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Social Video Analytics: From Demography to Psychography of User Behaviour | Webinar Recording

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In last 1 year, 59 million new social media users have been witnessed in India, reports Vidooly – the online video analytics & marketing company that provides video analytics tool & video marketing services. The new concept related to social media is ‘Social Video Analytics’. To share insights on the same, we had Nishant Radia, Co-Founder, CMO, Vidooly to lead a live webinar for our community. Let’s have a look at the key takeaways post-webinar:

Key Takeaways:

Basically, there are 3 stages of Content Consumption trends: 

Crawl Stage:

    1. Discuss the requirement
    2. Right team
    3. Market research
    4. Separate Good to have vs Must Have
    5. Audit and implement your first Optimization
  1. Title 
    Name of video | category | Tags | Name of channel
  2. Description: 
    First 120-150 characters are crawled, add tags here only

Walk Stage:

  1. Evolve the KPI – Incorporate Both branding & performance objectives
  2. Provide tools and software
  3. Increase frequency of in-campaign optimization – organic & paid
  4. Start asking question

Run Stage:

  1. Increasing the cadence of optimization
  2. Develop & test run agenda to move forwards continuously discovery
  3. Measurment of campaign performance & benchmarking
  4. Calculate ROI
  5. Brand upliftment study

Did you find the concept of social video analytics interesting? Would you want to know about it more and apply similar techniques to benefit in getting leads for your business, check out our upcoming webinars. Brace yourself for a lot more information that can make your business grow.

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