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10 Must Read Google Analytics Books in 2024

Google analytics books name

A result driven marketing campaign has to be data-driven.

Google Analytics gives an enormous amount of data about your site’s performances and visitors’ preferences.

Google Analytics Books guide you unfold Google Analytics data to your benefits, so you can get the needed reports and optimize Marketing Campaign accordingly.

From digging deep into your visitors, their origin, longing, and preferences to gauging the integration of a campaign with the business goals.

Success of any marketing campaign is directly proportional to how positive Google Analytics Reports are.

Below given ten Google Analytics Books will take you go through the inner layers of Google Analytics, so, you can get the needed reports and use them successfully.

Let us go through the following 10 best Google Analytics Books that will help you measure how result driven your marketing campaigns are

10 Best Google Analytics Books

1. Google Analytics Breakthrough

Google Analytics Books
Google Analytics Breakthrough

Written by Feras Alhlou, this one is one of the top Google Analytics Books for those who are in search of a comprehensive resource for the world′s most widely adopted analytics tool i.e. Google Analytics.

This book is designed to demystify broad range of Google Analytics features and configurations such as measurement strategy, reporting, implementation, and optimization.

Notable features of Google Analytics Breakthrough

  • As one of the most interactive Google Analytics Books, this one offers an end–to–end learning experience to the readers. It will help you sharpen your core competencies, learn to avoid common pitfalls, discover hidden functionality, and develop next-generation tracking and analysis strategies
  • It will help you analyze what is helping or hindering your digital performance and begin driving more result driven campaigns for you. It is preferred because of its practical instruction and expert perspectives on the full range of implementation and reporting skills
  • Google Analytics Breakthrough will help you learn how to campaign–tag inbound links to uncover the email, social, PPC, and banner/remarketing traffic, plus, it will guide you how to measure the ROI of each marketing channel
  • This one is quite helpful in understanding event tracking, Google Tag Manager, setting up goals and Enhanced E-commerce tracking, creation of audience segments, and gain a complete view of customer behavior

2. Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Books
Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Written by Brian Clifton, this Google Analytics Book is the best fit for those who prefer using Google Classic Analytics.

As a free analytics tool, Google Analytics is used by millions of website owners for assessing the effectiveness of their marketing endeavors.

This book unfolds the mystery hidden in Google Analytics so you can increase the value of your website.

Notable features of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics are-

  • It is quite effective in understanding how to track social and mobile visitors, understand which filters to use, use the new multichannel funnel reporting features, and much more
  • As one of the best Google Analytics Books for beginners, this one sets you up and be familiar with all the new tools in the revamped Google Analytics
  • It quite comprehensively includes topics related to social media analytics features, multi–dashboard configurations, advanced segmentation displays, and hence it offers a Detailed Best–Practices Implementation Guide
  • You can opt for this one to know how to set up GA to track dynamic web pages, banners, outgoing links, and contact forms. It includes different case studies and demonstrates how to optimize pay–per–click accounts, work with new reports and reporting tools, integrate AdSense, use ad version testing, etc.

3. Google Analytics Demystified

Google Analytics Books
Google Analytics Demystified

Written by Joel J. Davis, Google Analytics Demystified offers a comprehensive guide that will help you master Google Analytics in the easiest possible way.

The book will unfold the power of Google Analytics for you, plus, it will guide you to learn how to apply the data to your own strategic information needs.

Notable features of Google Analytics Demystified are-

  • As one of the best Google Analytics Books, this one helps you understand how to obtain insights for improving the online experience of your visitors
  • This will help you find out those reports that can aid you to understand behavioral preferences of your visitors, and hence it will assist you to engage with them and convincing them to return to your website or blog
  • You will get answers to different questions like how visitors find your site, what they do when they arrive on your site, which content they prefer, how much time they spend, and how you can set goals and gauge the outcome, etc.
  • This book helps you learn Google Analytics as an active participant rather than a passive participant that will assist you in immediately applying and explore key concepts on a working website

4. Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes

Google Analytics books
Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes

Written by Michael Miller, this book offers you straightforward, practical answers to different Google Analytics queries.

