How To Get More Followers On Instagram: Top Hacks In A Nutshell

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Are you searching for some top hacks to learn how to get more followers on Instagram?

Then we are going to share some easy and effective ways followed and preached by Instagram Influencers.

Actually, Instagram has slowly become very powerful and it is one of the most preferred arsenals of today’s marketers. It has achieved 1 billion users in June 2018- The third largest audience base of any Social Media Network after Facebook and YouTube.

Numbers of daily Instagram users are also surpassing 500 million. – Making it a very useful platform to target more audiences, ensure better engagement and generate profitable leads.

But, to generate revenues from Instagram, your account needs followers, for sure more number of followers and there is not limit.

In this post, we will be letting you accomplish that by following some awesome hacks-

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram Engagement Groups can be of a great help!

How to get more followers on instagram

Instagram engagement group source – oberlo

If you have newly joined Instagram and looking to get more followers then this is the best trick suggested by “How to get more Followers on Instagram Guide”. You must have seen the new accounts on Instagram that earn plenty of followers within a span of short time; they do so by joining Instagram Engagement groups. You must not wander here or there to search for an engagement group rather than sticking to your niche is the best thing to get Instagram followers fast free. Search for your interest and get more and more targeted followers. There are numbers of engagement groups based on various niche like fashion, automobiles, travel and so on.

The people who have joined these groups and share the similar interest can follow you as well as like your posts. You should also return the favor and follow the other people in the group and like their posts. I have seen people getting more than 2K followers within a few weeks using the similar tactic. This trick will help you to get followers quickly for a short interval of time hence will increase the credibility of your profile. This tactic can’t be followed for a longer period of time.

Reposting of Others’ Content is Again a Smart Strategy!

Want to learn how to get free followers on Instagram then this is going to be the smartest hack for you. Whenever you look forward to copying other people’s content then while writing the description you must credit the original poster of that content. Instagram has now framed a strict policy for this and you are required to seek permission before reposting any content. While I was into reposting, once I reposted a video that helped me to get around 10,000 likes with 1500 comments, around 60,000 people viewed the video, and this was really big.

Follow Consistent style that Hooks Prospect in & sets Brand Tone!

How to get more followers on instagram

Consistent style of instagram post of mvmt

People will follow you if they are sure about a genuine content in future and for this, you need to be consistent with the quality and contents that are loved by people. If you are consistent about your content then your followers will be assured of the future content hence you won’t lose followers. If you will post diverse content, it will let them doubt your future content that is for sure a big no, if you want to learn how to get followers on Instagram free & fast.

Do Active Participation in Popular Conversations in your Niche! 

You must try to include the trending hashtags in your posts as well as you should try to mix up your hashtags for a relevant topic. The Instagram hashtags, which are specific, are usually longer ones that will lead you to the exact people. There are a few hashtags that trend universally like #instagood, #photooftheday and so on, that will let you put your brand in front of more relevant audiences. You will attract traffic with these tags and that is why you should learn it to master how to get more followers on Instagram.

Asking Customers to Share their Photos increases Audience Base & Engagement!

Again, a very common trick you should master if you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram as quickly as possible. You can add customer photos in your feed, as it will increase a social proof that is really important when you have just started. If you are new to the Instagram, then you should try to target the Instagram Influencers who are having less than 5,000 followers and you can offer them the affiliation. You will have to pay a commission to them if they will score. To build a customer network you can offer freebies and cash incentives to your customers. This is not for a long-term but is an effective method to build your brand and your business will grow.

Hashtagging should be Unique & Creative!

How to get more followers on instagram

Wework hashtagging example

Next tip of ‘How to Get More Followers on Instagram Guide’ is Hashtagging. The right use of hashtags captions can help a lot to attract the traffic and get followers on Instagram for free. It also lets you get more likes but there is a catch, you need to think ahead of those obvious and common tags. Then use those tags to tell your story, be funny, interesting, out of the box, bold, and engaging with your tags. Mix the newer tags with obvious ones and make your post look creative. The gist is that your tags should not look boring. WeWork, a collaborative workspace company has proved them over this area and provide a quality Instagram content as well.

