How To Remove Bad Links And Recover Your Rankings

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For effective SEO for any website, link building plays a very important role. Quality links are very important for creating the authority for any website, however identifying bad links are equally important. In order to get the desired traffic, any website needs to build up such links that adds value to their website and enhance their authority, reputation and success.

A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent) A web resource may be (for example) website, web, page or web directory.

The quality and sources of backlinks  for a web page are among some of the factors that is evaluated in order to boost up the page rank for the search engines. Search engines like Google often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance.

Monitor The Backlinks

Monitor linksIt becomes essential to monitor the backlinks:

  • They are crucial for SEO as relevant backlinks are crucial for reputation
  • Backlinks that are relevant helps in getting more traffic from search engines
  • Relevant backlinks help protect from negative SEO. Monitoring backlinks helps in keeping track of the quality backlinks for the websites

But often in the race of earning the number of backlinks in order to boost up the ranking, sometimes there are many such links that are considered to be Bad backlinks for the websites.

In order to boost up the ranking there are number of links that are exchanged with another webmasters website. But many times, such links tend to be non relevant for the said website for which they are given. So, such links are disregarded by the search engines, and so they are known as Bad Backlinks.

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Lets first know when a link is said to be a bad backlinks for SEO?

Any such links that are not following the compliances in any way that has been set by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines makes a link as bad backlinks. A backlink is bad when:Google-Webmaster-Guidelines

  • It is coming from such website that was penalized
  • It is from the websites that are not relevant with the offerings of your website
  • When it has low quality directories and thin content
  • It is from the sites with duplicate contents
  • It is links purchased for SEO
  • It is from such sites that accepts low quality guest postings.
  • It is a foreign language website
  • Quality of referrals from backlinks
  • Paid or sponsored links (in sidebars, sponsored posts, bios, and so on).
  • Spammy-looking links from forum posts, blog comments, etc.

For a website to boost up its ranking on the search engines, recognizing bad links and getting rid of them is very important as by doing so such websites will achieve more authority. There are several tools available today that easily identifies such bad backlinks attached to the website that can hamper its effective SEO process for better ranking.

In order to proceed and initiate removing bad backlinks, it is essential to properly analyse the links that are attached to our website. Review manually such links, those have such metrics that are against the guidelines of Google Webmaster. Check if the link attached to our website is relevant to the offerings of your website, if its not so, then there is no point in keeping such links.

Most effective way to check the bad link of the website is to use Google Index to filter such links. Google Index filter easily indicates such websites that are not index in their list and are penalized.
To find these, from the filters list, scroll down to “Google Index” and click on “Domain not indexed.”

 Before removing such bad backlinks from our websites, some factors needs to be considered:

  • Clearly identify the links that are resulting as the bad backlinks
  • Register the domain for removal by finding the contact information on the website
  • Make the location link of the bad backlink that is to be removed very clear to the webmaster, so that it can find such link easily and remove them effectively.
  • Also check the Author Text. Author text such as URL, brand name, business name, a sentence with few keywords to match with the anchor text.
  • Age of the backlinks- if it vanishes quickly then it often suggests that they are the paid ones that are there only with the motive to increase the number count of the backlinks and not the relevance.

For online business to function effectively, backlinks plays a very important role. It becomes very essential for better ranking that the backlinks we have, should be relevant to our website, it should add value and act as the extension of the business offerings.

Bad backlinks often destroys the online marketing efforts and hinders the growth online, which can also result to penalty from Google. Google has specially introduced tool like Penguin Update – that mainly focuses on the unnatural, irrelevant and fake links that are attached to the website. Once Google’s Penguin Update identifies such backlinks, it penalizes such websites who buys such backlinks and also are thrown out of their index page.

In order to keep our website away from facing such penalties, it is important to choose relevant sites to link with effectively in order to enhance SEO techniques. Checking backlinks are of great priority for better SEO results. The volume and quality of these backlinks help search engines to determine the authority of your site which is a major determinant of where it will be placed in the SERP’S (Search Engine Result Page) for keyword queries.

The first and foremost goal of any website is to achieve the desired ranking on the search engine first page. In order to boost up the ranking, the website should aim for quality links that contains a perfect mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks, as the combination of this will result in better authority achieved by the website.

Also keeping track of the referral domains is important for the ranking. Constant check helps to determine that the contents attached through the referral domains are relevant to that of our website as once the contents matches with each other, the search engines automatically gives its acceptance.

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Useful Tools

There are number of tools apart from the “Google Webmaster” that can be adopted to keep effective track of the attached backlinks that will help to identify good and bad Backlinks attached to our websites. Some of the best tried tools are:

  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • BuzzSumo
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Link Diagnosis

All these above tools works effectively to identify the accuracy and authenticity of backlinks attached to the websites. These tools also allows to compare different link and decide on which one can be more relevant to the website to boost up the ranking. These tools also gives detail overview of the backlinks along with the anchor text analysis and see how the backlinks are increasing or decreasing.

Detecting and removing bad backlinks that are not relevant to our websites and enhancing the links with quality contents helps to recover the ranking and make the website visible on the search engines effectively.

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  1. Dhawaall panchal

    Wow quite a great insight on seo and ranking !

    • Shiwani Verma

      Thank You Dhawaall

  2. Sunil

    Good information provided and You mentioned that backlinks from a foreign language website will also be a bad link, If we get a backlink from a foreign language website and it is related to our website, Still is it considered as a bad link?

    • Shiwani verma

      Hi Sunil, thank you for reading my post. The questions you have asked is very relevant and there are many discussion around it. Benefit to the website comes from the location of your business operation. Links received from Indian Sites will not hold a good ranking for the website if you are only operating in other countries like US. similarly links from Japanese or Korean language sites will not be of any ranking benefit to the website showcasing business in Indian Market.
      However, if the site is relevant, reputable and drives audience who stays in your website, you should be fine.

  3. Peter

    Thank you for sharing this most relevant information about bad links that is helpful for increasing the ranking of website.

    • Shiwani verma

      Thank you Peter


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