5 Key Elements of a Successful SEO Infographic

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Due to constantly changing nature & having a flux, SEO sometimes becomes complex and convoluted to comprehend. That is why different learning mediums such as SEO blogs, Guides, PDFs, Video classes are there, and the latest in the lot is SEO Infographic which is most interactive, informative, visual, concise, and easy to grasp.

According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

Best SEO Infographics alleviate SEO learnings and help professionals understand the related procedure, concept, and steps in a visually appealing, highly engaging and equally clear-cut and obvious way possible.

When creating an infographic, you need to understand that there is a lot more to an engaging SEO infographic than a few lines and pretty pictures. The design of your SEO infographic decides how it communicates with your audiences, and that is why it is advisable to do some planning before you even talk to your designer. 

Google is withholding more keyword and attribution, making SEO even more challenging to measure and improve – Rand Fishkin

This calls for in-depth and detailed knowledge of SEO and its concept.

In this post, I shall be sharing the five essential elements to making your SEO infographic a sure shot success but before that let us understand what an SEO Infographic is

What Is An SEO Infographic?

  • SEO infographic (or SEO Information Graphic) is actually a visual representation of data, concepts, and techniques presented in an easy to comprehend and fun to read format
  • With the help of SEO Infographics, subject experts try to simplify complex information and alleviate that for an average person to understand and execute
  • SEO Infographics are also one of the best Internet Marketing Tactics for Digital Marketing businesses and that is why knowing how to make your SEO infographic optimized for Search Engines is an essential thing for marketers (that I shall discuss as the 5th element later in this post)

Aside from being the trendiest medium to explain SEO concepts and updates, infographics in SEO communicate with its audiences in the most convenient way possible.

But to ensure that kind of communication, you need to have the amalgamation of below given 5 elements, so, let’s start looking at those

5 Elements Of Best SEO Infographic

1. The Story Of Your Infographics In SEO

Knowing the story of your SEO infographics will help you comprehend the purpose of creating a particular infographic. Infographics should tell a story because

Without a story, your Infographic would merely be a Graphic.

The Story here can also be understood as the concept and information you want to explain via graphics. To create an engaging SEO story, you should ask the following questions

  • What kind of SEO story do I want to tell?
  • Is the story relevant to my organization?
  • What is my purpose for telling this story?
  • Who is the target audience for this story?

Understanding these factors appropriately would guide you explain an SEO story that your audiences would love to read and share. Below given is a ‘What is SEO Infographic’ that tells a story about do’s and don’ts of SEO

SEO Infographic

SEO Infographic Story Example

2. Data Related To Your Information

Using accurate data is the most important component of a successful SEO infographic. It is like a report in which you need to provide all the credible information by using well-researched data along with the sources from where you get those data.

SEO Infographic

Use of Data in SEO Infographic

  • When creating your SEO infographic, you ought to ensure all your data is accurate and they come from some credible sources
  • As an organization, you can also have your own data that you need to find and sort to accurately use in your infographic
  • Unaccredited information is untrustworthy and sometimes they are also found as unethical
  • Including first element and making your data tell a story is a must

3. The Text Copy Of Your SEO Infographic

After finding the right data and organizing it in the needed format, you need to write the text copy of your SEO Infographic. Having snippets of copy to provide context to your data and related information will help you tie your SEO story to the provided data.

