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Understand Lyris Content Checker, For Better Email Delivery Rates

Understand Lyris Content Checker, For Better Email Delivery Rates


Email is one of your best channels for staying in touch with and engaging customers. If your customers aren’t opening your emails, then you’re missing tons of sales and relationship-building opportunities.

Email marketing is a concept which is used to create a communication between buyer and seller. Sending an email regarding your product features and price to the client help you to boost your business. A beautiful and well-designed email, which show your product features, can definitely put an impact on your clients and can improve your sales and business.

Why do you think email content is important?

Have you ever created an amazing email campaign, but you didn’t get the results you wanted? This is more common than you think. Most of the time, even genuine emails are blocked by ISPs or spam filters, so they don’t reach the intended inboxes. It’s important to overcome this problem, because no matter how impressive your campaign may be, it’s useless if you can’t reach your customers.

Your reputation as a sender is crucial. Email deliverability is more and more about your reputation as a sender and less about the actual content of your emails. This does not mean that content is not important, but it does mean that marketers need to give plenty of attention to how their email campaigns are being delivered.

Why doesn’t it reach the customers? Well, there may be many reasons.

The biggest risk to your deliverability is having your email misidentified as spam. I will share with you what I know and think about “content spam”. If it’s a spam that means it really doesn’t serve any purpose other than to annoy visitors enough to click on advertising or sign up forms. Some people might call this “lead generation”, “advertising copy”, or “relevant context. We think of it first in connection with advertising, but spammers also use it to spread malware. Any type of electronic messaging can be a channel, including instant messaging, mobile phones, social networks, and so on, but it’s the most disruptive in an email.

But here we will focus on a tool which will check the type of content we usually send through emails.

What is Lyris Content Checker?

It is a tool which is very simple to use tool that helps in testing your email contents using common spam filter tools. If you think you’re having delivery issues due to the content of your emails, then Lyris Content Checker is the service that you should be using to test email delivery.

Lyris Content Checker is free software that checks your HTML and content, and then you’re given a score based on where your email is expected to land. If you get 0 then your email is perfect, but anything above 3 signifies that you need to change your content or your code.

Lyris Content Checker uses SpamAssassin, a very popular spam filter for anything and everything that is associated with spam.

How to use Lyris content Checker?


When you open the link, just provide your email id and copy and insert content for the body of email which you want to circulate into the white box.

The thing I like most about Lyris Content Checker is that they give you thorough results. You’ll first get to see a brief analysis of your email delivery test on their website, and they’ll send you an email with a detailed guide on how to deal with delivery issues.

How does Lyris content Checker works?

Lyris Content Checker uses SpamAssassin, a very popular spam filter for anything and everything that is associated with spam.

What is SpamAssassin?


Mail servers use some spam rules to identify the majority of spam email messages.

SpamAssassin is the most popular antispam filter used by ISPs around the world, and analyzes and tests your e-mail message in order to calculate the email spam score based on its content.

 Most SpamAssassin tests target obvious spammer tricks, such as misspelling potentially offensive words and forging domains or dates. SpamAssassin penalizes messages more heavily for factors you might not control, such as using open relays or blacklisted IP addresses, or using malformed HTML or MIME (define) coding. If you flunk one of those tests, notify your HTML designer or email service provider (ESP), pronto.

Understanding SpamAssassin Spam score:

The higher the spam score rate is, the higher is the chance that once the mail has been sent, it will be filtered out as spam, (and marked with the [spam] or ****spam**** tags, or sometimes just not shown to inbox). A score higher than 5 points typically indicates that a message strongly resembles spam, and would possibly be blocked or filtered by major email providers or ISPs. Depending on what these filters find or don’t find in the message, points are added to or taken away from a scoring system.. The lesser the score the better.

It looks for certain patterns in the message and assign “spam points” to it based on certain criteria: words, phrases, or even colours.

Now we understand why correcting any major spam issues before we actually send out your mailing newsletter is very important to enhance the chance to get to your customers inbox.

Mailing Check can be used by legitimate senders only, in order to track down any problem with their legitimate (opt-in) bulk email messages’ delivery and comply with SpamAssassin guidelines for senders.

Customer Experient shares:

According to a case-study report a travel Company Experient, who leads the meetings and events industry, says that they have improved Email Marketing Engagement and Increased its Sales Revenue by using Lyris. Sending email campaigns is a vital component of Experient’s business focus, in three key areas: for boosting sales of trade show lead retrieval equipment, securing bookings of trade show affiliated hotels, and promoting trade show registrations.

To meet these challenges, Experient chose Lyris HQ as its email marketing solution to replace its previous systems. The company benefitted right from the start from both the robust capabilities of Lyris HQ for creating, delivering, and tracking the performance of email campaigns.

Once you improve your email content, you should see a lot of improvement in your email deliverability. But don’t settle after improving your system once. Deliverability is a continuous process; keep testing your system and keep updating it on a regular basis.

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