The Secret of SEO Success in 2019: Webinar Recording

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Webinars

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SEO is a dynamic field that is everchanging. With a lot of changes taking place at the same time, it can be really frustrating if you are still working the outdated strategies. Moreover, the road to SEO success will only be convenient if you are thorough with the latest SEO trends and strategies keeping in mind which SEO strategies are going to work in 2019.

Over the last years, Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important and crucial strategies of Digital Marketing. A lot of SEO experts say that SEO is more complex than ever in 2019. Well, SEO is not just about being found on various search engines and attracting a huge audience. It is also about providing a great user experience.

To give you valuable insights on the secret of SEO success in 2019, we had with us Navneet Kaushal, CEO, Page Traffic, who with his expertise in the SEO domain has helped many businesses in increasing website traffic & user base along with boosting web sales & customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

Here are some of the key points that were shared during the session:

  • Key SEO changes in 2018

(i) Google “brackets” core update
(ii) Zero result SERP
(iii) Mobile First Index
(iv) Snippet Length Drop
(v) Video Carousels
(vi) Mobile Speed Update
(vii) Medic Core Update

  • Artificial Intelligence will measure Click Through Rate, whether you rephrase your search query.
  • Accelerate mobile page – AMP and improve server performance
  • Look for featured snippets that you are already ranking for in top 5 results
  • Classify your pages – Transactional (Good for commencing), Information (blog post) & Navigational (brands)
  • Remove sliders, system fonts, PHP 7+
  • Focus on the EAT Update – Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness

While these were some of the highlights of the session, here is a detailed version of the secret of SEO success in 2019.

Hopefully, this webinar was valuable and added to your knowledge. Moreover, if you are looking forward to Digital Marketing for Business & Career Growth, join our free Digital Marketing Orientation session.

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