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Santosh Reddy Santosh Reddy is pursuing BBA 6th Semester via Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education. He has more than 1 year of experience in customer care field. He has done six months Internship as Jr. HR with a leading consultancy before. Now, he is working as Customer Care Executive for Nerolac Paints at IIRPL.

 What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Santosh: I’m a huge fan of marketing, as the internet and electronic devices become increasingly important in our lives, the need for digital marketing increased. Customer demand for online services is increased like anything. In this digital era learning Digital Marketing is crucial and very important.

Which module did you choose in Digital Vidya’s Internship Programme?

Santosh: Social Media Marketing (SMM). This module is the tool of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. So SMM is key to any online marketing.

Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s Internship Programme?


I specifically chose Digital Vidya, because this is best institute in Asia. I have been following Digital Vidya since 2012, DV has well experienced staff and most respected in all the terms in shaping one’s career. So in my words, Digital Marketing means Digital Vidya.

Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the Internship Programme you participated at Digital Vidya.

Santosh: I first and foremost important takeaway from this Internship Programme is knowledge and skills which I improved a lot, good knowledge about Digital Marketing. Real time examples and case studies of the subject were really impressive and commendable. Assignment and timely feedback was another superb takeaway, no wasting time here. Complete feedback helps to improve in future assignment. Last but not least live interaction.

Based on your learnings, what are the opportunities for Digital Marketing as a career?

Santosh: As the world is getting more and more digitized in every respect, Digital Marketing is a booming career option today. With striking features like cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, Digital Marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. Especially, the start-ups prefer going digital to market their brand, products and services.

Please share your experience in learning through the Research-based Internship Programme.

Santosh: Learning with Digital Vidya is a first success and it is knowledgeable too. With the assignments and content given here, I was able to learn more about social media marketing. How can I forget Case Studies of top companies and brands. It was a pleasure to learn here, kind of great opportunity you provided me. I would be ever thankful to entire team of Digital Vidya.

What did you like most about Digital Vidya’s Research-based Internship Programme?

Santosh: Allotting assignments according to our module was interesting area was something I liked the most about this internship and case studies of top brands which you selected was highly appreciable.

Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya so that the value of its Internship Programme can be enhanced further?

Santosh: Nothing. Digital Vidya Team you’re perfect in all the terms. You’re the best in class for content and digital marketing. All I can wish you is immense success.

This internship with Digital Vidya has been a truly incredible experience, and I thank you for this excellent opportunity. The internship has allowed me to learn, expand my skills, and revise my future career goals.

No doubt the experience you have provided will serve as a Key factor in grooming of my personality and will have a tremendous impact on my Career Success.

Thank you again for this excellent opportunity.

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