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When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you search on any of the search engines? It may be news or a song or any other stuff but do you wonder how many similar searches would be occurring at the same time all over the world? For sure the most viral news around the world would be the reasons behind most searched keywords.

Let us understand it broadly- what you searched on search engines the most yesterday?

Something about Digital Marketing, reviews of any new movie or the best, cricket updates or any political gossip. Now think what is the most searched keywords on search engines on any specific date or in a time period.

All this varies as per the global trends, inventions, news, niche, interests, virality, and so on. Let us try to find this in a better way through this article.

Just type ‘Most Searched on Google Today’ in Google Search box and you will see the first result of ‘Google Trends’ – Which will let you deep dive into the trendiest searches around the world.

People make a number of searches on a daily basis on the internet, they input a number of keywords multiple times on search engines, is there any way to find that?

Yes, off-course there is!

We can find out what people search the most on search engines. Different search engines keep an eye on their user’s searches and you can also get a glimpse of that and know what are the most searched keywords on any search engine.

Let us go through some of the best hacks to find out most Searched Keywords-

Top Ways To Find Most Searched Keywords

1. Google Autocomplete

Most Searched Keywords

Google Autocomplete

Google is getting smarter day by day and this tool will provide you with the additional keywords when you will make any input on Google’s search bar. These suggested keywords are similar to what you have typed already.

Google learn from the searchers experience and suggest you similar keywords when you are about to make any search on this search engine. This is all possible because of advanced algorithms of Google. It can predict your searches in the real time.

You can get control over this feature because it shows personalized results. If you want it to get neutral again, you can log out your Google account and clear the search history, now this Autocomplete tool is set to normal.

2. Google Trends

Most Searched Keywords

Google Trends

You can peep into Google’s database by using this tool and you will be able to know what the most searched keywords on the search engine are.

You can get the personalized results on the basis of your region, language, etc.

3. Bing Trends

Most Searched Keywords

Bing Trends

You can get a personalized report of the searches made on the Bing search engine.

Through this, you can check what is the most popular interest that is being searched on the platform.

4. Twitter Searches

Most Searched Keywords

Twitter Searcher

People make a lot of activities on Twitter and this will let you know what is trending on Twitter and what people are talking most about.

5. YouTube Trends

Most Searched Keywords

YouTube Trends

YouTube is the second most used search engine on the planet after Google and people make a number of searches on YouTube on a daily basis and YouTube trend will provide you with an insight of that.

You will get to know what is people are most curious about and what are the most searched keywords on YouTube.

On a daily basis, we people make a number of searches on different search engines.

We might not remember what we searched yesterday but search engines keep a record of everything and later you can analyze what are those things that are searched the most on any of the search engines.

If you are into the online promotion of your business then it is must for you to keep yourself updated with the latest trend on the search engines. You will get a better ranking on search engines if you will put those keywords in your content that are in trend.

By analyzing this you can also get an idea about people’s interest and what people love to read/view the most. In this way, you can customize your own content according to that and get better conversions as well.

In the last few years, India has seen a great revolution in the digital world. There have been lots of news and videos that gone viral. People nowadays prefer buying things online and making payments via digital wallets. Let us have a look on most popular searches Indians have done in the last few years-

Most Searched Keywords In India

So, in the time of digital revolution in India, in the last 3 to 5 years, the most searched categories on the internet were cricket, showbiz, demonetization and politics.

  • One of the most popular and blockbuster movies of India, Bahubali topped the searches on the Internet.
  • People searched for this fantasy-action movie the most on the Internet and this lead Bahubali 2 to top this list. It not only stood at the 1st place in India’s trend list but globally it ranked 10th under movies in the year 2017.
  • The premier cricket tournament of India, IPL (Indian Premier League) was on the second position in this list released by Google. The third most searched keyword was “live cricket score”.
  • After this, it was Amir Khan’s hit movie Dangal which was there on this list. This list further contained five other movies and a cricket tournament.
  • Sunny Leone topped the list of most searched entertainers in India; rather she has topped this list for past 5 years. In terms of entertainment, the list was dominated by Bollywood songs and only two non-Bollywood songs were there in the list Despacito and Shape of You.
  • Besides entertainment and cricket, “Goods and Services Tax (GST)” and Demonetization was the most searched keyword on the internet (under ‘What is’ category).
  • “Permanent Account Number (PAN)” and “Aadhar Card” was there in the list (under ‘how to’ category).

Now, the time has come to learn about some tools which can provide you with the most searched keywords on Google and YouTube, you can use these tools to get a better ranking on search engines.

