8 Useful Research and Analytics Tools for Social Media Use

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Marketing in the business world today is like a war and the biggest part of it is being waged on the internet. Predictably, in any war, the discovery of any new weapons by one side may mean a decisive shift in the balance of power. The war of marketing campaigns is no different. It has intensified with time and advancement in technology, each player doing their best to be best positioned to take the victory.Research and Analytics Tools for Social Media

What’s best about this war, however, is that no one has to lose. All players can take home a share of the spoils. That said,some will get to take home a bigger share of the pie than others. If you want to be among one of those that gets  a bigger wedge, then take a look at the list below, where we’ve listed some of the best tools for conducting research so that you have information readily available to help you design your articles, so that they are the best they can possibly be for your audience.

  • TypeformTypeform

This tool is designed to simplify the online research experience. It has a unique, well-designed and – if I may be so bold to say so – stunning interface for conducting research among your audience. For example, it allows you to incorporate video and images in your questionnaires, and easily, as its setup is very user-friendly. As an added bonus, it supports both keyboard and mobile input.

The end product of the interactive form is designed so that it displays one question at a time. In this way, your audience won’t be overwhelmed by you throwing everything and the kitchen sink at them, while also playing up the current fascination with minimalism. 

  1. SurvataSurvata

Survataallows you to run your marketing surveys at $100 dollar a pop – as in per questionnaire, not per person (that would be a bit on the steep side).

Admittedly, it might still sound a little expensive, but the tool makes it more than worth it. It allows you to design and create surveys as you wish. Unlike most other tools that’s not the end of it, however. It also allows you to define your target demographic segment, which will then be used to actually find the correct people to take your survey for you.

And if you’ve got trouble finding the right people to take your survey, then I hope you’ll agree, that right there is worth its weight in gold. 

  1. Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey

Yup, Survey Monkey. If we’re talking about who’s got the biggest piece of the survey software pie, then it has to be these guys, as it is the most widely used online survey tools for marketers. It is robust, well supported, efficient and a great way to conduct surveys.

In this way, you’ll learn more about your clientele, get opinions on a product, or do any other form of marketing research you might want to do. One of the biggest advantages of Survey Monkey is how many pre-prepared questions and forms they’ve already got on hand in their question bank. This will greatly speed up how quickly you put together your questionnaire, as well as allowing you to see how best to design questions that are unbiased and don’t lead your audience (a must if you want to conduct reliable research). Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t tailor your question to better suit your questionnaire, it just means that the basic pieces are there for you to use.

Also, the data that your survey generates are well presented in both charts and graphs, which means you don’t need a degree in statistical analysis (or the accompanying software) to make heads or tails of what you’re doing.

  1. Google FormsGoogle Forms

Of course, Google has their own survey platform, which they’ve based on Google Docs. As an added bonus, it’s free. That said, it is a bit technical, so it might not be the best for the faint of heart. You have been warned!

On the other hand, the survey can easily be incorporated into your blog or other websites, which means that if you can leap the technical hurdle it’s most certainly a very useful tool to use. Did I mention it’s free? 

  1. Client HeartbeatClient Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is what they call a longitudinal tool, which basically means that it measures certain attributes over an extended period of time. In this case, it’s specifically designed to measure customer satisfaction, so that you can figure out how that shifts and changes as time wears on.

For instance, it is possible to benchmark how you are performing against your direct competition using the consumer responses. The tool has the option of scheduling surveys every so often and is designed so that the feedback process is fully automated. To ensure that you ask questions that are relevant to your audience, questions are crowdsourced.

  1. EducationBestessay Education

Any marketer and anyone who works with information really will tell you that quality is its single most important aspect. So if you are not getting the required effect from using questions that you have designed yourself, it might be time to move over for the professionals. Bestessay.Education offers professional writers that will study your market, company, and needs and uses that to design forms and other data collection instruments for maximum effectiveness.

In this way, you’re much more likely to get an unbiased result that accurately reflects what is actually going on, rather than what you want it to tell you. This is actually a much bigger risk than you might be aware of, if you’re not familiar with the process, as it is ridiculously easy to load questions, lead participants and bias results by asking questions in certain ways and any of these practices will make your survey results largely meaningless. And then, if you act upon that knowledge, might mean your company ends up heading in the wrong direction. 

  1. IconosquareIconosquare

The key to succeeding in online marketing is keeping up with trends. And if you have truly been keeping up with them, then you realize that this is the age of the ‘Gram’. Iconosquare is dedicated to ensuring that you couture and make sense of the information that you can gather from Instagram to place you strategically at a business angle.  It shows you the number of views your posts generate, as well as the number of likes, the reach and the comments that they provoke. It has a dashboard dedicated to analytics, which you can use to have all this data summarized and emailed to you.

  1. QuintlyQuintly

As you probably already know, Facebook is an absolute goldmine in terms of marketing, as it is the single most visited websites in the world. Obviously, this means that it is the go-to marketing platform for almost every marketing group with any sense out there.

Quintly is a tool specifically designed to optimize your marketing strategy on Facebook by analyzing their statistics and investigating the major metrics that indicate engagement, as in likes, shares, and comments. It also gives statistics on how well your fan base is growing. You can choose multiple pages to compare the head-to-head performances.

Don’t wait

In this time of big data anybody that relies on their gut instead of on the data out there, is basically willingly tying a blindfold across their eyes, even as they challenge the rest of the world to a race. It just isn’t going to cut it.

Why did I say blindfold instead of using the most normal shooting yourself in the foot? Because when you shoot yourself in the foot, you might end up limping (and bleeding) but at least you know in which direction you’re supposed to be heading. If you don’t follow that data that’s out there, however, then you can’t predict which way the market and your audience is moving and that means that you don’t know in which direction to take your marketing, your product or your company.

You will be, in other words, running blind. And that probably means that you’re going to end up running off in the wrong direction and end up in some unseen ditch somewhere. That is if you don’t end up find something to run into head first, first.

And that while data analysis is becoming easier and easier, with most software packages doing most of the heavy lifting for you. So stop shooting from the hip, realize the value of the data that’s streaming through your website every day and get aboard the big data train.

Good luck and happy researching.

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