Ultimate Guide to Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

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Flipkart Affiliate Marketing refers to the process of earning a commission through the promotion and selling of different products available on Flipkart.

As a leading E-commerce company, Flipkart in India needs no introduction.

Online shopping and Flipkart are almost synonymous with each other in India. The popular E-commerce portal offers almost everything required by a modern Indian.

From fashion to electronics and beauty to baby care products, everything can be found on this online portal.

However, this article is not about what can be bought or sold on Flipkart, but how to make money through Flipkart’s affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate programs of e-commerce portals are some of the best ways to earn money online.

All you need is decent traffic on your website along with a bank account. With these primary requirements fulfilled, you can join any website that provides for affiliate marketing.

Similar to eBay and Amazon, Flipkart also runs its affiliate program. It is one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there through which people are earning around Rs.25,000 to Rs. 80,000 per month.

You can earn up-to 15% of an affiliate commission if you decide to become a Flipkart affiliate partner.

If you are interested in earning a good sum of money from home, read the following sections to get started with the Flipkart affiliate marketing program in India.

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About the Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart affiliate works in the same manner as other affiliate programs.

Here, your role as an affiliate partner is to help Flipkart drive sales. In return, you will be rewarded by Flipkart in the form of commissions. This gives you a good opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing.

As you would know, Flipkart has a wide range of products. The products are broadly classified into distinct categories.

When you help Flipkart sell the products, you earn a particular % of Flipkart’s profit. This Flipkart affiliate marketing commission varies based upon the category of product you manage to sell.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing commission ranges from 1%-15% of the product’s price. To know more about the commission percentage for each product category, you can go here.

Affiliate programs of e-commerce portals are some of the best ways to earn money online. All you need is decent traffic on your website along with a bank account.

With these primary requirements fulfilled, you can join any website that provides for affiliate marketing.

Flipkart is one of the best online selling platforms in the nation. Products are ranging from electronics, home décor, fashion, gaming, and baby care to automobiles, sports, and books. Be it for shopping, selling or affiliate marketing- Flipkart stands up to all our expectations.

Several affiliate marketers have made much money promoting the Flipkart affiliate program on their portals. Flipkart itself is a beautiful place to promote your brand and increase your sales.

Why Consider Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India?

Flipkart Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which is its most significant advantage.

Affiliates are paid a commission only once the follow-up action has taken place. Thus affiliates are highly motivated and driven to make sure that conversions take place. Therefore there is no room for efforts that might not drive traffic. There is constant value being added to your company.

It is a low-risk investment that helps expand your marketing efforts. You can go beyond the small bandwidth of a traditional business.

Making Money by Becoming a Flipkart Affiliate

Making Money by Becoming a Flipkart Affiliate

Given below are some reasons why you should consider Flipkart Affiliate Marketing-

1. Internal Technology

The site has been one of the early starters of affiliate marketing. They have developed their technology internally. This means Flipkart has a much better understanding and control of the publisher’s requirements.

Reporting widgets and feeds are appropriately integrated within the affiliate panel, which makes using this affiliate marketing program very easy.

2. Wide Range of Products

Flipkart has one of the best affiliate programs in India. The reason behind this is the massive traffic that the site gets. There are several products for sale on Flipkart. This encourages a lot of people to visit the website, thus gaining traffic for other affiliated sites and portals.

There is a wide variety of products being promoted, the tracking is accurate, and the fee is competitive. At the same time, the account managing team and other professionals are highly punctual in the payment of a fee.

3. High Conversion Rate

All people working with Flipkart have been impressed by its high conversion rates. These rates are some of the best within the country. The competitive prices along Flipkart’s excellent service standards show the site’s value proportion.

To add to this, Flipkart allows for exclusive product launches. There is always more revenue and more leads to develop within Flipkart.

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4. Affiliate Panel

Flipkart has a reliable and informative affiliate panel. Flipkart makes for a great partner providing real-time updates. The affiliate payments are never an issue as they always made on time. Efficient professionals manage the accounts of affiliated companies.

5. Affiliate Tools

There is a wide variety of tools available for affiliate marketing. These range from simple banners and widgets to APIs. APIs exist to list Flipkart Deals/ app/ products of your site.

6. Reports

Flipkart provides you with real-time reports. These reports are essential to keep track of the activity of your links. They also help in knowing about conversions and performance through all categories. This assists in optimizing campaign performance.

7. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Commission

Below we are mentioning a few product categories and their commission percentages:

  • Books and e-learning (10%)
  • Gold and silver coins (0.1%)
  • School supplies and toys (10%)
  • Baby care products (10%)
  • Fragrances and Beauty products (10%)
  • Household supplies (10%)

Besides this, Flipkart also pays for its android app installation.

There are two paying rates depending upon your mode of referral installation.