Smartly utilize your bio URL!

Do not just stick to directing your bio URL to your website’s homepage as it will lead to a boredom among the users. You must tweak it a little bit, as this is an effective measure to attract the traffic. You should change it on a weekly basis and direct it to some of your recent content as this will give the users a change and they will willingly click on your link. Using the clickable link in your bio is a top trick recommended by best ‘How to Get More Followers on Instagram Guide’.

Creative Descriptions of your Captions are Keys!

How to get more followers on instagram

National geographic description example

There is no denying of the fact that a picture can influence a number of people and can deliver any message effectively but you should never skip a description with your picture. If you want to get an inspiration, National Geographic has the best way of writing a description. Due to their quality, they have earned more than 50 million followers on Instagram.

Start implementing best Influencer Marketing Strategy!

Be in touch with your Influencer (who will influence the people you are looking to meet) and track their regular activities on their profile. You should also maintain a conversation with them regularly as this would make you their favorite person. Instagram influencers have great knowledge about your business niche or related niche and utilize that for building a huge following of people on their account. Their followers trust their suggestions. That is why using them to promote your brand is one of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram.

Incorporate your own Uniqueness in your Instagram Style!

How to get more followers on instagram

Unique instagram style of frooti

Though it is usually seen that people fit them according to conditions but when it is about Instagram you should try to show the world your own style just as the Frooti did. Frooti has a unique style to produce visual contents hence it is gaining popularity over Instagram. Incorporating your uniqueness in your Instagram Strategy is one of the most creative and powerful tips that all “How to Get More Followers on Instagram Guides” suggest.

Partnering with another Brand is giving Favorable Results!

You can also try posting your own product’s photos on your profile. Once a reputed brand reposted my product’s photo on its profile and credited me in the description and within no time I earned a number of followers. So you can collaborate with another brand that has a big following in your niche and hence you can earn followers by actually doing nothing.

Approving Photo Tags before showing them on your Profile is Smart!

How to get more followers on instagram

Approving photo tags-source-wordstream

You should not allow Instagram to show the tagged photos automatically on your profile and seek an approval first so that you can check the niche and quality well. You can set it to “Add Manually” from “Options” and “Photos” tabs.

Always Pay Attention to your Calls to Action!

You want to let the people take action on your post, as you want them to do. Staples works on this basis and let the people know what exactly they expect them to do with the post. Also, they make it in a fun way so it does not appear boring as well. In this way, it cleverly gets people to do what it wants and can easily make them share staple’s content. This strategy will not only enable you to to get likes and followers on Instagram but also empower you to influence your audiences to make a purchase or do some other favorable actions.

Target your Local Audience with Geotagged Posts!

How to get more followers on instagram

Use of search bar for geotagged posts-source- wordstream

Always be in touch with your surroundings and update your posts according to the taste of the public around you. You can do this by searching the area in the search bar and you will get the posts of people living in that specific area. The Geotagged posts are going to be very effective in getting immediate results.

Learn & Master Instagram Marketing!

Finally, if you wish to use Instagram followers for increasing conversions and revenues of your business, it is inevitable that you master Instagram Marketing. It will help you learn the right and practical strategies that are specific to your business and will for sure give the expected outcome.

To get more followers on Instagram, you should also know about Instagram Followers Hack.

Social Media Marketing Course covers all aspects of Instagram Marketing. Joining it will help you learn how to get more followers on Instagram App in the most practical and impactful manner possible.

What tip would you follow to get more followers on your Instagram account? –Discuss with us in comments.

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    All these tips are great, but I have started implementing two of these techniques recently – coordinating with relevant influencers and increasing the efforts for CTA from the audience, and I am beginning to see a positive impact since past 2 months. Now I will experiment with Geotagging. Thanks for sharing these tips.


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