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How Dell Increased Revenues In 3 Months Using Inbound Marketing

About Dell Dell is a multinational privately owned American company which is mainly into computer technology and is  based in Round Rock,Texas,United States.Dell sells,repairs,develops and supports computers and it’s related products and services.Michael Dell is the founder of the company and the company is named after him.Dell is one of the largest technological corporations in […]

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Amazon’s Path To Profitability Through Search Engine Marketing

ABOUT AMAZON which is also referred as Amazon is an American cloud computing and electronic commerce company with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. In the United States it is one of the largest internet based retailer.Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. In July 5,1994 the company was incorporated by Jeff Bezos as […]

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Mistakes Maggi Made Managing Online Reputation Post MSG Controversy

About Maggi When we think about noodles the first product that comes in our mind is Maggi. Famous as a 2-minute, noodles Maggi is an international brand of various products like soups, noodles, seasonings, etc. It first originated in Switzerland and in 1947 was acquired by Nestle. The company  started way back  in 1885 when Julius Maggi […]

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Top 6 Off-Page Optimization Activities To Boost Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization basically works on two types of techniques, one is the on-page optimization and other is the off-page optimization. These two techniques are used to rank websites in the search engines. Once on-page optimization is complete the off-page optimization is done. Off-Page Optimization is a very important part of search engine optimization as […]

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Louis Vuitton Enhanced Brand Presence Via Social Media Channels

About Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Malletier who is also referred as Louis Vuitton is a French Fashion House who founded the Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton in 1854. On most of its products the monogram LV appears. The products range from leather goods like shoes, wallets, jewellery and many accessories.Louis Vuitton comes under the top most […]

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Patanjali Becomes Household FMCG Product After Successful On-Page Optimization

About Patanjali Patanjali Ayurved Limited is a company located in the industrial area of Haridwar, Acharya Balkrishna started the company Patanjali Ayurved Limited in 2006 along with Baba Ramdev.Patanjali Ayurved has a huge product range of cosmetics,food,medicines, books, CDs, DVDs and Audio cassettes at best price. According to  HSBC and CLSA Patanjali is the fastest growing consumer company in India.The […]

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