Direct Install

If you manage to make someone install the Flipkart app just by asking, then Flipkart will pay you Rs. 15

FallBack Install

If you are promoting a product and someone willing to buy it installs the Flipkart app through Google play store, then it’s called a fallback install.

To get the fallback installation commission, the user needs to open the app within 14 days of installing it. FallBack installation commission is Rs. 20.

Requirements for the Flipkart Affiliate Program

There are a few requirements to join and start earning from the Flipkart affiliate marketing program.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program - Requirements

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program – Requirements

First, you need to have a pan card, and second, it is mandatory to have a website. The rest of the requirements vary based upon the withdrawal method you choose.

There are two types of withdrawal methods:

1. The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)


  • Bank account details
  • Canceled cheque

2. The Electronic Gift Voucher (EVG)


    • Address proof

     You can promote Flipkart products via two platforms, either a website or an app. Most people use a website for product promotions since it is easier to build a website than an app.

    How Does Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Work?

    The Flipkart affiliate program is straightforward to use.

    All you have to do is refer people from your website to Flipkart. Whenever people follow your reference and links, you earn money. This money is better realized when people make purchases on Flipkart. There is a range of options that you will get through the affiliate program.

    These options will give you many avenues through which you can link your website to Flipkart and its website. You can add customized, rich content to add value and spruce up your website.

    There is little risk involved, and the process is highly rewarding, which makes for an offer that you shouldn’t let go of.

    How to Get Started with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

    Getting Started with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

    Getting Started with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

    When you are done with creating a website or app, you need to follow 5 steps to get your Flipkart affiliate marketing business up and running.

     These 5 steps are:

    • Create an Affiliate Account of Flipkart
    • Select your niche
    • Create Affiliate links
    • Publish high-quality posts
    • Promote the blog posts

    Let us now discuss each one of the steps in a little detail.

    1. Create an Affiliate Account of Flipkart

    To create your Flipkart affiliate account, go to the Flipkart affiliate page and find the registration form.

    After filling up the registration form, enter your email id and mobile number. Each of these fields will be verified by an OTP.

    First, fill in your email id, then select ‘Generate Email OTP.’ You will receive a one-time password on your give email id. Enter this OTP in the Email OTP field.

    The same process needs to be repeated for mobile number verification. After you have done both the verifications, read the Flipkart affiliate marketing terms and conditions. Select agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘Register.’

    After the registration is complete, it is now time to customize your Flipkart affiliate tracking id. Each tracking id is unique and is used to measure the sales provided by a particular affiliate partner.

    As mentioned, tracking id needs to be unique. Therefore, you need to check the availability for your choice of tracking id.

    A tracking link looks something like this:


    Here is an example,’ is the unique tracking id. You will receive a commission if someone buys a product from Flipkart using this tracking link.

    Setup the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Account

    Setup the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Account

    Setup the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Account

    The setting up process is easy. After opening the account, you may receive a warning message prompting you to upload some necessary documents.

    Note that you need to upload your documents after you reach the threshold amount. The threshold payment amount is Rs 5000 for EFT and Rs 2500 for EGV. After the documents have been uploaded, it will take Flipkart around 10 to 15 days to verify.

    You need to fill up the following details to start earning from the Flipkart Affiliate Program:

    (i) Account

    You will need to give all the details such as name, country, number, and address in the account information section. If you enter your name, make sure you have all the necessary documents required here. If not, then enter the name of someone else who has the documents.

    (ii) Website

    For the people who have a website, they can simply click on the ‘Website details’ section and enter the website URL.

    Now, people who don’t have a website need to buy a domain and hosting first to create their website. This process will just take around 15 minutes.

    Now, people who want to promote Flipkart products through a mobile app, they have to enter the app store link.

    (iii) Payment

    In the payment information section, you need to disclose your country and affiliate type again.

    If you are opening the account for an organization, select ‘Organization’ or else go with the individual account type.

    Indian citizens need to mention their names as per the PAN card along with the PAN card number. People living outside India can write ‘N/A.’

    Choose your payment method – EFT or EGV

    For EFT mode of payment, you need to give your bank details and upload a canceled cheque and PAN card. Note that you cannot provide bank details of one bank and a canceled cheque of another bank.

    If you select the EGV mode of payment, then you need to give address proof and upload your PAN card. The payment received through the EGV method can be used to buy Flipkart products.

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    2. Select your Niche

    The niche is the most important factor in affiliate marketing. Your efforts and results will largely depend upon the particular niche you choose.

    It is recommended to go with a niche that you have an interest in. Without interest, it would be hard to both continue and produce good results.

    Your niche can be anything from electronics to beauty. However, whatever niche you choose, it is best to go with a micro-niche.

    A micro-niche helps in driving more traffic to the website. For example, if you want to go with the book niche. You can choose to go with the micro-niche, competitive exam books.

    If you are finding it hard to choose a niche, just answer the following questions:

    • What are you passionate about?
    • What topic would you enjoy teaching others?
    • On what topic do you already possess some knowledge?

