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How To Leverage Google Analytics For Making Better Decisions

How To Leverage Google Analytics For Making Better Decisions

Google analytics is a very powerful tool that gives in-depth insight on the performance of a website. Google analytics not just measures sales and conversions, it analysis and interpret data to help businesses in its decision-making. It provides data on customer behavior, where they are coming from, and what they are looking for on your website. This information helps in taking informed decisions to improve your business.


Google analytics can be overwhelming with its graphs, reports and never-ending menus. Let’s see how to leverage these data for making better decisions.

 Understanding The Visitors

Understanding the audience is the key for a successful business. We need to know who the visitors are and what they need. Google analytics presents information on the audience, their location, age, gender, interests, and what they are looking for on your website. These audience reports provided by google helps in understanding the visitors better and can be of great help in serving the customers in a more personalized way.

 Learning Audience Behavior

Google analytics provides information on how visitors moves through the website, how they are interacting with the content and what actions they are taking. These reports give data on how long a visitor stay on the site and where they end up leaving. This helps in getting insights on the performance of each pages. Understanding the behavior of visitors assist us in taking informed decision to improve user experience. Knowing what the audience wants aids in improving the content plan to increase engagement.

Tracking The Traffic Source

There could be different sources through which visitors comes to your site, Google analytics helps in tracking the source of the traffic.  This helps in understanding which online campaigns or social media platforms are bringing in more visitors. There are also options to see the conversion rate for each social media sites. These information helps a business in deciding on the online marketing strategies and to invest wisely.

 Locating The Audience

Google analytics provides data on the demography of the visitors, which helps us in targeting and focusing on the right location. Google gives you the data on the duration of visit, bounce rate and conversion rate from particular countries or regions. This information  helps in understanding if the business was successful in reaching to it target audience or not. Knowing the region from where a business gets more conversion guides us in deciding on future ad spends.

 Measuring The Content Performance

It is very vital for websites to understand which all pages and content keeps the visitors on the website. The content menu gives details on the page performance and exits. Google Analytics gives insights on the content performance and helps a business in deciding on what kind of content to publish in the future.

 Measuring Bounce Rate

High bounce rate is very bad for a website. It indicates the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leaves without viewing any other pages. It is crucial for a website to draw visitors to view more pages throughout the site. In Google analytics every data is linked to bounce rate and gives great insights on the performance of the website. Comparing the bounce rate with key elements helps in recognizing the best content, keywords and traffic source for the website.

Deciding On The Need Of A Mobile Site

The number of mobile users are increasing every day and the need of a mobile site is a question every website face. Everyone having a mobile site shouldn’t be a reason for your business to invest on mobile site. Google analytics is here to help you with the decision-making. The mobile device info provided by google analytics helps in understanding the percentage of total mobile visitors to your website and their behavior. If the bounce rate is high and the average time spend on the site is lower, you know you are losing your mobile traffic and it is time for a mobile site.

Google analytics helps a business in taking informed decision by understanding the audience better and providing exactly what they are looking for on your site. Without google analytics you will be running a website in the dark, without any insights on what’s working and what’s not.

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