Top 21 Content Marketing Blogs You Must Follow Today

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Content Marketing

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There are a lot of content marketing blogs but how do you know which blog to follow?

Digital Marketing is a diverse field and the changes are flooding in every day. To keep yourself updated with these changes, it is important to follow some good-quality blogs.

55% of B2B marketers said it is unclear within their organizations what an effective content marketing program looks like- Content Marketing Institute

Most of the marketers don’t know about the trends, consumer pain points, etc, therefore, reading will help you do that. The best source for education is the blog.

Best Content Marketing Blogs

content marketing blogs

content marketing

The information available to marketers today is beyond digestion. That said, it can become difficult to find relevant and useful content, therefore, we have come up with a list of top content marketing blogs to help improve your business strategy.

1. The Content Marketing Institute

One of the best content marketing blogs is ‘The Content Marketing Institute’ which has content research and insights. Joe Pulizzi, one of the founders of content marketing, runs CMI.

It offers how-to guides and industry overviews to make your content efforts effective. You will find updated blog sharing the latest and informative perspective, online training, and consulting to certification.

This is a must-follow resource for anyone in the industry.

2. B2B Marketing Insider

You will find blogs on content strategy that maximizes return. For example, ‘The 5 Must Do’s for a Profitable B2B Social Media Strategy’ and ‘99 Amazing Content Marketing Hub Examples’.

CEO and founder of Marketing Insider, Michael Brenner talks about Social and content marketing strategy at this blog. There are blogs on relevant perspectives on the goings-on in the industry and what and who you should be watching if you wish to succeed.

3. Digital Vidya Blog

Digital Vidya is the leading digital marketing company. It offers content marketing tools, insights, and latest news. It is a hardcore digital marketing firm offering insights on different aspects.

4. The Content Strategist

Contently’s ‘The Content Strategist’ blog is a blog targeted specifically to the content strategists of the world. They offer expert guidance and insights for those who rely on content strategy. You will find latest content marketing news, and tips, video, social, and related topics.

Some of the best posts from Contently are ‘3 Ways Facebook Instant Articles Will be Big for Brands’, ‘Why Ambitious Content is the Only Content that Matters’, and ‘5 Ways Design Thinking can Help you Create a Killer Content Strategy’.

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5. Convince & Convert

Convince and Convert is a leading authority on digital and content marketing led by Jay Baer, president of the company. It is one of the world’s best content marketing blogs that touches on a number of industry topics, particularly ‘the haters’.

Some of the good reads from this blog are ‘The State of Hate and Why You Should Embrace Complains’, ‘How to Increase Your Content’s Shareability’, and ‘105 Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar’.

6. Copyblogger

Coppyblogger’s work separates content marketers from copywriters. They deliver the products that solve real-world needs for customers. Some of the good reads to start with are ‘What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting?’, and ‘The Right Way to Think About Google’.

7. PR 20/20

It provides content insights with a public relations lean. The content written by PR 20/20 addresses integrated solutions to problems that run the marketing spectrum.

You can start with ‘The Road to Marketing ROI: A Beginner’s Guide to the Metrics that Matter’ and ‘How to Build Your Own Powerful Marketing Performance Tools’.

8. Scripted

On Scripted, you will find content that addresses 10 specific industries. The main aim of this business is to improve writing throughout content marketing.

Some of the good reads are ‘The Dark Side of Content Marketing’, ‘Why The Content You Create In 2016 Shouldn’t Be Limited by Business Size or Budget’.

9. Kapost

Kapost is all about content strategy and planning. If you have an analytical mind, then this is the blog for you. You will find the blog full of research and case studies.

Some of the good reads from the blog are ‘The Kapost C-Suite: 2016 Is the Year of the Customer Journey’ and ‘Quantifying the Cost of Inefficient Content Processes’.

10. HiP

One of the top content marketing blogs, HiP is focused in lead and demand generation from content. The company’s LinkedIn group is also amazing the founders are heavily involved.

Some of the good reads are ‘5 Tips for Better Outbound Lead Generation Results’, ‘Bringing the Humanity Back to B2B Marketing’, etc.

