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How Google Changed Digitization in India

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It has been a new sunrise for India since Google has stepped up into the digital landscape. The transformation has been incredible and worth applauding.

It is a result if continuous hard work that has been put behind the technology and these efforts have indeed helped make India a better place. There is no questioning the fact that the output of last 6 months has given sweet results.

There are a number of new features that have been introduced by Google specifically for India.

Search results

Nobody would deny the fact today that Google has really expanded its definition. It is not a mere search engine anymore. It is a completely new world that amalgamates a whole new territory of knowledge.

It is not restricted to the words being input anymore, rather it would come up with all the related area of information, whether it is data, news, update or anything and everything else.icc-launch-demo-1

Take cricket for example. Everyone knows that India’s a cricket-crazy country and none better than Google. At the time of ICC T20 tournament, Google introduced a real-time update and live commentary system for Indians. You could even search for your favourite player and Google would throw up cards with that player’s comments on the match.


Medical and healthcare is an area which is still to reach all the people in this country. Google has acknowledged this fact and led to a tie-up with Apollo hospital recently to provide easy and quick healthcare facilities to the masses.

It has been working on providing up to date medical information to the public in their desired language. It’s indeed a staggering fact keeping in mind that India is only one of the three countries to have access to such facility other than US and Brazil.


Google is no way behind when it comes to the keeping up with the trends of India’s demanding Youth. Keeping that in mind, it has shown up with brilliant search results which would give you instant access to every area of Bollywood. You not only get to have a context sensitive search but also get to arrange a complete trip around cinematic history and movies on click of fingers.

What else can one desire?

No Language barrier

A unique functionality keeping India’s population in mind is the introduction of the Hindi search feature. Google claims their feature to answer all the questions that are input in the form “Diwali kab hai” and output is the right result.

The feature, according to Google also allows users to swap languages while searching. That is, you can switch between Hindi and English on the go.

Although this feature has not reached everyone in the country but is already rolled out for the majority of the population in the prominent Hindi speaking states such as  — Bihar, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi, and West Bengal.

Keeping Google’s work and effort, it can soon be expected to reach the rest very soon.

Data Cheaper

Service like Google web light is already rolled out that reads the slow internet connection and accordingly modifies the data before sending it to the user by reducing the size. This helps the user to save a lot of unwanted data provided by the website.

Not only this, Youtube offline feature has enabled the functionality when we can schedule the downloading of our videos whenever we want, that is during the time when data rates are low. These features were earlier only available in abroad but its introduction in India has really enabled higher bandwidth usage in the country.

Reading the timeline, YouTube red should also show its presence in no time.

Google Play Music 640

An anonymous reader also sent us a tip showcasing a possible leak of Google’s Play Music service. If the images are to be believed, Google Play Music will offer songs for as little as Rs 15 and albums for as little as Rs 120. It also looks like there will be a subscription service.Google-Play-Music-640

Education and infrastructure

India is a major market for the majority of the companies. India means really big for them and hence they are putting all their efforts in its betterment.

Besides changing the way of our searching, Google has also been working hard on spreading education to remote areas so that they can also access Internet.

They’ve been working to bring internet to railway stations and have so far set up free Wi-Fi at 19 stations across the country. Google already claims that 1.5 million people are using their free Wi-Fi services and that more such stations are still to be upgraded.

Google’s collaboration with the likes of IIts and NPTEL, it has expanded the domain of India’s education services by providing lectures and online courses to the Indian public.

Initiatives such as the Internet Saathi program for women, national level coding competitions, etc. have all been put in place to further internet education and to better the lives of the people.

Though all these advancements were slow to gain momentum and updates come once every few weeks, but its better late than never.

What changes did you come across after Google’s initiatives in India?

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Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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