A Case Study of Dr. Reddy’s: Can Digital Marketing work for a Pharmaceutical Company?

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Corporate Case Studies

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Creativity and innovation are the backbones of effective Marketing. And all groundbreaking ideas come as a result of learning through experience. That was way Dr. Reddy’s contacted us to orient their Digital Marketing Strategies to accomplish their Digital Transformation Objectives. It was not a cake walk, but with 17+ years of in-field experience to our backing, we empowered them with a pathway that was sure to succeed. Below is a brief case study of the problem.

Emerging Markets Half-Yearly Meet – Beijing, China – 23rd October 2016

Overall Training Objective:

To equip Dr. Reddy’s team comprising of Directors, Vice Presidents, Country Heads and senior Marketing and Brand managers from across 16 countries with the knowledge and expertise required to spearhead the digital enablement, transformation and growth of the company.

Audience Profile:

The audience of about 100 participants included senior team members of the company from 16 emerging market nations:

  • Directors & Senior Directors
  • Associate Directors
  • Vice Presidents
  • Country Heads
  • Senior marketing, sales and brand managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers

Audience Expectations:

A pre-training survey of all the participants was conducted to understand their objectives of attending the workshop and their expectations from it.

These objectives and expectations included:

  • Understanding Digital Marketing from a Pharma Perspective
  • Improving their Digital Marketing knowledge
  • Reaching the right audience through Digital Marketing
  • KPIs to measure the results of Digital Campaigns
  • Calculating ROI from Digital Marketing initiatives
  • Building digitally-enabled beyond-the-pill solutions focused on delivering better patient outcomes
  • Strategies for building deeper engagement with physicians, pharmacists and patients using digital platforms
  • Drawing data-driven insights from analytics that can increase their pipeline and commercial value
  • Using digital for the promotion of prescription and OTC drugs
  • Understanding future trends in Digital Marketing
  • Developing multi-channel marketing campaigns

All the above inputs were taken care of while preparing the training deck for the workshop. The training deck was also translated to Russian prior to the workshop.

Challenges faced by the participants in the digital domain:

Pharma is a highly regulated industry with the regulations for advertising and marketing being very stringent and varying widely from country to country. In this scenario, the participant wanted to look at pharma-specific case studies to understand how they could use Digital Marketing in the most effective way possible, while complying with rules and regulations.

Also, most of the marketing that had been done so far had been through traditional marketing channels and the audience wanted to get a deeper understanding of Digital Marketing channels to begin leveraging it for business growth.

Your Overall experience in the training:

The ability to interact with a senior audience, with many years of marketing experience under their belt, was very enlightening. The audience also asked several very relevant and thought-provoking questions which made the workshop very lively, interactive and discussion-oriented. It was also a great experience to conduct a Digital Marketing workshop for a multi-national audience and be translated live to Russian for the benefit of the team from Russia.

Feedback/Outcome of the training:

All the audience’s objectives were met with the training and their expectations were exceeded.

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