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15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Up Your Revenues

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Social Media Marketing is the new way businesses old or new, small or big function these days. Leveraging social media optimally is the rule for today’s businesses. Thus, businesses which can come up with most innovative and creative means of attracting attention of people win the competition. So, the mandate is being original and connecting with audience through building genuine and trustworthy relationships. A point to remember is social media marketing is a different game from advertisements and therefore has different rules for it. One must not use social media platforms in the same manner as one uses banners and bill boards. It is more customized, personal and all its conversations are tailor made. It is not like one size fits all policy.

Facebook Offers

Facebook offers which appear on user’s news feeds are far more effective than sponsored stories as when Facebook audience make claims on such offers, they have a tendency to share such offers on other social media platforms and thus enhancing brand’s reach and virality. The engagement thus generated with audience is much more valuable as compared to likes and comments on photo posts.

Engaging with E-mail Subscribers Through Social Media

While every brand is on a lookout for new customers through social media, leveraging social media to build and maintain profitable and long lasting relationships with existing customers is a fantastic use of social media. Invite e-mail subscribers to various social media platforms, inform them about different contests and promotions going on various social media platforms and constantly stay on the top of their mind.

Combining All Marketing Channels

Social media is all about winning war at mind share and awareness levels and not  just increasing sales figures and profit. For this when a brand is using SEO, organic social media, search advertising, Google remarketing and the like, the brand must ensure that all these methodologies complement each other and reinforce the same idea to prevent chaos and confusion within audience.

Creating LinkedIn Company Page

The main purpose of LinkedIn company page is to attract followers, promote carrier opportunities and educate potential customers about the product or the service offered. Employees are the paramount followers at these company pages and also best advocates about the company. Word of mouth, referrals, recommendations flow through followers. Customers can be made aware of company updates and thus the relationships with customers can be further strengthened.

Ask Your Audience Anything

Social media platforms offers a unique opportunity to interact and engage with audience. Thus, when a brand asks its audience questions, which might range from a deep desire to best service of the brand, essentially gives its audience to speak and share their thoughts.

Like your Customers on Facebook

While brands keep on asking its audience to like them on Facebook, it would be impressive if brands themselves liked their customers. The purpose of these likes is only to create and develop trustworthy relationships between individuals and brands that serve them.

Listen First & Never Stop Listening

Social media marketing is different from other conventional marketing techniques where brands are not expected to simply pour their content, it is more personal and is about conversations brands are able to attract and build upon. For this listening is the first step and listening to audience has to be eternal. The moment brands stop listening, the entire purpose of social media fails.

Move on from Social Likes to Social Trust

The first step for any brand should be to build around itself a layer of trust by its potential customers before asking for anything in exchange. This can be done by creating and sharing valuable content without any requirements. Once trust is created, the customers will be able to communicate with brand very effectively and fruitfully.

Secure your Brand & Your Product Name

For any brand it is critical to secure their brand names across all social media platforms like Twitter, Flikr, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. whether it is making minimal social presence for is out in it with all its resources. Any modifications even if minor, across various platforms is bound to create confusions among customers.

Creating a Systematic Approach

A consistent and efficient marketing approach will build influence upon audience and raise trust among customers. With this it would be better if the brand fixes time for publishing unique content, engagements and conversations,  for promotions and time to reflect on what is working and what is not. Map out a strategy based on feedback and views of customers and success will be assured.

Create Your Voice

With emergence of various social media platforms, the significance of blogging is growing all the more. Blogging gives an apt voice to the brand and enables a conversation on many social platforms. The strategy is to create content which is shareable and thus, automatically becomes viral and reaches a large  audience. Blogging indirectly gives a direction to conversations at the social platform and thus, is a powerful tool in the hands of marketers.

Share Content that Resonates with your Audience

Content should be able to incite passions among audience. Content posted on various platforms should be resonate with audience. Each post that marketer posts on social platforms should strike a chord and make consistent sense to the audience.

Dispensation of your Blog Content to the most Popular Groups on LinkedIn

All blogs and content can be easily shared with LinkedIn users by posting the content on various groups.

Integrate Best Social Media Practices

Social media marketing cannot exist independently. Each activity of business- its customer relationship management operations, its human resources, marketing-offline and online has to be integrated. Any function falters and all efforts to make social marketing a success will surely go waste.

Focus on Getting Attention First

The content created by marketers is useful only to the extent it is able to overpower its reader. Thus, the task is to get the attention of the reader. Only when the reader finds it interesting shall arise any possibility of it getting shared.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with these social media marketing tips, you will remarkably make your way towards building an exceptional social media presence and brand awareness.

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