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4 Email Marketing Mistakes That May Turn Fatal For Your Business

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You will agree that email marketing is one of the best ways of marketing. Here are 4 email marketing mistakes that you might be committing unknowingly and that may prove really fatal for your business growth.

1. Sending emails without prior permission

When you shoot an email without the recipients’ permission, you tend to slip through the success ladder as there are chances that the recipient does not open up your email at all. You need not waste your resources on such emails which do not have high chances of being clicked on. Instead you can choose to send your newsletters to those people who have signed up for the same or have subscribed to your emails.

2. Do not mail using the company’s name

People are more likely to remember a person behind the mail and are less interested in reading an email coming form a company. Hence, you should not send newsletters or website options emails using your company’s name in the ‘From’ column. But if you want to highlight it then you can use it within brackets and then writing your real name outside, for example – [ABZ Company] John Razurr.

3. Not sending emails frequently

To experience greater success with your email campaigns, you must decide on a regular interval period to shoot the emails to the target audience. This is important to stay fresh in the memory of your recipients. A simple trick that is followed by many businesses is that they send a newsletter every week at a particular day. This slowly helps you in gaining a space in the minds of your readers who will eagerly wait for your emails and start trusting you.

4. Only sending promotions

Emails are not just a medium to speak about your offers or promotional deals. Many businesses make this mistake in order to be ahead of their competitors and achieve their sales targets very quickly. You first need to build a trustworthy relationship with your targeted customers and then only expect them to feel encouraged to click a deal with you. Therefore, from now onwards do not use emails with only the aggressive call to action buttons as the only emails but restrict their number to a reasonable percentage.
Avoid making these 4 mistakes in your next email marketing campaign and see the results improving quite quickly.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      First point is very much important. But what about the second point? On an officially sponsored email campaign, the use of company name seems to be desirable and legitimate. Why it is not allowed?

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