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How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO Ranking?

Google accelerated mobile pages

Google, on October 2015, announced AMP Pages or Accelerated Mobile Pages as the open standard for advertisers, which aid pages to get loaded on mobile phones in quickest possible manner.

The immediate need to design AMP pages was the absolute predominance of mobile phones. In last one decade, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets have changed the way we get our data.

Amp projects

Nowadays, we consume a tremendous amount of news via phone and advertisers around the globe utilize the mobile marketing to target their audiences-

The experience that visitors have on their mobiles while visiting a site is directly proportional to their buying decisions.

If a website page takes too long to load, it loses its visitors and negatively influences the conversions and the chance to earn revenue income through subscriptions, memberships or advertising.

Accelerated mobile pages

After having many discussions with advertisers and technology companies around the world, Google announced this new open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages that intends to optimize the performance of the mobile web. Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP let web pages with rich content such as video, graphics and animations load immediately and work alongside the smart ads. AMP also lets same code work across multiple devices and platforms  so that all kind of content can appear everywhere in an instant, does not matter what type of Smartphone, mobile device and tablet you’re using.

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The AMP projects depend upon AMP HTML, which is a new open framework assembled totally out of existing web methodologies, which enables sites to fabricate lightweight site pages. Accelerated mobile pages are built with three main components, and they are listed below-

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3 core components of AMP Pages


  • AMP HTML will be HTML with a few limitations for dependable execution. AMP Pages HTML is essentially HTML stretched out with custom AMP projects properties.
  • These custom components, known as AMP HTML tags, make regular examples simple to execute in a useful way.
  • AMP pages are found by search engines through the <link rel=””> HTML tag. You can have a non-AMP variant and an AMP rendition of your page or in some of the case, only AMP version too.


  • The AMP JS library guarantees the quick rendering of AMP HTML pages. The AMP JS library executes the greater part of AMP’s best execution rehearses, oversees resource loading and gives you the custom tags specified over- all to guarantee a quick rendering of your page.
  • Different performance techniques incorporated in AMP JS are sandboxing of all iframes, the pre-computation of the design of each component on page before resources are loaded and the handicapping of slow CSS selectors.

3. AMP Cache

  • The Google AMP Cache is utilized to serve cached AMP HTML pages. The Google AMP Cache is a content delivery network for conveying all substantial AMP records. It gets AMP HTML pages, reserves them, and enhances page execution consequently.
  • When utilizing the Google AMP Cache; the report, all JS records and all pictures load from a similar starting point that is utilizing HTTP 2.0 for greatest productivity. The cache likewise accompanies an implicit validation system that affirms that the page is ensured to work, and that it does not rely upon outer resources. The validation system channelizes a progression of declarations affirming the page’s markup meets the AMP HTML peculiarities.

The AMP Project is an open-source activity meaning to improve the web for all. The AMP projects empower the making of sites and promotions that are reliably quick, excellent and high performing crosswise over gadgets, devices and distribution channels.

What AMP Projects Offer-

1. Better Performance & Engagement

Website pages and advertisements distributed in the AMP open-source format load instantly, giving clients a smooth and captivating performance and engagement on mobile devices.

2. Adaptability and Results

Advertisers can choose how to introduce their content and what innovation vendors to utilize, all while keeping up and enhancing key performance indicators of advertising campaigns.

3. An Inclusive Approach

AMP is constructed because of a profound joint effort of many designers, distributers, advertisers, distribution platforms, sites, and tech organizations. More than 1.5B AMP pages have been distributed to date and 100+ CMS, leading analytics and Ad tech bolster the AMP projects.

6 AMP Features Advertisers Should Know-

1. Fast-loading web pages that users prefer:

  • Speed is the backbone of your mobile browser page. Having awesome content is critical, but at the same time, unless your pages are open, clients will not read them. According to a review of Tractus-

“A 1-second delay in mobile browser load time can bring down the conversions rate by 3.50%; decrease online visits by 9.40% and increment bounce rate/skip-rate by up to 8.30%”.

Accelerated mobile pages' role

  • That is the reason you should make the mobile pages of your site greatly quick. AMP causes you to accomplish that. Keep in mind that the way individuals consume your content has changed significantly. The rate at which content is being distributed is stupendous. On the off chance that your mobile pages are not as quick as they should be, you will not convert your mobile audiences into clients.
  • Google is continually enhancing its frameworks, and with AMP pages, it has brought the mobile browser friendliness, required to ensure fast-loading web pages that visitors love to have on their mobile phones.

2. Optimized mobile browser visibility: 

  • Google has begun showing AMP results in its organic listings and now, one can easily distinguish these outcomes by the Green AMP signals. Clearly, the more effective in grabbing the attention of visitors that further ensure more clicks.

Amp green signal for accelerated mobile pages

  • Green AMP signals prompt an enhanced click through rate for content marketers on the grounds that these AMP enabled search results emerge out from other search results. This instigates mobile search engines’ users look specifically for AMP plugin pages, since these pages stack up speedier than the regular mobile pages.