These tools are extremely helpful for SEO purpose, without getting any delay to let’s get started;

Tools To Find Most Searched Keywords On Google

Below we have mentioned top 5 tools that you can use to do keyword research for Google;

1. SEMRush

Most Searched Keywords


If you are new into blogging field then this is the best tool for you to do keyword research. This tool is extremely easy to use and it is the main reason for its popularity among the bloggers.

This tool is not just a keyword research tool but much more than that. You can simply add the URL and this tool will give you the keywords in ranking wise for that particular website.

By using this tool you can easily find out the short-tail as well as long-tail keywords hence plan to get ahead of your competitor. Experts do recommend this tool because it has got so much for you and serves the basic purpose with ease.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Most Searched Keywords

Google Keyword Planner

If you are looking for a free tool for keyword researching then this is probably one of the best tools which are reliable at the same time.

This tool is extremely popular among the bloggers and the reason to that is its free service along with the Google’s trust.

It will provide you with the deep information of keywords that are searched on Google but you can’t get to know how your own keyword is behaving on other search engines.

3. SpyFu

Most Searched Keywords


Spyfu is one of the best tools to fulfil your SEO goals. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors then this tool can help you in the best way.

You can compare different websites and different keywords through this tool. If you want to know about the most searched keywords in the best and easy way then consider using this tool.

4. KW Finder

Most Searched Keywords

KW Finder

As the name suggests it is a keyword finder tool which has been specifically designed to serve this purpose only. This tool is dedicated to keyword researching only and though they are new to the market they are highly popular among the bloggers.

This tool provides you with the specific keywords that will help you to drive traffic towards your website hence you can say that it will serve the SEO purpose for you.

5. Serpstat

Most Searched Keywords


This is another great keyword researching tool to search for the most searched keywords on Google. The developers have designed it to serve the specific purpose and you won’t find any big flaws on this tool.

This tool will provide you with the all the details that you require like CPC, Search Volume, Keyword difficulty sore and so on. You can also personalize your results based on the region, language, etc.

Videos are the most powerful content to get viral and YouTube is the most efficient video Search Engine. This makes the relevance of most searched keywords on YouTube highly important for you. We have enlisted some of the best tools that can help you in finding popular keywords on Youtube-

Best Tools To Find Most Searched Keywords On YouTube

Let us now discuss the top 5 tools to research keywords for YouTube:

1. Keyword Tool Dominator

Most Searched Keywords

Keyword Tool Dominator

For the beginners, this is the best tool to help them in keyword researching.

This is an easy to use tool which provides the desired results as well at minimum efforts and you don’t require any special skill to use this tool.

You can pay a one-time fee of $39.9 and you are ready to use the full version of this tool.

2. AdWords Keyword Planner

This is one of the best keyword researching tools for YouTube and is reliable at the same time.

You can trust their results as well as their working. You will have to signup on this tool in order to use its free version, and this process will not cost you a lot of time. You can get to know about the keywords used by any YouTube video by simply pasting their link on this tool.

As the tagline of this tool says – Reach the right customer with the right keyword, you can use this tool to reach your targeted customers easily.

3. Keyword Keg

Among the video marketers, this is one of the most popular tools to search for the most used keywords on YouTube.

This tool can give you the most comprehensive results when compared to its competitors. You can get the personalized results by applying the filter for searches, languages, region and so on.

4. YTCockpit

If you have planned to give your 100% attention towards youtube to serve your business purpose then you can’t ignore this tool at any case at all.

This tool will provide you with the desired data in minimum time and efforts. Since it is completely focused on youtube hence it is extremely popular among video marketers.

You can analyze your competitor as well by using this tool and the premium package of this tool ranges from $19 – $99.

5. Keyword Tool

Most Searched Keywords

Keyword Tool

If you want a tool that not only serves the purpose of keyword researching but also provides you with the strategies for your online marketing campaign.

If your business’s promotion is completely dependent on youtube then you must use this tool as this will provide you with essential data regarding keywords and with the sure shot strategies to get the success.

This tool will provide you with the exact keywords which you can focus on your future contents to stay ahead of your competitors.

So these were the top tools to do keyword researching for Google as well as for YouTube and you can use these tools to serve the SEO purpose for you.

If you are really serious about your online marketing campaign then consider using these tools to achieve success in minimum time and with the least amount of effort.

Wrap Up!

So, on the concluding note, we hope you would have understood the top hacks of finding most searched keywords on Google, YouTube or in your particular business niche.

Joining Digital Marketing Course will help you master the keyword research procedure that can make your online marketing and advertising campaigns be highly result driven.

Curious to know the most searched keywords in your business niche? Share your details with us and our experts will guide you in the process.

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