Crystal Springs Resort Community Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Increase Website Traffic

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Use of inbound marketing have brought amazing outcomes for many companies. Companies like Lenskart, Security Innovations Europe have leveraged different strategies of inbound marketing and achieved a great feat. One more such case is of Crystal Springs Resort who have leveraged inbound marketing strategies and received a valuable outcome.

Crystal-SpringsAbout Crystal Springs Resort


Crystal Springs resort is a no.1 residential resort of New Jerssey, USA. The scenic view of the resort is classic with Mountains of the Sussex Skylands. Crystal resort will give you the place where you want to spend your best time. The collection of luxury homes and vacation homes that they provide is pleasant for stay. It is counted as the best four-season residential resort of New Jerssey, USA.


Crystal spring resorts is actually a collection of 2 hotels, 2 spas, and they to family friendly spa where you can have fun in a family vacation. In case you are a Golf player Crystal Spring Resort will prove to be the best destination for your vacation as it is also a home to 7 championship New Jerssey Golf courses with an instructor. 4-star Restaurants, with delicious menu. The crystal springs resort with 12 outstanding restaurants, cafes and bistros is a complete place for spending a vacation. They also have a 4,000+ acre getaway serving as a playground for all ages. 50,000+ sq. ft of space specially designed for the purpose of celebrating wedding ceremonies, catered events, and holding meetings.

The amazing resort offers so much fun that will love to be their forever. Crystal Springs resort also provides retirement homes, year-round living and weekend gateways. All though the Crystal Spring Resort community is specialist in selling resort-style homes, still they needed an extra help for increasing their sells. For this they took help from TMR since august 2011.


In this fast growing world of internet, atlast everyone needs the help of digital marketing strategies to increases their number of sales. Here the main goal of Crystal Spring Resort is to increase the traffic in their website and increase the number of converts from visitors to leads in a tough economy. For achieving this goal they took the help of TMR for designing a digital marketing strategy. That was a very good decision as which can clearly been seen from the outcomes.

Strategies used

In order to achieve the goal of Crystal Spring Resorts which is about increasing the website traffic and covert visitors into leads in a tough economy, TMR used 4 main strategies.

  1. Blogging

They designed a strategy of frequently blogging. The made a mechanism for generating an average of 4 remodeling/homebuilder blogs per month. This helped in increasing the visibility of their website which directly lead to growing authority over the internet platforms. People became aware of the services and products of Crystal Springs Resort, which derived them to come and visit their website.

  1. Social Media

They started using social media in an effective way. All the contents were shared through blog and social media channels. Which helped to increase their reach. This is one main factor which helped Crystal Springs Resort, to increase traffic in their website.

  1. Landing pages

Landing page have always proved to be of great use. In this case, Crystal Spring Resort used landing pages and calls to actions in order to increase the converts from visitors to leads. By this strategy, they could actually keep a track of all the visitors and keep interacting them for making them leads

  1. Use of Web Analytics

They started using different tools for monitoring their performance.  Crystal Springs Resort made use of website analytics and adjusting strategies accordingly for improving their strategies of growth.


The outcomes of the use of TMR’s digital marketing strategy was inspiring. Crystal Springs Resort earned a big time money by leveraging all those strategies above. At the end of the year, they could see a steep rise in their net profit. Crystal Springs Resort successfully generated $893800 just from their website.

They were able to sell 2 condominiums and a new home after they started improving and implementing the strategic changes. Marketing Spend just $23,000, which lead to an ROI of 3,786%. Though it seems unrealistic but this is what happened. Their primary goal of increasing their website traffic was a big time success as the total traffic increased to 287% visits and, organic traffic increased to 319% visits in first 7 months number of visits were 90,249. The highest performing blog had 424 views. They convert 2,407 number of qualified leads. The resort real estate book converted 1318 leads.


When you type Crystal Springs Resort in the search engine, you will be able to find it on the top of the search results, which was the result of 42 target keywords. 28 of those keywords were in top 3 search results. By ranking for keywords Crystal Springs Resort saves $2,711 every year in paid advertising.


This case have clearly shown you the outcome of leveraging digital media strategy. The surprising number of increase in visits and ROI must be enough for you to implement similar kind of model in your own business.

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  1. digitalvision

    Nice post Bhaskar Saikia . Most clients arrive at a Digital Agency or SEO provider simply wanting to get more from Google and all of them miss the point, which is that it’s not just about Google.
    My opening question is now “Imagine the internet didn’t exist; now tell me how you would market your business”? You won’t be surprised to hear that the number of people who can articulate a coherent strategy in this scenario is even worse than your survey above….

  2. Bhaskar Saikia

    Thank you for such a nice comment! Hope my upcoming contents, can keep up to your expectations, as well!


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