Homemaker Nisha Madhulika Debuts Her Career At 55 Via YouTube

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Nisha Madhulika

At the age of 55, when ladies want to retire from their kitchen, attend sacred gatherings and want their daughters-in-law to take charge of the kitchen,  Nisha Madhulika debuts her career in the kitchen by shooting videos of delicious and easy recipes on her official Youtube channel to make people try out “Maa k Haath Ka Khana”.

Nisha Madhulika felt the urge of starting her career when both her sons flew to pursue their career. At that time, she was finding daily soaps a waste of time and wanted to do something productive.

One day Nisha Madhulika noticed her son writing a blog. She read it and came to know that people worldwide are writing to reach a greater audience and earning through it. She went through a blog with a step by step recipe explained with pictures in it and finally, the idea sparked from her passion “cooking”. So, she started her blog on Recipes.

About Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika was a teacher in her initial years of life, did marketing for a company, screen printing, handled finance in her husband’s business. But, when the family shifted from Delhi to Noida, it was difficult for her to commute and continue office.

She wanted to do something creative in her free time. She was free for 5-6 hours day after her husband left for office.

In 2007, Nisha Madhulika started her journey by writing blogs on cooking and turned her passion into reality. Her sons and husband were a big support in building her website. Initially, she was writing recipes on https://khanabanana.wordpress.com/ but later on she worked on her website http://nishamadhulika.com/. She learnt cooking from her mother. She used to experiment with her recipes and create new dishes. Recipes were praised worldwide and her fans requested to upload videos on the same. Since then, she has never looked back.

Nisha Madhulika prepares two dishes in a day. She puts that recipe on the blog and uploads a video in the evening on her YouTube channel. She cooks an amount enough for her family and team. She basically focuses on simple recipes for working class people.

She started her own YouTube channel in May 2016. Her husband used to shoot a video before breakfast time. He used to eat the same dish which was prepared while the video was shot. Suppose “Paneer Idli” is planned, so they will have “Paneer Idli” in breakfast. They had to shoot perfectly in one go to avoid wastage of time and resources. Initially they faced a lot of difficulties, but later on mastered it.

Nisha started shooting videos with the available sources at home using joined tables, spare lights and camera. After she started earning via YouTube, she bought better quality setup and has a team of 5 people now. Team Nisha Madhulika never spends money on unnecessary items and buys only essential things for their kitchen.

Nisha says-
“You can’t uncook an item, so you’re running against time to get that perfect shot before you have to move on to the next stage of the recipe. It’s not so difficult anymore because I’ve been at it since a while now, but still there are days when it’s tough.”

They shoot 2-3 recipes in a week and rest of the days are spent researching and answering the comments and feedbacks. Comments and feedbacks bring a huge smile on Nisha’s face.

Nisha’s most popular videos on YouTube are “How to make Rose water at home” and “How to make Naan without tandoor”.

Today in this fast paced world children are not able to learn cooking from their mom and when they go out for further studies or career, they are supposed to cook on their own. When they watch her videos, she doesn’t want her audience to face any difficulty. Her motto is delivering recipes which are tasty and healthy.

The ingredients which Nisha Madhulika uses in her recipes are easily available at their home and in the vicinity. In case of any known difficulty, she explains it beforehand.

Nisha gives credit to Youtube for her success. Without Youtube, she wouldn’t have reached millions.

When she started her blogs and videos, she had no business goal in her mind and never knew that she would earn name, fame and money from YouTube.
She shoots videos in Hindi language and now viewers from Australia, Africa and other countries are requesting for a demonstration in their language, so she started giving subtitles too for her videos.

Her husband feels proud when someone recognizes him as Nisha’s husband.

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika’s outlook

She believes- “if you have dreamt of something and working hard for it and it doesn’t come true, then there’s nothing to feel bad about it. Instead, keep on working hard.”

Business Objective of Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika’s business objective is simple. She wants to teach people with her simple recipes. She is popular as Nisha Aunty Ji among new brides and bachelors. Her YouTube channel showcases easy vegetarian recipes. She has uploaded 1,115 videos of non-garlic and non-onion recipes till date.

Strategy Adopted by Nisha Madhulika

  • Started writing step by step recipes along with pictures on https://khanabanana.wordpress.com/
  • Moved her blog to website http://nishamadhulika.com/
  • Started her own Youtube channel to upload videos shot with a simple camera at home


  • 2, 237, 770 Subscribers on Youtube. The number is still growing
  • Average views per day between 575,000 625,000
  • Earning millions through Youtube
  • Awarded with YouTube’s Top Chef award and Silver Play Button
  • Many brand endorsement offers, but she refuses

Nisha Madhulika says-
“Money is not the driving factor in this enterprise. I am making good progress and there’s no reason to be dissatisfied with what we are already doing. How can you endorse a brand if you don’t believe in it 100 percent? You can’t let a brand tell you what to say, and what not to.”


  • Age is not a bar to start anything. It’s never too early nor too late to start.
  • Her YouTube video Strategies drove millions to her YouTube channel
  • Nisha Madhulika’s got millions of likes and views on her YouTube channel
  • Keep working hard until you reach the goal

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