    When you answer all these questions, you will automatically arrive at your suitable niche. Further, if you want to explore different products that will go with your niche, you can open the Flipkart website and decide.

    Flipkart’s different categories will help you choose the types of products for affiliate marketing.

    3. Create Affiliate Links

    Affiliate links can be created on the Flipkart dashboard. Just go to the product page you wish to promote and copy its URL. Now, paste the URL into the Affiliate link generator tool. Select ‘Go,’ and this will generate your affiliate link.

    The affiliate links should be placed on your blogs or videos to promote a particular product. Below the affiliate link generator, you will also find the affiliate link to promote the installation of the Flipkart app.

    The Flipkart Affiliate Marketing commission is earned through this link will fall under direct installation.

    Flipkart also offers other tools for the promotion of its products. These tools can easily be used on your website. Some of them are Bookmarklet widget, Push content widget, Promotional widgets, Promotional banners, and Product banners.

    (i) Bookmarklet Widget

    The bookmarklet widget will enable you to post your affiliate link without creating it. You just have to drag the button named ‘Flipkart Affiliate Bookmarklet’ and drop it in the bookmark toolbar of your browser.

    (ii) Push Content Widget

    This entails copying the push content code on to your website, such as a sidebar. Flipkart will automatically start showing interactive ads on your website.

    (iii) Promotional Widgets

    The promotional widget involves generating codes for various promotional banners. Push content, Bestseller, Featured deals, Search widget, Search bar, and Related products are the 6 kinds of promotional widgets.

    (iv) Promotional Banners

    Promotional banners are the static banners of Flipkart sections that receive high traffic, namely Deal of the day, E-Gift vouchers, app install, etc.

    (v) Product Banners

    You can generate customized links and banners for any product available on Flipkart. You just have to search the product and make changes to the banner or links (such as text and background color, button types, etc.)

    4. Publish High-Quality Posts

    Publish High-Quality Posts

    Publish High-Quality Posts

    Crafting high-quality posts is an absolute necessity if you want to achieve success with Flipkart affiliate marketing. Do not go for Quantity over Quality.

    Blog posts that provide some value to the audience work the most. Therefore, you have to give good tips, reviews, and recommendations in your posts. This will enable you to build trust with your audience.

    There are many blog posts out there. Therefore, you need to offer more value to your audience and stand apart from your competition.

    From the SEO perspective, you need to write at least 2000 words of blogs to secure a good ranking. Good ranking means high traffic, and high traffic translates to more sales.

    Before starting a blog post, do the following:

    • Conduct a thorough keyword research
    • Look what the competitors are doing
    • Find high volume keywords
    • Get good images relevant to your content

    Listicles, review, and comparison articles make the best performing blog posts.

    5. Promote the Blog Posts

    Your work is not completed just by writing the blog. You also have to promote it. Bring your blogs in front of your target audience. When your content receives good visibility from your target audience, only then, you will drive good sales.

    The best methods to promote your blog are:

    (i) Making YouTube Videos

    YouTube videos are the best way to drive high traffic. You just have to create your YouTube channel based on your niche and start publishing good videos.

    (ii) Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization is making your website and the blog pages search engine friendly. SEO makes it easy for search engines and users to find your content.

    (iii) Posting them on Social Media

    People spend a lot of time on social media platforms. You can take advantage of this fact and promote your blogs there.

    (iv) Answering Questions on Quora

    Quora marketing is a highly effective promotion method. People are already looking for answers in this forum if your blog provides that answer they will gladly visit your website.

    Tips to increase your Income from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing 

    (i) You need to choose the right product to advertise

    (ii) You should try to pick the products that are fully relevant to the content of your site

    (iii) When opting for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India, it is important that you choose the right type of ads. For instance, if you choose Banners, then it will perform better than links and buttons

    (iv) it is also important to experiment with location of the ad. as this will help you in finding the best-suited Click through Rate

    (v) The key to the success with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is not being self satisfied, as this can impede you from trying new things as per the market trends. You should always try to increase the traffic of your site to optimize the performance and conversions of your Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India

    (vi) It is also important to be patient and give enough time to your campaign to offer the expected outcomes. You are not going to be a millionaire overnight, so you need to be persistent and well updated

    Final Thoughts

    Flipkart affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.

    However, you have to give it some time before seeing some results. Initially, a lot of hard work, patience, and time would be required from your end. After some time, you can make a substantial amount through the affiliate program.

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    Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable ventures out there.

    People who have joined hands with Flipkart in business have never been disappointed. With some of the enormous traffic in the nation, this site is the perfect partner to have.

    Anyone who is familiar with the e-commerce space knows the importance of the Flipkart affiliate marketing program in India.

    Although some people aren’t sure of how the process works.

    In this case, it is best to do your research. In the article above, we have provided you with all the information that you need for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing.

    In case of any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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