  • You should write a gripping headline and if needed, concise and effective descriptions should also be mentioned
  • Your infographic can get quite complex if you only go with all the data, and that is why headlines should be there to engaging your audience
  • Your text copy can be parts of different posts, pins and tweets that should be kept short and descriptive
  • Never try to use fancy language, keeping things simple and clear is the key here
  • Your text copy should focus on delivering your story to your audience in an interactive manner

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4. Design, Colors, Fonts, Graphs & Charts In SEO Infographics

(i) Design

  • The design of an SEO Infographic should be based on the SEO story you want to tell
  • It should support the kind of information you want to convey and it should be interactive so the information automatically flows
  • Design of your SEO infographic should never overpower the story and data shared in the infographics
  • A successful design makes a balance amongst data, colours, copy, and other design elements

(ii) Graphs and Charts

SEO Infographic

Graphs & Chart in SEO Infographic

  • The Graphs and Charts that you use in an SEO infographic are different from your basic Excel bar graphs and pie charts and they should highlight the data in a creative, appealing and unique way
  • Designer’s role is very important at this stage of infographics in SEO, as it is essential that your graph and chart support the data and story of your infographic
  • You should never overload your infographic with lots of graphs and charts

(iii) Colors

  • You should keep the color scheme of your SEO infographic to a maximum of three colors
  • The inclusion of Too many colours turns your infographic confusing and again colours should complement your SEO story

(iv) Fonts

  • You should make sure your font is legible in both large text and small text – especially when using numbers
  • It is advisable to choose a maximum of two fonts, plus, you should use various size headlines for breaking up the data
  • Visual organization of data with immaculate font selection is important to guide your audience from beginning to the end of your SEO infographic

5. SEO Optimization Of Best SEO Infographics

Optimizing your SEO infographic by following search engine best practices is important to ensure the kind of reach and conversions you have aimed for.

More than 39% of B2B buyers prefer sharing infographics on social media and by optimizing your infographics for Search Engines; you can take advantage of the shared exposure your infographic receives.

The first step to make your infographics SEO strategy is to ensure that your content supports a particular ‘keyword’ that also talks about the Story and Data of your SEO infographic.

SEO Infographic

Page Optimization for SEO of Infographics

You should never fret about posting about your infographic, as an infographic is nothing but an image and with the help of below given Seo tactics, you can optimize your infographic

(i) URL String

  • To optimize your SEO Infographic, it is very important to ensure that the keyword phrase is rightly placed within your post’s URL
  • You can see the URL of this post, ‘SEO Infographic’ is mentioned there

(ii) Meta Description

  • Keyword phrase should also be used in the meta-description for optimally executing infographics SEO Strategy

(iii) H1 Headings

  • Inclusion of keyword in the H1 heading is another important infographics SEO Strategy

(iv) Image Alt Text

  • Keyword phrase ought to be used in the “alt text” for the images used in your post. This will help you include your infographic in the post. As Search engines cannot crawl the content of an image, Alt Text helps them understand the content of an image

(v) Page Length

  • This is an important factor in deciding SEO ranking of a post as Search engines pay heed upon page features when it crawls a blog post
  • Longer posts are liked by Search engines, but the post should also be optimized correctly
  • A post having 1,500 to 2,500 words is considered Search Engine Friendly

(vi) Page Load Times

  • It is very important that your page loads quickly and correctly
  • By using a free tool, you can know how Google judges your page load time

(vii) Social Sharing Buttons

  • Having a social sharing button is very important for today’s SEO
  • Social shares are important to gaining higher rankings in Search Engines and it is advisable to include Social Sharing Buttons in a post

(viii) SEO Plugins

  • In case, you find all the aforesaid tactics quite overwhelming then you can opt for SEO Plugins as well
  • If a site is run via WordPress, you can use SEO plugin named as Yoast that will automatically ensure that your page supports the SEO checklist
  • You can also use other online tools to check SEO friendliness for your content

In Conclusion…

I hope, you would have understood the five key elements of a successful SEO Infographic now.

To sum up: Keep your infographic simple, use accurate data, and always focus on your SEO story.

Incorporating aforestated elements in your infographic will help you create an SEO infographic that not only attracts and engages your readers but also puts forward your point successfully.

Enrolling in SEO Course helps you comprehend the real significance of different SEO elements and tactics that are comprised in best SEO Infographics.

If you have any questions about your infographic for SEO, never hesitate to ask us in the comments below.

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