Somerset Industries Used SEO To Consistently Freeze The Website In Top 5 Ranks

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somersetAbout Somerset Industries

It is a US Based company established in 1946. They are a leading designer and manufacturer of bakery equipment for the food Industry. For the past 60 years Somerset Industries has carved a niche for themselves by focusing on reliability, quality, innovation in equipment for caterers and restaurants. Their products include dough rollers, pressers, sheeters and some other specialty bakery equipment are renowned for their durability, cheap cost, easy to wash and clean up, consistent and reliable results. They have designed their equipment to last longer, withstand heavy usage and require minimal maintenance.

Business Objectives of Somerset Industries

Somerset Industries are a leading brand and have set up a robust offline brand and market for their food service related bakery equipment; however they did not have an online presence. They wanted to build a strong online brand in addition their existing offline brand. They had discovered that their Competitors had built a strong online presence and would be more visible and global outreach as compared to their brand. Furthermore, other “Somerset Industries” were outranking their own corporate website. They also wanted to generate more leads from the Internet. Therefore they wanted to build a website to promote their brand and also generate leads for their highly specialized niche products. Lastly, their dream was to be able to consistently freeze the website in top 5 ranks.

Strategy adopted by Somerset Industries

Somerset Industries adopted a three pronged digital marketing strategy for their Website.  Their entire website was redesigned taking into consideration the aspects like better navigation, user-friendly website design and carefully crafted call to actions. Further, they customized a detailed SEO campaign for their Website. They carried out a detailed keyword research by using several tools and determined the most appropriate industrial keywords for their business. These keywords were then optimized on page by adding them in Meta tags, headings, description and page content. They also implemented off site link building campaign which included social media, video marketing, and content building strategies.  Lastly, their SEM strategy included PPC ads, Google AdWords and Microsoft Ad centre campaigns for their website.

Results achieved by Somerset Industries

Somerset Industries experienced a phenomenal increase in organic visitors to their website from many different sources. The number of phone calls and web leads from the website increased dramatically. They have achieved top 5 rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo for all the localized and targeted keywords. They have achieved an impressive increase in conversions. Furthermore, they have been able to consistently freeze the website in top 5 ranks.


For a manufacturing Industry it is very important to have a strong offline and online brand presence. The online strategy needs to be carefully formulated keeping in mind the profile of the targeted customers. A three pronged strategy consisting of Website redesign, off page /on page SEO and Ad campaigns can give a boost to website rankings and attract customers to the website. A manufacturing Industry also needs to showcase their products online so a well-defined Video strategy can help in engaging the target audience and convincinge them to buy the high value products. Social engagement is necessary to communicate the companies’ products and services and engage with the customers. Thus, a wholesome and well-designed strategy of Somerset Industries helped them to consistently freeze the website in top 5 ranks in their niche.

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