It is one of the most useful Google Analytics Books when you need fast results.

You should opt for its 10-minute lessons to use Google Analytics to accurately measure your website’s performance and improve it in the quickest possible manner.

Notable Features of Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes-

  • How to quickly create a Google Analytics account and add Google Analytics to your website, define goals and measure how well your site is performing
  • It helps you track visitors from search engines, email, pay-per-click advertising, and other sources. Plus, it is useful in discovering the pages your visitors view, from where they exit, and how long they stay on your site
  • You can opt for this Google Analytics Book to monitor specific user actions like playing the embedded video, choosing Flash menu items or downloading different files, etc.
  • As one of the top Google Analytics Books, this one helps you identify your best and worst content, fix poorly performing pages, optimize your site by tracking error pages and broken links, measure AdWords traffic, and a lot more

5. Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics Books
Introduction to Google Analytics

Written by Todd Kelsey ‘Introduction to Google Analytics: A Guide for Absolute Beginners’, helps you develop your digital/online marketing skills and learn web analytics, so you can track the performance of websites and ad campaigns.

You should opt for this book to learn the approaches that are quite useful for businesses in gauging the performances of their marketing campaigns. For beginners, this one is considered one of the top Google Analytics Books.

Notable features of Introduction to Google Analytics-

  • This book helps you understand basic techniques to generate traffic to a blog or website
  • You can opt for this one to review the performance of a website or campaign, plus, it guides you how to set up a Shopify account to track ROI
  • If you need to get up to speed on Google Analytics techniques for your use, this book is the best fit for you. It also helps you create and maximize AdWords to track conversion
  • Introduction to Google Analytics: A Guide for Absolute Beginners will guide you discover different lucrative opportunities offered by Google, and will assist in preparing for Google Analytics Certification exam

6. Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond

Google analytics books
Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond

Written by Himanshu Sharma, ‘Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond’ helps you understand the buying behavior of your target audiences and guide you know the most powerful marketing channels for investment.

Attribution Modelling can be understood as the process of analyzing and assigning credit to the marketing channels that ultimately lead to conversions.

Notable features of Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond are-

  • This book is considered the best fit for those who want to implement Attribution Modelling in their organization. It tells you everything about Attribution Modelling and guides you to understand the behavioral tendencies of your customers
  • The book guides you about important Google Analytics practices, Google tools, and technologies such as Google AdWords, etc.
  • It is important to notice here that this Google Analytics book is not about getting started with Google Analytics or mastering Google Analytics. This is strictly about those who want to include Attribution Modelling in their campaigns
  • Having a working knowledge of Google Analytics and e-Commerce would be highly beneficial for you if you opt for Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond

7. Google Analytics Integrations

google Analytics Books
Google Analytics Integrations

Written by Daniel Waisberg, Google Analytics Integrations is one of the best Google Analytics Books for web professionals.

As a roadmap, Google Analytics Integrations helps you turn Google Analytics into a centralized marketing-analysis platform.

It helps you get more insightful data about your customers’ behavior and run more result-driven marketing campaigns. S

Notable features of Google Analytics Integrations are-

  • This book is very good for marketers who want to delve into multiple layers of visitors’ interaction with their businesses, as this will help you go through different factors (and data) that affect your websites’ performances
  • Google Analytics Integrations guide you to dig deep into the data that is scattered over multiple data silos and hence it alleviates the task of professionals to integrate all sources of information into one place
  • To understand the behavioral preferences of your current and future customers, Google Analytics Integrations is one of the most comprehensive Google Analytics Books
  • You can opt for this one to understand how to gauge the performances of marketing campaigns in the most comprehensive and competent manner

8. Web Analytics 2.0

Google Analytics Books
Web Analytics 2.0

Written by Avinash Kaushik, Web Analytics 2.0 is one of the best Google Analytics Books for those who have read Web Analytics: An Hour a Day.

It expands the lesson you have learned in Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, plus, it takes you through more advanced Google Analytics techniques and covers the absolute latest web analytics tools and methods.

