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Avoid These Mistakes For Better Social Media Marketing Plan

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Social Media Marketing is considered to be an effective tool for marketer’s of the modern age.Organizations spend millions and billions of their marketing budget on Social Media Marketing to build brands.If an organization thinks they can still ignore the social platforms to promote their brand then they are oblivious to the impact Social Media can have on their business.Whether it is a Startup or a Multinational,everyone wants to get as close to their customers as possible.Usually organizations start with a bang when they start with Social Media Marketing,but with time they lose sight of their marketing campaigns.It is worth pondering on the loopholes that may be their in your Social Media Strategy.

Having No Strategy

3415807712_3726813046_clueless_excuse_answer_4_xlarge_answer_2_xlargeWell what start’s good will eventually end good.This is where most of the organizations lack their vision.People think Social Media Marketing is as easy as creating a Facebook page but they end up being clueless after sometime because they can’t keep up with it.Social Media Marketing is a high maintenance job.Worst thing one can do is to keep using the Social Media platforms without even having a strategy of what to get out of them.Some of the common strategical mistakes can be –

  • Having Social Media presence on all platforms regardless of your business needs.
  • Everyone in the organization trying to keep up with Social Media Marketing.
  • Setting unrealistic goals for your Social Media campaigns.
  • Considering Social Media as the only revenue generating tool.

Try rectifying these strategical mistakes so that you don’t stumble midway of your Social Media Campaigns.

Getting Paid Likes and Followers

Is-It-Worth-It-To-Buy-Facebook-Likes1Organization’s struggling with their social media campaign usually fall in the trap of buying likes and followers on various social media platforms.They think that ‘Quantity’ is better than ‘Quality’.But a big no to such practices.One should not mix the concept of paid advertising with buying likes and followers.There are fraudulent organizations which are there to provide dummy likes and followers on various social networks.The dummy followership might look good at first sight but when you don’t get response,as expected, you will be in a fix.What one should always remember is that quality content will get you the real likes and followers.So invest your precious time and money to keep the audience engaged rather than buying dummy likes which are of no real use.

Spending All Your Time on Social Media

iStock_000019666790XSmallPeople spend too much time on posting and monitoring their Social Media feeds.This advice is especially for the entrepreneurs.Social Media Marketing is not the only job to done for marketing team of an organization.There are lot of things to be done for a marketer like email,print brochures,finishing sales presentation,testing online ads,training sales staff,making your website more responsive etc.Not more than 30-40 minutes should be invested daily on Social Media.Spending too much time on Social Media will not only disturb your life but will also leave no room for product development.

 Forcing Your Content to Audience

Why-social-networks-push-content-in-your-streamWell some Brands have a very irritating habit of pushing their content on the audience.They don’t realize the impact until they start analyzing the metrics.People follow a brand on different Social Media platforms to get unique content.But some brands try to oversell things by posting and updating on their Social Media accounts several times a day.It feels like someone is forcing you to buy a product or service which you don’t even need at that time.Sometimes organizations just keep on posting unrelated links just to grab eyeballs.These kind of practices on Social Media will not leave a positive impact on your customers.

You Are Not Posting at The Right Time


Posting quality content is just one part of effective Social Media Marketing.Another part is posting the content at the right time.Usually what organizations do is keep posting the content at the same time of the day throughout the week.They don’t mix it up to find at which time they are gaining more traction.For e.g. a company like Bookmyshow, should tweet or update their posts on different Social Media platforms on Thursday’s as people look forward to watch the movies released on Friday,over the weekend.Right timing and Right content is the key to gain traction to your business.

Falling in the Plagiarism Trap

url12Well plagiarism doesn’t have much effect on Facebook as it has its algorithm on sharing basis.So on Facebook it might not affect but on Google,copying can affect your SEO results. Since Google is a search engine it will always give preference to unique content.So it is a good idea to invest in people who can provide original content for your organization so that your content is always on top in Google Search.Another advantage of having original content is that the audience these days have access to everything on internet.So if your content is a direct copy from some other source it will decrease your authenticity Brand Value in the market.Moreover Social Media Marketing is all about originality and creativity.

Image Credits– Earlybase,3communications,Marketingland,Socialdraft

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