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What are Email Campaign Templates?

Email campaign templates  can be defined as a specific set of emails sent to a particular set of people to advertise certain some products or to invite the customers to join their initiative. The email is sent in bulk and has the habit of the reappearance in the email folder. It is rather very fetching in appearance and has the quality of attracting the customers. Email marketing campaign has the feature of making the customer to easily access or apply to the company’s product.

Email marketing campaign has the feature of making the customer to easily access or apply to the company’s product. One can also create email campaign using these free email marketing templates and convert them into the best marketing campaign template for their business. There are a lot of websites that offer free email marketing campaign templates and they have a host of sample email marketing templates which guides the user in creating the best email marketing template.

What is Email Campaigner?

One may wonder doesn’t the word email campaigner mean a person well surprise it is a very much an automated marketing tool created by smart and creative marketing software specialists. Email campaigner simplifies the work of the marketing department by creating successful email campaign templates, sending it to automated customer list generation thereby giving freedom from choosing each and every customer. One of the best parts of the email campaigner is that it has a segmentation tool and it oversees the positive or negative reactions to the campaign. Email campaigner also has an auto responder function which creates email marketing campaign as and when required and it reaches the email marketing campaign to the customer at the appropriate time. Email campaigner also offers sample email marketing templates which help the user to gain insight on how these email templates or the email campaigns work.

Email Drip Campaign:

 Email drip campaign is a nurturing plan which coaxes the old customer to revert back to the brand or entices prospective customers in associating themselves with the brand. Email drip campaign is done through email marketing campaign where timely emails are sent to the leads repetitively which compel the customer to make a purchase or contribution or whatever may be the email drip campaign be about. It is essentially an email campaign management that helps the end user to create email marketing  campaign template or it  provides the necessary  steps  on how to create an create an email campaign template

Email Campaign Templates:

Email campaign templates is a prefilled template which has all information and is very attractive in looks. There are many email campaign templates available in the market which can be customized according to the needs of the advertiser. There are certain steps in the creation of email marketing template like

  • Identify your customer list.
  • Give a name to your campaign
  • Create or use an available template which is perfect for your needs
  • Add any links or track links if you have to
  • Forward the email to the customers
  • Gauge the reaction of the emails to help build a better template in future.

10 Email Campaign Templates worth considering:

 Green Village:


email campaign templates

Green village

Green Village is a marketing software creation company which provides templates in general content which can be used for any context or initiative launch like the one above, this template can be used for inviting nature enthusiasts for trail work or for advertising the products related to the adventurous sport. The template is eye catching yet very simple and elegant in appearance. They also provide free email templates for a free marketing campaign. One can devise and send the free email marketing campaign through these free templates.

Country Holidays:

email campaign templates

Country holidays

This is beautiful email marketing template designed by the country holidays design team. It is a simple yet aesthetically designed in a way which makes the customer notice the layout and finding themselves to know more about it. As it is about travel, it also comes with in built GPS location finder and other what not needed for a stress-free and serene travel. Those who own a travel website these type of email marketing templates provide a very good email marketing campaign.


email campaign templates


 This template is specifically designed for the sale of antique and modern furniture online. The template itself is very inviting as it showcases an elegant bedroom theme which has everything needed to it yet appears that movement is not restricted. Sometimes this kind of email marketing templates turns out to be the best marketing template for our needs. It is also a free email marketing template.


email campaign templates


This is another one of the free marketing templates available in the market specifically aimed at e-commerce websites. The free email marketing template is designed in a way that it allows the advertiser to showcase all his products in a clutter free manner as well as enabling them to send free email marketing campaign for their products.


email campaign templates


This is a free email marketing template used by e-commerce sites to announce trending sales discounts offered by them. As it very simple box design the sender can easily describe the discounts offered by them and save the hassle for the customers to navigate through each and every page by mentioning the top discounts.


email campaign templates


MailChimp offers free email campaign templates which enable the user to send free marketing email templates of  12000 and up to 2000 subscribers. For those owning a restaurant or currently starting a food business, this email marketing template is a blessing in disguise as they customize the marketing template with their signature dishes and offer enticing discounts on them.

