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logoAbout DailyObjects

DailyObjects is the designer of smartphone cases for the popular mobile phone brands available in the market and it was found by Mr. Pankaj Garg and partner Mr.Saurav Adlakha on June 2012 and it is located in New Delhi. This is India’s largest seller of smartphone cases. The business sells customizable cases and designer cases with art that DailyObjects have licensed from artists that they have searched and authorized for designing. The smartphone cases are manufactured using advanced engineerings to furnish the buyer with products that are as long-lasting and also they are amusing.

DailyObjects stands behind its products with an industry-leading warranty policy and a level of customer service previously unseen in India. This is India’s largest seller of smartphone cases with more than 5000 designs from more than 50 countries. The business also sells handcrafted designer MacBook Sleeves and also its designs and manufactures Designer smartphone cases, Slim cases, Tough cases, Clear Cases, Customisable Smartphone cases, Designer Handcrafted MacBook Sleeves, Designer Personal Notebooks, and Leather Goods. DailyObjects is India’s largest seller of smartphone cases, with more than 7000 options for over 105 phone models and sets itself apart by working with avant-garde designers from around the world.

DailyObjects Facebook Advertising

DailyObjects Business Objectives

DailyObjects which was launched in the year 2012 wanted to customize cell phone cases to the mobile phones. As the premier Indian site offering designer and customizable cell phone cases, it strives to raise the bar for product design & originality in the country. DailyObjects are a group of serial entrepreneurs who love great design. DailyObjects also worked in the customer care, technology, finance and marketing domains. DailyObjects wanted to start a design focused company that puts innovative and original design from around the world into the hands of Indian consumers.

Today, everyone brings a comprehensive cell phone and give room for personal expression. So, whether you want to tell the world that you love something or someone in your daily life like your mum, dad, sister, friend, a celebrity and also your dogs and much more for that a custom case is a great way to do it and for your phone you can have a dozen cases and interchange them almost every day.

Since 2012, DailyObjects done selling India’s widest range of cell phone cases, with more than 2000 designings, available for above 105 phone models and a number of customizable cases that is limited only by customers imagination. Thus, DailyObjects was born to serve the need of the customers and their cell phone.

Strategy Adopted By DailyObjects

DailyObjects is a small startup that is growing incredibly fast and the business has a young enterprising workforce that is driving the growth of the business so it hires the best talent on the market. DailyObjects also think that good design can be learnt with great taste and can be developed. DailyObjects is ready to do everything that they can do to amaze and thrill their customers. DailyObjects hire talent with great people and with great skill and event the firm helps them hone these skills, to wow their customers.

DailyObjects uses advanced technologies to create products that are as durable as they are delightful and it stands after their products with buyer assistance and maintenance previously unseen in India to provided their customers with a truly unique, wow-inspiring experience. DailyObjects were looking for cell phone accessories and instantly realized that cases available in India were all terrifying, dull, badly made they peel, faded or fell apart within a week.

The cell phone cases designed and produced by DailyObjects makes them attracted to the design and material used to manufacture cell phone cases. All DailyObjects cases are gorgeous and they use the latest MT3 technology, which ensures that they never peel or fade. Customers can test DailyObjects cell phone cases and gives a 30-days money back guarantee to the customers.

DailyObjects offers free shipping on all orders and Rs. 49 is charged on total orders below Rs. 500. Cash on delivery charges of Rs. 29 as convenience charge is applied on all cash on delivery orders. Order dispatch usually takes just one day. Shipping usually takes one week but may take longer, depending upon customers place. Customers normally get their cases within 2 or 3 working days, once they are shipped.

DailyObjects offers a 30-days replacement time and not questioned on their return of the ordered item, replacement guarantee on all designer cases are provided. If customers have ordered the wrong case, or you don’t like the colour of the cell phone case or they are not happy with the product they have ordered customers can just call customer care and they will have customers order picked up and shipped back. After this process, the customer will receive a replacement case within a few days.

On all custom cases, it offers a free replacement if the product arrives damaged or has any sort of manufacturing flaws and for ‘Clearance’ productions, DailyObjects offers a settlement or exchange only if the product arrives in a damaged condition or if it is defective. To claim a refund or exchange for a clearance product, customers can get in touch with customer support as soon as the customers have received their delivery.

Results Achieved By DailyObjects

DailyObjects as a small startup wanted to reach their potential customers and grow their business rapidly. The business leveraged facebook Advertising Platform to reach millions of smartphone users and to market smartphone cases to their customers. Before the new product launch, the firm wanted to learn little more about its fan base. The company used Audience Insights to bring out the gender, family relationship status, age and interests of its most worthful customers and used these insights to tailor its photo ads.

consolidating that knowledge with Facebook tools, The business used global interest and nucleus aiming to find new customers and send them to the online store. At the same time, the organisation retargeted carousel ads to those who had visited its website but hadn’t made a shopping. The business contributed maximum budget retargeting ads to first-time visitors to the website as past customer performance suggested that they were further likely to make a purchase within a week.

The carousel ads explain customers the products they had viewed at on the site, as well as other products that might interest them, encouraging people to purchase more than one piece. DailyObjects also designed colourful ad productive from images that people were posting to Instagram of their purchases with the hashtag #dailyobjects. This method demonstrates the result in real-world settings instead of a staged environment. The campaign ran in News Feed on both Facebook and Instagram.

After a successful 3-months campaign, DailyObjects remain to focus on bringing the new consumer to its online storefront. April–June 2016 campaign achieved: 3X increase in selling, 2X revenue on ad spend, 5X raise in website clicks at 25% lower cost per click, 35% of revenue came from Facebook alone and 15% improvement to return on investment. After a great profit DailyObjects Marketing Strategy Manager Mr Shahnawaz Mansoori said: “Combining our own information with Facebook’s retargeting tools and Custom Audiences, we built a fully customised sales funnel, taking people from brand awareness to sales transformation, which helped us overcome our acquisition costs significantly”.


DailyObjects was a small firm which was just started but it reached millions of customers after advertising in facebook advertising platform. The business used all options available in facebook to popularise themselves and to reach their customers with simple advertising techniques available in facebook. As per the study, DailyObjects used facebook’s Audience Insights to determine the gender, relationship status, age and concern of its most valuable customers and used these insights to tailor its photo ads.

Image Credits: DailyObjects

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