ABBYY Used Inbound Marketing Tricks To Achieve 26% Growth In Website Visitors In An Year

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ABBYY is an innovative and award winning software company, based in USA. It was founded by David Yang in 1989. Over the years, it has specialized in development of semantics language models and earned the status of a popular brand due to its core skills in artificial intelligence technologies. It provides software solutions and services to different industries, such as BPO, education, legal, health care, banking and finance, etc. It has 14 branch offices across the globe and they are catering to over 30 million satisfied customers, including individuals and business organizations.   

Business Objectives of ABBYY

The main business objective of the company was to increase revenue and ROI by selling software and services for enhancing the capacity of individual consumers and business enterprises to reduce their valuable time and resources for the following.

(i)      Installation and execution of Effective Data Management System.

(ii)   Acceleration of the data transaction process across departments and divisions.

(iii)    Increasing the ability to reduce the response time and to capture OCR, ICR, OMR and OBR.

(iv)  Reduction of manual account entry practices and fastening the processing of different accounting documents.

Approach/Strategy Adopted By ABBYY

The company found it difficult to increase website traffic and their effective conversion through email marketing. To overcome the bottlenecks, the company started using different software and consultants’ services but there was no desirable improvement. It has only negative realizations in terms of time and money spent. The entire marketing team was looking for a breakthrough. They were searching for better tools and automation options for generation, management and conversion of leads. First, they compared the alternatives available with several big service providers. They found Hubspot as the most cost-effective option for their required services. Later, the company revisited and modified its inbound strategy with the help of Hubspot’s tools. The following tools and tricks were adopted by ABBYY USA to leverage inbound marketing.

(i)              On its website, ABBYY standardized the forms and attached those with Hubspot Landing Pages to increase its efficiency for collection of information about website visitors and to automatically sync them into the database.

(ii)             ABBYY used Hubspot’s Lead Management Tools to nurture their B2B and B2C leads.

(iii)           They used Hubsopt’s Email Tools to manage data and email marketing.

(iv)            It used the A/B Testing method to draw better insight with comparative data.

(v)              A decisive integration of its e-commerce system with and Hubspot.


Results Achieved By ABBYY

The following were the prominent and measurable achievements by ABBYY.

(i)                  An added advantage of about 10 extra features after its decision to use Hubsopt’s tools and services.

(ii)                A standardized and effectively automated system of inbound marketing.

(iii)               On an average, every month, there was an increase of 26% website visitors (both B2B and B2C)  

(iv)              An average 65-75% clicks on email marketing campaigns.

(v)                A straightway increase in leads by 20 % after one year.

(vi)              An yearly increase of trail revenue by 25%     


In addition to an outstanding business performance, ABBYY has learned the following lessons from its decisions and tricks.

(i)              ABBYY realized that it was better to go for an integrated inbound plan than heavily relying on sporadic approaches, which were costing it too much.

(ii)            In the due course of its decision making process, the marketing team understood that a set of selective tools was essential to develop a standardized and automated inbound marketing system.

(iii)           The company understood that an effective data management system and a fast response were essential for better lead management and lead nurturing.

(iv)          The marketing team of ABBYY learnt about how to optimize the impact of inbound marketing by leveraging related tools, tricks and services.

(v)             Continuous innovation is the key to succeed in software industry. ABBYY realized it and so has been consistently investing more than 25% of its revenue in R&D.


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