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Social media is expanding its reach in every strata of the society in India day by day and today in 2016, we have 195.16 million users of Facebook while USA, the home country is lagging behind with 191.3 million active users. Twitter is also here to stay, we have 23.2 million Indians actively twitting.

All this happened with smart phone revolution that is sweeping every corner of the nation and constantly improving 3G mobile data network. With advent of 4G networks these statistics are expected to improve even more significantly.

Over the period of the time social media has become one of the major parts of marketing campaign for any brand and from product launch to clearance sale everything is happening on Social media. Keeping the customer engaged with the brand has become easier than ever as communication channel to the customer in now open 24X7.

In recent years social media has also become a medium to mobilize people for a cause and several social awareness campaigns run by NGO and brands as part of their social corporate responsibility leveraged social media to spread the word.

Following are some of the notable social awareness campaigns by leading brands who used social media as main communication channel to create awareness in public.

Make Love Not Scars #EndAcidSale

endacidsale copy


Acid attack is one of the most horrific crimes with lifetime consequences for the survivor. With 90% female victim this is one of the worst gender specific crimes and in India we have almost 1000 new cases every year. Often we see people in news debates discussing about banning the sale of acid in open market and this was exactly the objective of an NGO Make Love No Scares when they started #EndAcidSale campaign with aim to collect enough support to make this possible.

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They made a series of short film featuring acid attack survivor Reshma Bano, giving make up tips to the viewers and towards the end she asked a question to the audience why acid is available in market for just Rs 30 which can scar a face in 3 seconds while a small eyeliner or lipstick costs 100 Rs.

They released these films on their Facebook and Twitter pages primarily and they also made an official YouTube channel which has been subscribed by 3685 viewers till date, to connect with the audience. Public response to this initiative was unprecedented and this campaign won gold at 63rd Cannes Lion Ad Festival 2016.

 Mahindra #SeedTheRise

Mahindra and Mahindra is a known name for their charity work, this year they teamed up with digital agency “Flying Cursor” and started campaign #SeedTheRise to motivate people to donate money for the cause of funding developmental projects in rural India to help the farmers.

seedtherise copy

They roped in actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is famous for his rise from very humble background and made a short film to convey the message. They also called in some food bloggers and chefs across the nation who was asked to prepare a dish in honor of the farmers and live tweet the entire process. Some city specific NGO were also invited to spread the word through live chat and discussions using “Twitter” as primary platform.

In the film people were asked to donate money for the cause and a sum of one crore was collected. Mahindra & Mahindra also donated the equal amount as they promised and entire sum of two crore was spent for the cause.

Ching’s secret India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao

India’s fastest growing food company Artal Group came together with Akshay Patra , a non-profit organisation providing free mid day meal to 1.4 million children of 10,661 schools in 10 states of India to ask people to donate Rs 750 each because that is what it takes to feed a child for the whole year.

hungr ki bajao2 copy

As they have Ranveer Singh as brand ambassador for their premium hakka noodles brand Ching’s secret, they made an ad with the actor featuring him among the school children taking part in their day-to-day activities and telling the viewer what can he get for Rs 750 in today’s world and in the last part he reveals the fact that it takes only Rs 750 to feed a child for whole year and asks people donate the money by clicking the link below.

This ad was released on mainstream media as well as on social media and Ranver Singh, Akshay Patra and Ching’s Secret used their official social media page to spread the word about the cause, Hashtag #Rs750SeHungerKiBajao became a trending topic on Twitter helping in achieving the goal of one million donations.

This campaign achieved enough mileage by using the popular actor and his fan group also helped side by side to achieve the goal at the same time this campaign also promoted the tagline of ching’s secret brand that is Hunger Ki Bajao.

 Paper Boat #FloatABoat:

flotaboat2 copy

Paper Boat Company that makes packaged traditional Indian drinks came up with this wonderful campaign in association with Parivaar, a West Bengal based humanitarian organisation who works for underprivileged children. This campaign called #FloatABoat asks people to upload picture of a paper boat made by them in this monsoon season and for every picture uploaded on their official social network page brand will donate 20 Rs to Parivaar who currently houses 805 underprivileged children to help them get good education. They also launched a website   specifically to this campaign which will give all the information about this campaign and total number of uploaded boat will also be seen there. They have 2430 boats uploaded so far.

The brand’s agency Karishma Lintas made a short film featuring a parents teacher meeting where parents were asked to make a paper boat, while few of them actually managed to make the boat rest of them took help of their children to finish the task.

They also included people who are buying the product online and sent letters to inform about the cause and asked them to join.

This campaign brought marketing and corporate social responsibility together as it not only established paper boat’s brand image of “Drinks and Memories”, it also gave people chance to relive some childhood memories.

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Johnson Tiles #RedRampProject

India has over 10 million physically challenged people and Bath tile maker Johnson tiles took the responsibility to sensitize everybody about the need of making public places disabled friendly.  With the help of a 4 minute film, one website and social media they started #RedRampProject.

Their video featured three physically challenged people Fredrika Menezes an author by profession who has cerebral palsy, Salil Chaturvedi, a paraplegic and wheelchair tennis player and sailor, Anuraag Khandelwal a  polio patient and Creative director by profession at creative agency Soho Square with a common dream of visiting the beach. Jonson tiles actually started the initiative by making ramp at Kiri beach Goa with red tiles to materialize their words.

They also shared stories of people who have won over disabilities and fulfilled their dreams from all over the world on their social media pages. The film was also shared their and people were asked to sign the petition and join the discussion

.redramp1 copy

If we look closely, brands associated with these campaigns showed their genuine interest in their social responsibility and they selected the perfect mix of different communication channels to get maximum engagement from the customers. In the end we can say engaging consumers with heart touching content on social media is certainly a great way to mobilize them to do their bit for the cause.

Photo Credits: Social media pages and YouTube channels of Make Love No Scars, Mahindra and Mahindra, Ching’s Secret, Paper Boat and Johnson Tiles

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