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3 Social Media Marketing Tips To Excel With Your Contests Online

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You must be using content for your online and offline business marketing. If yes, then you must have definitely heard about contests being used as an important part of content marketing strategy. Here are 3 good tips to use the contests optimally for your online business promotion.

1) Build A Momentum In Different Phases Of A Contest

It is generally seen that there is a lot of enthusiasm in the starting of a contest where the business and the target audience seem to be on the same page. But as time passes, the connection between the two starts getting ruptured and the vigour of the game is lost. This is the worst scenario as it is when the resources of the company are wasted with achievement of no concrete results.
Hence, you should make it a clear point that whenever you plan to conduct a contest, ‘balance in the momentum’ should be the keyphrase guiding your plan. There should be a balance between the different but interlinked phases of a contest so as to maintain the interest of the audience till the end. This ensures more accuracy in the end results.

2) Encourage Every Entrant To Participate

Most of the contests usually crown the final winners but it is not a wise thing to do if you want to get the attention of a wider audience. You can fix few prizes for all the entrants who make up to certain level and make them feel important. This type of contest attracts more audience easily as compared to the contests where the prizes are meant only for the winners at the end of the game.

3) Be Smart While Doing Organic And Paid Updates

You can use the organic and paid updates differently to promote your business through the contests. For example- you can choose the organic medium to give updates about the contest stages, winners, videos while use the paid updates to attract more entries in the contest. A smart combination of the two updates can change the game.

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