John Moore Used Inbound Marketing Tricks To Boost Its ROI By 600%

by | May 28, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About John Moore: John Moore established in 1965. It is located in the Houston area in the US. They have established their services in the Houston which are for about more than 45 years. There are families and businesses in the Greater Houston area that have called for their services for over 45 years. They use the most superior tools and processes and they also offer reliable and professional service. Houston area population knows, when it comes to their home comfort and maintenance, they can “Call John and Get Moore.” Therefore, they have established themselves as a brand in the Houston area.

John Moore is locally owned and operated; they are specialists in all types of home comfort and maintenance systems including air conditioning, electrical, heating, and plumbing, loft insulation, pest control, and water damage restoration. All the technicians who visit homes for services are all energy efficiency evaluation certified. Thereby they offer only energy efficient evaluations and services. They also analyze your home’s conditions and award grades.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By John Moore: Though John Moore was well established in Houston they lacked a lot in their online presence. They knew that it is necessary for them to establish a strong online presence and so they had engaged themselves with LyntonWeb for John Moore’s inbound marketing services. Now the LyntonWeb firstly completed a full review of John Moore’s active digital approach. Based on its digital review, LyntonWeb recommended a complete refurbishment and redesign of John Moore’s official website so that their online presence would mainly focus on being helpful to their customers and also helped them in supporting a lead capture.

Results Achieved By John Moore:

As a result of a more reliable and helpful online existence supported by daily good and quality content creation and PPC management, John Moore saw stunning results from their inbound marketing efforts including:

  • Achieved almost 600% in their Return on Investment.
  • Achieved an increase of about 214% in their total website visits.
  • Achieved about 460% increase in their social visits.
  • John Moore was also able to provide superior grade of service due to their online customer comments on their experienced technicians and their services
  • They were also able to better combine their TV and radio ad presence with their additional web presence.


Though John Moore has a good name in their area, they realized that they were lagging on online presence, thus they joined with LyntonWeb to increase their online presence by using various inbound marketing techniques. Consequently it resulted in an increase in the number of customers. By using good inbound marketing techniques they have achieved huge profits on their ROI.

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  1. Mayank

    Another example of good integration of great content and successful PPC campaigns. This shows that a strategic combination of quality content and carefully placed promotion techniques like PPC can help you gain desired ROI and page visits. Indeed Inbound marketing has become a necessity for all product and services.


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