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4 Tips To Make Your Email Campaign Click

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Though email marketing is a highly paying marketing methods, it is equally necessary to take care of the methods you adopt for it. So, here are some useful tips to make your email campaign click.

1) Employ Behavioral Triggers

Those actions which are taken by different online visitors revealing transition to another stage of  decision-making cycle are known as ‘Behavioral Triggers’.  If a reader has been repeatedly visiting your website but has not moved any further then that, it indicates that there is definitely something which is not allowing him to do so. It is for this reason that you should persist in following up with such leads so that your company always remain in their minds. This can be done in many ways such as thanking them for visiting your website, inviting them for a webinar, adding some of your products to their shopping list or by offering them an e-book for free download etc.  It is also of value if you send them email detailing testimonials of your existing customers or even provide them link to a different webpage or some blog that may really be valuable to them.

2) Lend a personal touch to your email

As everybody crave name and fame, it is  a sure shot strategy to attract prospective customers by addressing them by their names in the emails you send to them. There is virtually no possibility of your email remaining unread if you address the client by his name. It assures the client that you value him and care for building a close  relationship with him and that you don’t treat him as just an entry on your long subscribers’ list. It will only enhance the personalized nature of your email if you can include  the name (with a photo at the bottom) of the email sender. Since personalisation is a time-tested and foolproof marketing strategy, it will only boost sales by converting more and more leads into sales.

3) Leverage social media into email marketing campaign

Because of the enormous reach of the social media, it will be only prudent to integrate your email campaign with the social media. It will amplify your email campaign across so many social networks. It is quite easy to provide social media links within the email itself.  This will facilitate spread of your email content to various social media platforms through recipients of your emails and increase the reach of your campaign manifold as compared to your subscribers’ list.

4) Run A/B Tests

Before launching any email marketing campaign, it will be useful to know which email option will be most productive. A/B Testing is a technique which comes handy in this effort.  Here you send two different versions of your email and address it to two different classes of recipients which will enable you to determine the CTRs and open rates. This technique tests the efficacy of various subject lines, offers and promotional efforts, email content and email design so as to enable you to launch your email campaign.

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