5 Ways to Use Twitter for Celebrities

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While Ashton Kutcher may be the first Twitter user to get one million followers, many other celebrities have joined the Twitter bandwagon. As a celebrity you need to make your presence felt on Twitter immediately. Twitter is a great tool to create brand awareness, build an emotional relationship with your fans, addressing rumours and stay relevant in todays digital age.

 Why use Twitter as a Celebrity?

  • Creating brand awareness – You realize how much your success is driven by your fans and how important it is you share it with them.
  • Building emotional relationships – Connect on an individual level with your fans. Followers get a chance to see you as a human. They relate to you by getting a glimpse into your personal lives, making you closer than ever before.
  • Maintaining brand image – Chance to address rumors and defend yourself against negative criticisms directly. Fans get to hear directly from YOU.
  • Staying relevant – From tweeting about fashion trends to posting interesting selfies to being a trending topic, you can build a buzz around yourself. Twitter gives you an opportunity to get fan feedback on products and projects, so that as your fans grow so can the brands you endorse.

Objective for TwitterTwitter for Celebrities

For Example,  If you are a budding new actress you could look at achieving the following objectives on Twitter.

  • Position yourself as a strong actor and contender for key roles
  • Get people to watch your movies in the theatre
  • Watch your movie trailer, review, interview
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Improving relationships with fans
  • Connecting with influencers
  • Be respected as an actor
  • Get meaty roles

              You could also have a specific goals – Have a thriving fan followers community of 5,00,000 people.

              You need to decide on who your target audience is For Example the budding new actress could identify her primary target audience as

              • Male : 18–29 years, 30 to 49 years, urban areas
              • Female: 18 to 29 years, 30 to 49 years, urban areas

              You need to create a secondary target audience too.

              Twitter Content

               While creating and posting content just remember the following

              • Keep it short
              • Use visuals in your Tweets
              • Incorporate relevant hashtags
              • Ask questions and run polls
              • Curate and connect with Retweets and replies
              • Is there a consistent and unique message?
              • Are the discussions interesting and relevant?
              • Do you have credibility?
              • Is what you’re saying being shared and commented on?
              • Above all, would you follow your own tweets?

                  The best time to Tweet would be weekdays – 12 to 3 pm, Wednesday – 5 Pm. However as an upcoming celebrity you do not want to tweet too many times in a day. You need to maintain an air of exclusivity.

                  Twitter Calendar

                  An example of a Tweet Calendar you could adopt






                  Campaign Name

                  Character Count



                  Tweet as it happens preferrably between 12 to 3 pm

                  Movie shoot – funny scene






                  Movie interview






                  Photo with a fan






                  Movie Release






                  Went for a party







                  Award Function












                  You need to have an digital marketing agency in place to support you in your endeavor.

                  Twitter Tools

                  They will be using various tools to support you in the tweeting process. Some tools they could use are:


                  Schedule your tweets to be spread throughout the day so you don’t go through a reading spree and inundate your followers with 20 tweets within an hour.


                  To engage, track, and analyze conversations about their brand.


                  To manage my social profile


                  Collect tweets and curate them manually or automatically in a newspaper-style format which can be automatically shared daily on your Twitter account.


                  Schedule tweets, track keywords, extend your Twitter profile, and much more


                  Join like-minded people in order to expand your reach on Twitter.


                  Allows you to add RSS feeds (yours and others) to be shared automatically through tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts each time there is some update to them.

                  ManageFlitter/Crowdfire – Clean up my twitter account by unfollowing inactive accounts, unfollowing accounts that aren’t providing additional value. Follow new people you’d like to connect with.

                  Twitter Metrics

                  How do you know you are doing a good job on twitter, well you need to track the following Metrics.

                  • Direct Messages (DM)
                  • Like:
                  • Followers
                  • Mention
                  • Reply
                  • Retweet (RT)

                  Twitter Reports

                  You could ask your agency to track a few reports to help you understand how you are doing

                   The Profiles Report – The Twitter Profiles report shows how your audience is interacting with your content so you can build an engagement strategy that’s relevant to customers to drive performance.

                  The Twitter Comparison Report- This is a powerful way to gain insight on how your Twitter strategy stacks up to competitors. Get a breakdown of your influence, engagement, mentions and follower growth —and then compare that to any one of your competitors to see where your strategy can be improved

                  The Twitter Listening Report- Track current and historical keyword usage data on Twitter. It calculates aggregate Tweet counts for any keyword or phrase on Twitter across any period of time.

                  Twitter Analytics

                  Lastly go through analytics and understand the following of your fan base.

                  • Interests (hint hint.. this is the kind of content your audience likes)
                  • Gender (my audience is 59% male, 41% female)
                  • Occupation
                  • Net worth
                  • Marital Status
                  • Consumer Buying Styles
                  • Country
                  • Region (gives you timezone info for your audience)
                  • Language
                  • TV shows
                  • Wireless Carrier
                  • What kind of smartphone they have (26% of my audience views my tweets from an iPhone)
                  • And even.. how many own a home

                  This will help you understand the type of fan base you have and accordingly create custom content.

                  So let’s start tweeting!

                  Photo Credit: howtobeadad.com

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