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Email Marketing: Tactical To Practical Implementation

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Email which made communication simple, not just stopped there. It actually shown us the easiest way of communication and file sharing. Email is the biggest revolution in the field of communication. With email you can send mail anywhere to the World if the receiver has a email id. This article is not about who invented email and what can you do with email because it is beyond the scope of this article. You will learn how to do a perfect email marketing campaign and get the juice out of the fruit. At the end of this article you can successfully do a email campaign, too keep it simple after learning the techniques in the article everyone can stop learning and start earning.  The article includes tools, techniques, pre and post email marketing checks and more.

Is email marketing dead?:-

This is the question that everybody asks. The questions was formed after the layout change that Gmail did. The introduction of promotion tab in Gmail is a big curse of email marketers, but there are some email that sits in your inbox tab right? Email marketing will never die until email is alive, the way of sending might change and that is the need of the hour to grab the eye balls of the potential customers. Once the mail sits in inbox and content is good then the sales will start for sure. What else in the other case if Gmail didn’t work? The answer would be, is Gmail the only email service provider on Earth? Think the other way and target those who use other email service providers and the advantage is they don’t have perfect spam filters like Gmail. So the option of potential customer seeing the mail is higher.

Building email list:-

The biggest task in email marketing is building an email list. If you have a blog or your company website has a blog then it is easy to build n email list. A simple subscribe box either at the end of the article or in the left/right sidebar will work. In case if you don’t have a blog and struggling to get an email list, Google will help. There are many ways to get email id example, create a white paper or Ebook which is related to the industry you are dealing with and allow people to signup and download the white paper. Give a trail version of your product to customers and get their email, conduct a giveaway and get potential customers email id. There are many ways to get email id but the customer should not know that you will send hem mail and don’t spam.

Pre-check for email marketing:-

Before sending mail there are certain things to verify and what are they? The concern for every email marketer is the mail should not sit in spam or promotion tab. The simple pre-check would be the checking,

1)Pre header and header


3)Domain, IP, MX and SPF records

There are many tools for checking the above Google it and use a tool or web app which is comfortable for working. The important factor to check after this is the address of the sender. There is a huge difference between Indian and US law regarding Information Technology. In US law it is a must to tell the sender address, so once you are obey law of the land the chances are high for the email to land in inbox folder. When using any web application for email marketing, always give the correct address as the application will cross verify the address with Google Maps. If the address is wrong, the app will block your IP so the no other account can be created with that IP, even if the app fails to detect the address the email client or the public domain server will check it and the mail will be sent to spam folder automatically.

TIP:If you have large data and don’t know how to extract, Google “Surf7” and use the tool.

Sending A Promotional Email:-

While doing a email promotion don’t always send email to large number of people at once, increase the email list gradually so that you IP will be cold and not warm. Cold IP means a IP from where there is no sudden increase in the email list, i.e the number of email that is sent. Warm IP means that there will be constant fluctuation in email list, warm IP will be blacklisted in a due course. Make a note of volume of mails that you send everyday. Never do spoofing and masking, sit in front of the system as you are going to do good promotion, even if it is a bad promotion.

The difference between spam and unsubscribe are not know to many. When a user clicks report spam option, the chances of blacklist is high. The server will send a message to IP that “someone have reported your mail as spam, so hereafter all your mail will be sent to spam folder”. But in the case of Unsubscribe the receiver is opting out of your email list, means you have many ways to  get him into a mailing list.

In the last design and content of the email matters a lot. Make sure the template is responsive, because 69% of email are checked in smartphones. Provide accurate and correct details of the product don’t mislead a potential customer. There should be no broken links in the mail, keep an eye on the shortened link. A shortened link from blocked IP or domain will ruin your email campaign.

Before sending a mail check the content with your client or any trustful person to give a feedback to the content, that will help in sending a perfect lead converting email. What next? Stop learning and start earning.

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