11. Relevance

A well-balanced content strategy demands data to drive it. Relevance has an extensive library of guides, white papers, and e-books dive deeper into this industry.

Some of the good reads ‘The Complete Guide for Lifecycle Content Marketing’, and ‘Social Media and Productivity: Yes, They Can Co-Exist’.

12. Marketing.AI

Marketing.AI is an alternative to getting rid of spreadsheets. This blog’s software-driven approach addresses complex situations in content-ready organizations.

Some of the great reads from this blog are ‘How to Turn Sales Calls into Marketing Content’ and ‘Customer Story: Finding the Perfect Content Marketing Solution for a Complex Organization’.

13. B2B Marketing

Over than 200,000 marketers around the world opt for B2B Marketing for industry resources and insights. Some of the good reads from this blog are ‘How to Start a Blog Aimed at Other Businesses’ and ‘The Rise of Content Science’.

14. The Marketing Scope

The Marketing Scope takes a closer look at the marketing industry and provides amazing blogs on digital marketing specifically Content Marketing.

Some of the good reads are ‘The Key to Successful Content Distribution’ and ‘How to Make Webinars Easy: Webinars for Dummies’.

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15. Quick Sprout

Content Marketing is a major part of the job. Quick Sprout understands and writes about content writing and its promotion. The main aim of this blog is to educate marketers why to promote content and how to build an effective content marketing strategy.

Some of the good reads are ‘What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media’, and ‘The 8 Most Important Skills for Content Promotion’.

16. Copyblogger

On this content marketing blog, you will find solutions for smarter content marketing, effective strategies, and secrets to building the brand name.

You will find articles that will teach you how to craft relevant and valuable content that will attract the attention of the audience, drives traffic, and builds your business.

Some of the good reads from Copyblogger are ‘Creating Visual Content: The Favorite Tools and Tips for Non-Artists’, ‘The “Short Copy” Trap When Offering Free Opt-in Content’, and ‘Deadly Conversion Busters: How to Fix a Horrible Headline’.

17. The Copybot

This is one of the top content marketing blogs that offers essential web writing advice to help readers write copy that rises above insignificance.

Some of the good reads to start with are ‘How Web Writers Can Improve their Copy with White Space’, ‘What the End of the World Can Teach Us about Being Specific’, and ‘A Simple Way to Get People to Believe Your Big Claim’.

18. {Grow}

Mark W. Schaefer, author of five best-selling books including ‘The Content Code’ blogs at {grow}. He blogs and shares his expertise on content marketing, growth hacking, audience engagement, social media and almost every aspect of digital marketing.

Some of the good reads are ‘The art and science of developing an enterprise content strategy’, ‘33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies’, and ‘Do People Trump Content in Marketing?’.

19. ideaLaunch

Bryon White, CEO shares his thoughts on business, particularly content marketing. Bryon has founded several startups that remain active including Lost Ball, Life Tips, WriterAccess, and Content Marketing Conference. You will find plenty of valuable insights on using content to achieve results.

Some of the best posts from ideaLaunch are ‘Content Marketing is a Team Sport’, ‘Content Integrity and Publishing Frequency’, and ‘Turning Dirt into Content Marketing Gold’.

20. Seth Godin

Entrepreneur and bestselling author Seth Godin blogs and shares his insights on marketing, creativity, business, and the way ideas are spread. Posts are short and sweet, always thought-provoking, and sometimes even philosophical. Some of the good reads to start with are ‘Organizing for Growth’, ‘A Three-Step Marketing Ladder’.

21. The Knowledge Bank

The blog of Influence and Co. touches on all aspects of content marketing from content creation and thought leadership to content distribution and lead generation.

You can start with ‘7 Steps to Using a Knowledge Bank to Streamline Content Creation’ and other good reads like ‘5 Unexpected Content Marketing Trends from CMI’s 2016 Report’.


These top content marketing blogs will help you strategize your content marketing strategy and generate leads.

Did we miss out any blog?

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