Tenon Tours Used Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Revenue By 129%

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About Tenon Tours:

Tenon Tours is a Boston based travel firm which operates tours to Ireland, the UK & beyond. They have good travel packages for several countries all over the world. The entire team at Tenon is a great group of people who actually care and think about your travel experience. They are a firm who are totally passionate about the travel, and strive to make sure you have a great time with their trip.

Business Objective of Tenon Tours:

Tenon Tours was initially fabricated on the belief which says those who travel the world become more experienced, better-rounded, more accepting and more tolerant people. They always tried to promote three things while travelling on their trips: Community, Culture and Friendship. They believe that International travel can modify your life, present new chance, build up life long relations, and provide learning unlike anything one will experience in their routine daily life.

Tenon Tours had three main promotion objectives: (1) to boost their overall number of leads, (2) to drive traffic to their website, and (3) to make out the lead sources that created maximum ROI.

Strategies / Approaches Adopted By Tenon Tours:

They joined hands with Hubspot in order to meet their objectives. The following is the strategy adopted by Tenon Tours:

  • They started off by using the HubSpot’s Blogging tool to publish their blog posts and also tried HubSpot’s SEO tool to optimize their blogs for search rank.
  • They used a Landing Page with a form that would accumulate some part of information from viewers in exchange for the content.
  • They began posting a smaller, but interpreted version of their programmes, with the help of CTA’s that allows the viewers to view the full programme as a download.
  • They used HubSpot’s Tracking URL designer. They’ve been able to track each operation with their associates through a exclusive tracking URL.
  • They used Smart Lists that helped them to segment out leads based on their comfort, some of which were the tours in which their customers were interested, and then based on the data, they sent them the information related to those tours through the HubSpot’s Email Marketing tool.

Results Achieved By Tenon Tours:

They used some good inbound marketing techniques and achieved some good results. The following are the results achieved:

  • Achieved 129% increase in sales revenue.
  • Increased their lead volume by 5 times or by 504%.
  • Used analytic tools to decrease their marketing expenditure.


By using some good inbound techniques they have achieve good amount of leads and also increased their revenues. They were also able to overcome their challenges successfully.

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