It is considered a must-read for Web Analytics practitioners because it covers most of the hot topics related to Google Analytics such as measuring video content, blogs, and Flash content, and social media.

Notable features of Analytics 2.0 are-

  • It teaches you how to transform copious amounts of online data and related insights into actionable information that can translate your campaign result driven
  • Running data-driven campaigns ensures better targeting that guarantees lead generation and conversions, and this book helps you do so in the most effective way possible
  • Opt for this book to understand the contemporary business challenges and how data analytics can resolve them and make your campaigns generate great revenues for investments
  • The book incorporates some of the best actionable strategies and analytics to gauge site performances and visitor preferences

9. Performance Marketing with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Books
Performance Marketing with Google Analytics

Written by Sebastian Tonkin, Justin Cutroni, and Caleb Whitmore, Performance Marketing with Google Analytics is one of the best Google Analytics books that take you through the vision and precision of an unparalleled author trio who share valuable advice for using Google Analytics to achieve your business goals.

With the help of this Google Analytics Book, you can delve into clear explanations of practical applications of analytics drawn from the real world.

If you wish to go through analytics lessons via step–by–step analysis then this one is personalized to you.

Notable features of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics are-

  • The book includes in-depth examples and case studies that help you comprehend how to increase revenue from search advertising, prioritize channels and campaigns, optimize an existing website, access brand health and do a lot more via the Google Analytics tool
  • It will guide you on how to communicate with a webmaster or developer, plus, it offers information about a wide range of Google′s conversion-oriented tools such as AdWords and AdSense along with updates related to Google trends, search–based keyword tools, Webmaster tools, and more
  • Opt for this one if you want to go through brand tracking studies, competitive analysis, usability research, and statistical tools
  • As one of the top Google Analytics Books, this one will guide you on how you can best use Google Analytics for achieving your business objectives

10. Google Analytics Justin Cutroni

Google Analytics Books
Google Analytics Justin Cutroni

Written by Justin Cutroni, this Google Analytics Book tells you what your audiences do when they visit your website, web app or blog, plus, it updates you how much your site contributes to the bottom line of your business objectives.

A hands-on Google Analytics guide, this book shows you how to get the most out of this free and highly useful tool.

Opt for this one if you wish to know how to track different market segments and comprehend conversion rates and marketing-campaign tracking.

Notable Features of Google Analytics by Justin Cutroni are-

  • The book helps you discover exactly how the Google Analytics system works and you can use this one to understand the configuration of the Google Analytics Framework to gauge the performance metrics that are relevant to your business
  • You should go for this book to understand how to track online marketing activities, email and internal campaigns, different cost-per-click ads, events with features like maps, widgets, and embedded video
  • Justin Cutroni takes you through all layers of Google Analytics and guides you on how you can configure Google Analytics for tracking enterprise data
  • You can also learn advanced Google Analytics techniques such as custom variables and CRM integration via this Google Analytics Book

Master your Google Analytics Learnings Now!

The over-mentioned 10 Google Analytics Books will help you learn best Analytics practices, tools, trends, and strategies to channel result-driven marketing campaigns and measure their performances.

Via these books, you can give data-driven momentum to conversion-oriented marketing campaigns.

The next thing that you should do right now is- enroll yourself in Web Analytics Training.

This will not only help you master Google Analytics but also aid you in be a certified Analytics Expert- Which is essential to be a high Earning Analytics Expert in today’s time.

If you are a beginner and confused about choosing the right Google Analytics Books for you then share your interest and area of expertise in the comments, and we shall tell you the best book for you.

Good Luck!

Manish Singh
A Digital Marketing Evangelist and Web Analytics Expert, Manish is adept in complete Digital Marketing Landscape. Creating and implementing Digital Marketing Strategies related to Analytics, SEO, PPC, SMM, Product Development, Mobile Advertising and other Marketing Strategies along with effective Consumer Analysis are his forte. He loves imparting all his experiences and expertize through his blogs.  

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