3. Increased mobile search engine rankings: 

  • There is a solid connection between website speed and website conversion. On the off chance, that clients are satisfied with your site’s loading speed, will probably subscribe you or buy an item.

Accelerated mobile pages increase search ranking

  • Page loading speed and mobile friendliness are outstanding components, yet AMP only works intimately with mobile pages, and that is the reason it might never be utilized as an autonomous ranking factor. AMP just takes a shot at mobile pages and it has nothing to do with the desktop form of pages.
  • However, sites that are mobile friendly are compensated with higher rankings in organic mobile search rankings. Web pages created with AMP will in all probability rank higher than non-AMP pages, in the MRPs (mobile result pages).

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4. Highly Adaptable Ad Support:

Taking a look at the desktop and mobile browser renditions of a site’s pages, it is quite simple to reason that there are an excessive number of diversions. These diversions, for example, the header image, sidebar navigational menu, social media buttons, popups, forms and other components can bring down your conversion rate. Nevertheless, with AMP projects, you can dispose of diversions on your mobile pages.

 That is on the grounds that-

  • Not all HTML code tags are executed, you utilize a streamlined adaptation of CSS, and generally, JavaScript is not preferred at all.
  • Accelerated mobile pages are also 6-times lighter in code that implies that you can profit more effortlessly from your advertisements.
  • As an example, if you examine AMP forms of The Guardian, you’ll right away realize that it’s intended to show advertisements in a more adaptable and easy to use path than the ordinary mobile browser page-

Amp pages

  • When you tap on an AMP, it’ll load instantly, even before you’re finished clicking

While showing advertisements from an outsider on your AMPs, you should ensure that you convey advertisements that load rapidly, additionally get the client’s consideration and convey gigantic value. As you definitely know, this content marketing methodology is the most effortless approach to build your impact; enable clients to find solutions to their inquiries and enhance ROI on advertisement spend. In case, you are prepared to monetize your AMP-upgraded pages, some of the advertisement networks that utilize the AMP-ads functionality are-

  • Amazon A9
  • AdReactor
  • Google DoubleClick
  • Flite
  • Adform
  • Google AdSense
  • AOL AdTech
  • Taboola
  • Plista
  • Smart AdServer
  • Yieldmo
  • DotAndAds

5. Straightforward and effective User Tracking:

Analytics of accelerated mobile pages

  • It is insufficient to only ensure traffic movement to your mobile browser pages; you additionally need to know how your visitors touched the base at your site. Tracking aids you figure out where individuals originated from, which pages they saw, how frequently they visited your mobile pages et cetera.
  • Tracking clients and site execution is quite simple on AMP, in light of the fact that there are analytics tools that can help you measure effectiveness of your accelerated mobile pages project.
  • To influence user behavior, it is must to track it. With accelerated mobile pages, advertisers can use tag manager analytics to browse two tags that let them track fundamental information, for example, clicks/conversions, link tracking, video tracking, new & returning visitors, visitors count, etc.

6. Easy optimization of pages for AMP-

When you look to optimize your accelerated mobile pages of AMP projects, there are several options available for you. In case you are a beginner, something you could do is to keep up no less than two versions of your content page. Your main content page would be the mobile browser friendly version, while another one would be the AMP version of that particular page, which will speed up the processes.

The major focus of Accelerated Mobile Pages is on readability and speed. To optimize with AMP-

  • WordPress users only need to download and install the WordPress plugin at GitHub by clicking on the “Download Zip” button.

Install amp pages

  • You can easily install the AMP plugin via your WordPress dashboard in the same way as you would install any other plugin.
  • Once you have effectively installed and optimized the plugin, all that you need to do is annex “/amp/” to your blog post pages. Here’s what it would seem in a mobile browser-
  • On the off chance that you don’t have a friendly permalink, you can affix this “? amp=1.” Bear in mind to validate and Tweak at Google Search Console. That way, you can enable Google to get your AMP versions speedier.
  • Web Pages that are AMP-optimized rank better and faster compared to other pages. AMP optimized pages most certainly convert more mobile page visitors into customers and aid in increasing ROI of your mobile marketing campaigns.


AMP is genuinely effective. As a move up to mobile friendly pages, accelerated mobile pages cause you live up to Google’s desires that you upgrade your site for speed.  In case your mobile browser pages are not loading instantly then that may discourage visitors from enjoying your content.

Speed is one of the most integral parts of designing web pages for smart phones. According to the Data from KISSmetrics-, “About 40% of people will abandon a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” By using AMP plugin, you can cut down the load time between 15% and 85%, in initial tests. Later on, Accelerated Mobile Pages will influence a considerable measure of social media mobile interactions as well.

Much the same as Facebook Instant (a new Facebook Platform that empowers Facebook to serve its clients with wanted content quicker) AMP will take your client’s mobile browsing experience to the more accommodating level.

While the emphasis is on AMP at this moment, keep in mind to utilize effective mobile marketing strategies. You can generate mobile customers to your site and optimize your business effectively.

Before you leave, let me ask you a question: – Have you incorporated AMP pages in your mobile browser for speed and readability? If not, then go for it right now.

Have any doubts about Accelerated Mobile Pages? –Ask me in comments.

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