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Digital Marketing Goals – Don’t Begin Without Them

It’s easy to over-simplify marketing goals. Everyone immediately says “Sales.” And, yes, sales are the ultimate goal of most any business. Profit is good. It keeps the company in business, it ensures that employees get paid, and it allows growth. And sales is any easy goal to measure. Marketers must dig much deeper, however, as […]

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8 Useful Research and Analytics Tools for Social Media Use

Marketing in the business world today is like a war and the biggest part of it is being waged on the internet. Predictably, in any war, the discovery of any new weapons by one side may mean a decisive shift in the balance of power. The war of marketing campaigns is no different. It has […]

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Top 6 Roles of Proofreading in Content Marketing

Content marketing is one job that requires you to be a writer, a salesperson, and possibly a hypnotist. I mean, you are supposed to pin content that is so good that it attracts customers who not only read it but also do exactly what you would like them to do. Only one little problem here, […]

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7 Ways to Rapidly Get Your Content Noticed Without Spending A Cent

As kids growing up parents taught kids to be modest and not seek too much attention. What they should have added is that that same attention they taught kids to shun would be the determiner of success, at least in the world of content and advertising. They should have added that at some point, away […]

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