Swiggy’s Social Media Story on It’s Phenomenal Growth

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swiggy logo About Swiggy

Swiggy is a Bangalore based food tech start-up by three techies from the IIT, IIM breed of entrepreneurs – Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini and Sriharsha Majety. Touted as one of the fastest growing businesses in this sector, it was founded in December 2013 and is operational since August 2014. Currently operating in 8 cities across 1000 and growing restaurants, it serves an average 30,000+ customers. Owing to its rapid growth and popularity, Swiggy has attracted 100+ crore venture capital investments, making it one of the rising start ups in food tech.


Swiggy came into existence with the idea of the co-founders to provide an end to end food service, right from order to delivery; all this from the comfort of one’s home. The objective of the company is to disrupt the kitchen at home and make their delivery service a viable option for an everyday food need. Rahul Jaimini, one of the three co-founders sums up Swiggy’s objective as – ‘make kitchens obsolete’.

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Approach and Strategy

The reason why Swiggy is different from its competitors like Food Panda, Zomato and Tiny Owl is its own fleet of delivery agents. It has 800+work force in a combination of full time and part time workers to handle regular and peak traffic. Apart from this, the mobile app enables a customer to live track the order. To top it all, each customer’s order is dealt with independent of other orders, ensuring faster delivery. One of the reasons, it has been able to garner VC’s attention is the delivery model. In the words of Sumer Juneja, principal at Norwest Venture Partners India, VC funding Swiggy, “The company’s differentiated product offering includes delivery, which enables Swiggy to deliver a truly end-to end service for consumers and restaurants in India. Swiggy’s delivery infrastructure solves a major need in the market by enabling restaurants to concentrate on their core business and scale up their delivery revenues.” In addition to being a VC favourite, it has played its cards right with no minimum order and cash on delivery, much to the delight of both customers and restaurants tied up with it too.

Swiggy’s marketing strategy includes both online and offline marketing campaigns, with the online mirroring all the offline campaigns. It promotes its campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. Some of its campaigns include #Secondtomom, #DiwaliGhayAayi, #SingwithSwiggy, Know your food series of pictures and food walks in a local area. The company builds its brand awareness and connects with its audience through these channels. Their facebook page is quite active with regular updates, averaging to one post a day. The posts are eye catching, flavoured with humour and good quality creatives. The face book audience of Swiggy is clost of 70k fans. The posts garner active engagement, with week on week increase in the number of likes.

Videos from the company are very innovative too. Some of the popular ones are  Swiggy goes international and Diwali Ghar Aayi along with a host of video interviews of co-founders and staff. A special mention needs to be made for the innovative idea of #DiwaliGharAayi campaign for the concept, but more so for its popularity; the video went viral with close to 60K views. Along with popularity in its customers, the company has caught the attention of a bigger audience through AIB – Bars and Restaurants video with a whopping 27 lakh likes. The message, loud and clear says that Swiggy delivers faster than the local restaurant uncle – a definite bait for an urban foodie. Their April fools prank video of going international has caught more than 10k likes and definitely got some people praying for it to be true.

Twitter presence of Swiggy is pretty strong with 6k plus followers and regular updates. It also uses its Twitter handle to respond to customer appreciation or criticism. The company also runs engaging contests like #SwiggyTuesdays with interesting giveaways like coupons and the munching bag.

Swiggy’s presence on Pinterest and Instagram is something to watch out for too. In all, it has packaged its social media presence with the right amount of contests and creatives, ensuring customer.


Swiggy’s phenomenal growth from conception till date, brilliant brand recall, high acceptability with venture capitalists, a growing fan base on social media channels, a highly evolving mobile app are some of the obvious results of the Swiggy success story. The subtle result, however seems to be inching closer to their initial objective of no kitchen homes.

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The following sum up the learning from Swiggy’s business model and social media campaigns

  • Customer centric design in all elements of business planning
  • High response rate in addressing customer queries
  • Creative and customer engaging campaigns
  • Leveraging events of great popularity for brand recall
  • Promotions aimed at improving visibility for clients

Swiggy has been around for three years and seems set for a long term robust growth, meanwhile Burger King, Cafe Coffee Day and Goli Vada Pav join the Swiggy restaurants.

Image Credits: Swiggy  

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  1. Jathin Das

    I loved your promotion strategy which in indeed struck a chord between mothers and their loved ones.

  2. revathi

    I am currently located in Singapore, and recently about two months a similar service called Deliveroo is launched here. Apart from the usual outreach methods like facebook, twitter ,blogposts they also reach through gaming apps.
    Singapore is a very app driven market and in one of the game apps which i play “Criminal Case” (a popular app ) you get adds in between but not in a you tube skip fashion but very subtle manner just enough to catch user attention.


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