Google Trends Revamp: All You Wanted To Know

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Google Trends Revamp

Google recently announced revamp of Google Trends. Google Trends has been one of the most important tools for Journalists around the world to track and cover the latest stories. And even for SEO and SEM managers, it has been a great tool to leverage content and campaigns based on latest and yearly trends. Here’s a tweet by Steve Grove (Director of Google News Lab) announcing the Google Trends Revamp:

Google Trends Search Updates

Google has made following four changes to Google Trends Search:

1.) New intensity maps to compare different topics in more meaningful ways

The new intensity maps in Google Trends are in the form of Infographics. This gives the user a very good visual overview of comparison of two different topics. And you can choose the duration of comparison as back as since 2004! Here’s a sample search I made to see the comparison between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan since 2004 and I can see not just the overall trends of these two celebrities, but also see their popularity across the different states in India or anywhere else in the world!

And here’s their comparison across different Indian states:

Google Trends Revamp

Google Trends Comparison

Google Trends Revamp

New Google Trends Comparion

This can be useful for Digital Marketers to compare different products, brands or any two search terms related to your business to analyze what the customers are looking

2.) Latest News Stories and Insights (based on Google Data)

Another addition to Google Trends is the introduction of latest news stories and insights based on Google Data. This is an initiative of Google News Lab. They are working with Journalists around the world to improve this feature further. Their algorithm will curate stories from around the world and depending on the region you have selected in Google Trends, it will show you the trending news stories in that region.  Here’s one example from the US region:

Google Trends Revamp

Latest News Stories and Insights (based on Google Data)

3.) Revamped Trending Searches Section

The latest trending searches section shows the number of searches alongside as shown in the screenshot below. And not just this, but you can also see different trends, not just day-wise but also in the real-time as shown in the screenshot below:

Google Trends Revamp

Revamped Trending Searches Section

Google Trends Revamp

Recently Trending content on Google Trends

4.) Year in Search Data

Finally, the fourth revamp in Google Trends is the addition of Year in Search, where you can go back till the year 2001, and see what were the trending searches throughout all these years! Here’s an example of searches made in the year 2008, using this feature:

Google Trends Revamp

Years in Search Data – Google Trends

Did you experience the new Google Trends version?

I hope you found this information relevant. As a recap, Google Trends is a very useful tool for any SEO person, to identify trends and develop website content around that. And as I already mentioned, it is a boon for Journalists who want to stay on the top of the news and latest trends. That said, it is your turn to use it in your marketing practices. All the best!

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  1. Pankaj Wagh

    I recently checked the Google Trends and surprised with the new elements added to it and helping me dig deeper and find the valuable topic.

    Thanks, Harmanjit

  2. Harmanjit Singh

    You are welcome Pankaj. Dive deeper into it 🙂


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