Responsive Email Template:

email campaign templates

Responsive email template

Well, there are a lot free email campaign template available in the market, then what makes this template so special, this email marketing template has bee built in a fluid hybrid method which allows this template to work in conditions where there is some or no support platform for the  CSS module. It is a free marketing template and at the same time the one that delivers results.


email campaign templates


Nowadays it is has become a necessity to maintain an online portfolio to get our talent or work noticed. Flex offers an easy, yet a comprehensive email marketing template which allows us to portray and expresses our talent or work in a capturing way. It is a free marketing template which has all the needs to make a good portfolio.

White One Pager:

email campaign templates

White one pager

This free email campaign template is a one-stop shop for your business description as all the links are provided on the same page for easy navigation. this email marketing template can be used by anyone who wants a clutter-free website.

Litmus Responsive Template:

email campaign templates

Litmus responsive template

Litmus offers 7 free pre-designed templates suited according to the needs of the client. They also come with Photoshop document or PSD source files. It is free to email campaign template that can be used for a variety of business and can be adapted to customize and portray the client’s offer to the audience at large without any hassle.

Email on Acid Responsive Template:

email campaign templates

Email on acid responsive template

Email on acid have designed this free email campaign template in 3 sizes which adapt itself based on the screen it is viewed. There is the broad size for tablets and PCs and medium size for bigger smartphones and the smaller version for the lesser screen size smartphones. It helps the advertiser to reach all customer anytime and anywhere without the specific need of the screen size which makes it easier to know the products advertised.

Zurb Responsive Email Template:

email campaign templates

Zurb responsive email template

Zurb offers two types of responsive email campaign template. One is a simple yet tasteful email marketing template which basically covers the subject of the product or initiative advertised and the another is a jazzy one which we can spruce it up with help of colourful images or the by adding an all-time famous person.

Marketing Ship:

email campaign templates

Marketing ship

 These templates are designed and offered by Marketing ship. They offer hundreds of templates which can be sent to 3000 contacts each. It is email marketing template heaven for those looking to expand their presence online or expand their customer base. These email marketing templates can also be used by construction companies who specialize in building community residences.

Metric Newsletter Template:

email campaign templates

Metric newsletter template

Metric offers a clutter-free newsletter template which lets us highlight the important part of the newsletter. As most tend to brush the newsletter emails away, this email marketing template makes the receiver to notice the email and even respond to the newsletter and stay up to date on the product or initiative done in the market which leads the product to be the first choice for the customer in case of purchasing.

How to Manage Email Campaign Templates?

There are a lot of free email campaign templates available online in the market. One has to choose a template which is suited to their needs and present their products in a clear and concise way as people don’t spend time on lengthy emails which list out each and every one of your products, so it always better to choose a template which catchy and at the same time details your business. Always create an email campaign that reflects your business in attractive at the same time gives a detailed view of your product.

How to Manage your Email Campaign?

Never rush for the results of your email campaign. Like every new effort, this campaign will also take some time to spread around and for people to notice the email marketing campaign, for there is a lot of competition at any given time in business. The email marketing campaign so devised has to be catchy and at the same time should be elegant so as to draw the customers into knowing more about the product. If the email marketing campaign fails to draw the required number of customers then it becomes easier to analyze the weak points of the campaign and devise a better campaign idea for the next one. Email campaign management is very important if your business has considerable presence in the online world as trends evolve one has to focus on giving their best marketing template which pulls the customers towards them. The person using this method of email campaign should have at least the basic understanding of what is email marketing campaign? because the answer to this question helps the user to create and send best marketing template.

Sending Free Email Campaign Templates:

It is easier to send free email marketing templates as there are a lot of platforms offering free email marketing templates. We just need to fill up the pre-designed templates with the information of the products and send to our automated list which can 2000 or 3000 email contacts. It is all done with the click of a button. The same method can also be used to send free email campaigns from time to time.

As e-commerce progresses so has the ways of advertising, we now can send the information, offers, and discounts can be given to customers in an appealing way. There are hundreds of free email marketing templates available in the market with an option to send free email marketing template to thousands of people, which in turn leads to increase in sales, customer base, brand loyalty, good marketing standing and an increase in profits which is ultimately the end goal of a business.


Email Marketing is a powerful way to connect with people and very personal way of reaching your target customers. Thus, to get an in-depth understanding of Email Marketing, join our Email Marketing Course.

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