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WHYTO know about the importance of Permission Marketing?

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Have you heard about or familiar with permission marketing? If you are a digital marketer, you should be aware about this phrase and its importance in your business.

As said by Seth Godin, “Permission Marketing is the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. It recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing. It realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.”

If we talk about the kind of marketing that people experienced a few years back, it was defined as an increasing set of noisy advertisements of various products. However, the advent of internet simply changed this thinking of people. Now, from Google Adwords to Social Media Marketing, the customer is actually looking at a lot of options.

What is Permission Marketing? Is it just another term for emails?

Email is certainly the best way to reach your audience. However, the sad part here is that most of the marketers are still using this tool in an inappropriate manner. The basic ideology of permission is that you will create content of intrinsic value and simply earn the attention of the prospect, which is almost ignored. Spammers and phishers still sneak through and kill the trust of genuine marketers. It has also been found that there are companies that still buy email lists and then use it to send unwanted messages to prospects.

Overall, everyone’s mailbox is cluttered with unwanted emails, which are categorized even well as crap emails. Therefore, as permission marketing evolves, the question is not just about ‘how to create compelling content, which will also be liked by people’ but ‘how do I fight with these towering walls of crap emails and get my message heard?’

It is important to understand that emails still work best and there are tools that can even make it work better.

Boost your content by improving its context

Remember that permission also depends upon the context. People do look at the design of your website, quality of the material that is published for free, your reputation with your audience, colleagues, and how do people talk about your business on various social networks.

Understand that you need quality content, which is basically the fuel that permission marketing runs on. However, at the same time you also need to place that content into a context, which lifts it up above the ordinary.

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