some of the noticeable features of Radian6 are Excel Add-in, Real-time dashboard, Engagement console and its sales force chatter support, Management of online social discussions, etc.

3. Reputation Defender ORM Tool

Online Reputation Management Tools

Reputation Defender ORM Tool

  • Regardless of whether you are hoping to enhance your organization’s online reputation or your own, Reputation Defender has the best Reputation Management alternatives accessible to fit your needs.
  • One of the most reputed Online Reputation Management Tools that can expel flaws from your online presence. It has some expertise in SEO and offers an extensive variety of SEO practices as well that keeps your business’ reputation solid.
  • Some of the noticeable features of Reputation Defender are Personal marketing machine, Monitor your reputation, Helps you possess your own online character, Track your reputation, etc.

4. Visible ORM Tool

online reputation management tools free

Visible ORM tool

  • It is considered as one of the best Online Reputation Management Tools for advertisers, offices, research groups and some other enterprise department hoping to learn and take an interest in managing their online reputation with their broadened groups on the web.
  • Brands that want to stay pertinent, tune in to open feedbacks, give administration to their clients, and message in new and intriguing ways that resound with clients and help them utilize Visible Intelligence to both inform and enhance their business.
  • Web-based social networking is moving at great speed, and this ORM tool gives you a chance to remain side by side with the market. Some of its noticeable features are listening, tracking brand buzz, accessing consumer sentiments and it is an all-in-one Platform and interface.

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5. Sentiment Metrics ORM Tool

Online Reputation Management Tools

Sentiment Metrics ORM Tool

  • Sentiment Metrics helps you screen what is being said in regards to you, your brand and your items crosswise over online journals, discussions, blogs and news locales. The reports you’ll get by utilizing this ORM tool concentrate on sentiment, which lets you know whether online-discussions about you is positive, negative or unbiased.
  • The reports have decent visual diagrams and you can separate them by age, gender and area. One of the enormous differentiators and advantages of utilizing this ORM tool is that you get email cautions sent to you at whatever point you have terrible press.
  • Top features of Sentiment Metrics are Easy design, Collaboration among colleagues, Sentiment benchmarking and it also easily identifies influencers.

6. Mention Online Reputation Management Tool

online reputation management tools

Mention Online Reputation Management Tool

  • It is best in monitoring the web, including the Social Media Channels, to keep you educated each time someone specifies your name, image or target keywords, and its easy to use interface makes it simple to utilize as well.
  • At the point when Mention spots that someone discusses about you or your brand, you can in a split second observe this through one of its applications (Web, Desktop, iPhone or Android).
  • Then again, you can get every day summary alerts, which demonstrate to you the notices for a specific day. It has free as well as paid plans named as lite, ace and enterprise.
  • Top ORM features of Mention are Collaboration among colleagues, real–time alarms, and Track notices of your keywords along with engagement on the go.

7. Brandseye ORM Tool

online reputation management tools

Brandseye ORM Tool

  • Brandseye gives close continuous input about online discourses including your organization name, brands, campaigns and representatives. Notices can be conveyed by means of email, SMS, RSS or Twitter in case of a potential emergency, and the product likewise gives a repute score that lets you to gauge the strength of your online reputation regarding yourself and your rivals.
  • The product can be designed by more than 40 factors, including dialect, nation, sort of media, and brand pertinence.
  • Top features of Brandseye include detailed reports about rivals and online discussions, online notices along with full automation and reputation score.

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8. Attentio ORM Tool

online reputation management tools

Attentio ORM Tool

  • The Attentio ORM Dashboard is an online web-based social networking monitoring platform that gives you the tools to accomplish a top to bottom comprehension of who is writing about your image, what are they writing, which web-based Social Media Channel produces the most buzz for your brand and how the online discussion advances after some time.
  • Some noticeable features incorporated by Attentio ORM Tool are analytics, segmentation, live charts, sentiment analysis, etc.

9. Google’s Me on the Web ORM Tool

online reputation management tools

Google’s Me on the Web ORM Tool

  • Google releases ‘Me on the Web’ tool to help marketers monitor their web identity. It is a component of Google Dashboard and it allows marketers to set up custom Google Alerts for mentions of your name or email address in online content.
  • Additionally, ‘Me on the Web Google’ offers tips and resources that assist you monitor and control your online identity. With its help, you can get informed when your own information shows up on the web.
  • You can utilize ‘Me on the Web’ to alarm you when your own information–say, your email address or telephone number–gets distributed on the web.

10. Trackur Online Reputation Management Tool

online reputation management tools

Trackur Online Reputation Management Tool

  • Trackur filters a huge number of sites including Social Media Channels, web journals, discussions, blogs, news sites and media sharing destinations.
  • It offers an adaptable pricing structure, which is directly proportional to your use to address the necessities of both individual and enterprise clients. It gives 10 trials for its clients before they settle on the choice of which plan they need to choose.
  • Some noticeable features of Trackur are Executive Insights, The broadest social media coverage, Influence and sentiment analysis and it provides Data on your way.


Prevalence of digital medium has changed the word of mouth into a noteworthy force that can stretch far and wide via variety of online channels. With a solid Online Reputation Management, you pull in new clients, keep the ones you have, and optimize your online presence positively.

While in days of yore, dealing with an organization reputation implied managing public recognition crosswise over geography, but today the Internet includes another essential layer. Your Online Reputation is everything in this continually shrinking digital world.

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In the event that you do not screen and deal with your online name and fame, you risk seeing your repute plunge and your value deteriorate.

Aforementioned 10 Online Reputation Management Tools will help you manage your online presence and optimize your online business in a highly sustainable fashion.

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Do you monitor your brands’ online reputation? Which online reputation management tools free will you prefer? Tell us your thoughts in comment section below.

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